child birth and intussusception

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Hello someone said to me that you can have problems, damaged caused by child birth that would cause you to have intussusception.

Can child birth cause intussusception?.

I have 3 children.

None of my children engaged in the pelvis before delivery.

Amy was born in 93, told transverse across me and they used the large Kielland forceps which can go up inside you, rotate the baby and bring the baby down.

I was left in labour for a long time with Amy stuck, and then a spinal block and get Amy out with the Kielland forceps, I can remember the doctor saying to the junior doctor who he let perform the delivery in the operating theatre with the Kielland forceps, watch out you have the babies head wrong, try again. The top doctor let the junior do the procedure.

Second child got stuck. Did not have urge to push but all the pain of labour pains, so dont know why this was unless damaged by the first very difficult delivery and long labour. Second child born using ventouse suction cup. They said he was partiallly transverse. They pulled him out with the ventouse suction cup.

Third child they said had his arm in a funny position and thats why I could not give birth to him myself. I had no urge to push again but all the pain of the contractions. After many many hrs of a long labour where they were trying to get me to give birth and I said I could not, said could not after hrs went by and said dont you know I have had problems with my two other children giving birth, I am sure this baby is stuck, I cant give birth, and they said hes in a funny position with his arm across himself. They used the smaller forceps to pull him out.

So I dont know if I have got damaged.

I had a colonoscopy on 6th Feb and yet to go back.

Not yet had a hospital appointment letter to go back and see and discuss this, but the report said to be seen within 3 months for follow up, but it will be longer as I would have had the letter by now.

I had a barium X-ray before this colonoscopy and they said the barium X-ray was ok. They tried a colonoscopy on me in 2014 but could not get past the first sigmoid colon bend. Then the barium X-ray and then few years later said that they would like to do the colonoscopy again as this showed up more things?

The colonoscopy Report I was given after the procedure on 6 Feb 17 said

Perianal lesions: 3 haemorrhoids (2nd degree) and skin tag within


Haemorrhoids and mild degree of rectoanal intussuseprion.

​Is rectoanal intussuseprion at the anus end of you?

What treatment do they give?

Have others suffered this and if so can we chat about this please?

bye for now and thank you for reading this.

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    Hi, I was very interested in your email posted as even though i have had only one child i to have had several pelvic floor prolapses, first one of which was a hysterectomy eight years after my child was born, then in my fifties it lead to having lots more surgery includind a rectopexy for bowel prolapse. my baby was quite large and also like you she did not engage and never felt the urge to push, i was put on a drip to encourage the labour. all these years i have thought that i was odd because my baby did'nt engage and never felt the urge to push her out. Thinking now that maybe that could of been the cause of my problems with prolapses. Your email has given me food for thought.It took me qite a time to find a consultant to help me and even now afer several operations still struggling a bit. Hope you can find a solution soon its not nice having to deal with the worry of it day to day.

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      Hello Fiona

      I have never been told I have pelvic floor problems, maybe I have.

      I am 53 now. You say you had a rectopexy for bowel prolapse in your fifties.

      Just googled rectopexy,

      "Rectal prolapse surgery can be done through the abdomen (rectopexy) — either with a large incision (open surgery) or laparoscopic methods — or through the region around the anus (perineum)." Was yours laparoscopic? Did you have general anesthesia, put you to sleep or a spinal block?

      I had a spinal block with Amy my first child, she was transverse across me and they had to get her out.

      Did they put in a mesh sling? did you have any of your colon removed?

      they said "mild degree of rectoanal intussuseprion" on my colonoscopy report but I have terrible trouble with bloating, constipation and have to help with my finger as feel that all does not come out, well it does not, so have to use finger as its so uncomfortable just having it there and my body wont push some bits out.

      Did you spend a long time in hospital after the surgery and did it take long to go to the toilet again?

      You said your baby was quite large. Amy was 5lbs 12 oz, two weeks early but transverse across me so big forceps, spinal block, delivery went on ages until they decided to do this, and they rotated her with the big forceps and pulled her out.

      Ashley was 7lb 1oz and he was ventouse cap, pulled him out of me, he was partially transverse. Put on a drip too at one stage as well into labour, contractions, hrs worth and my contractions died off. Ashley was induced too, took two days worth of inducement to start off contractions.

      Charles was 7lbs 4oz, he was in the wrong position and they used forceps to pull him out.

      All labours were very long, and all got stuck and all pulled out of me.

      Urge to push babies out - well with Amy I did what I was told, first baby, I thought I was doing well and then I thought I cant get this baby out but they were still telling me to push. I had on notes I had two femoral hernias, like half eggs, on either side of my groin. I did not know I had any weakness but when I got pregnant after a while noticed these. Saw the surgeon whilst pregnant and he said we wont operate until the baby is born unless we have too. After Amy was born had surgeon appointment but they had gone back, he was amazed. With each pregnancy the hernias came back out and then went back in. I sometimes get an ache in my groin, and sometimes think they are still there but not sticking right out, as never had a repair operation.

      So back to Amys birth, on my notes it had not to push too much as might need forceps due to hernias. Anyway could not get her out, they call in the doctor, he did not come, so called in the top doctor, the junior doctor came just ten mins or so before top dog doctor. Top doctor said have you examined this lady to the other doctor and he said no. Top doctor put his hands inside me, in so much pain did not feel that, as at this stage and for ages had no pain relief and the pain was in waves all the time. Top doctor said this baby is transverse. Picked me up took me into another room and difficult as contractions all the time, but eventually got a spinal block in. Into operating theatre, and got Amy out with the big forceps that can go inside you, rotated Amy and pulled her out, but missed her the first time and had to reposition the forceps, as junior doctor did it, rather than the top doctor.

      I dont know now if I had the urge to push dont think I even had it before the spinal block, not sure, but definitely can say not with the other two children. I think I did not even have it with the first child, as can remember thinking, I am doing what they tell me to do, push when they tell me to push, but I cant remember any strong urges to push even with the first child.

      I have asked myself why a lot of the time, why no urge to push? do you know why?

      Do hope we can both get sorted and able to not have such toilet problems and not get pains and bloating in our tummys, which is really out bowels isnt it.

      Something else a friend said to me recently is that for a few years when I say I have a bad stomach, thats when I cant go to the toilet and bloated etc, then my breath smells, like someone has belched, that sort of smell, I dont like this as never knew, I cant smell it myself, have you heard of this too?

      Better go late.

      Night night


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    Hi michelemdc

    I have a long history of problems related to constipation and since i had my only child [daughter 9.9lbs ] lots of prolapses in all areas . I will try to answer your questions as best i can. After a hysterectomy about 20 years ago i felt really well until i reached 49/50, it was then things started to fall down, little did i know what was ahead of me, it was a constent struggle to find a decent honest consultant, anyway i went ahead with a posterior repair which was done through the vagina, did'nt really feel much improvment so went back and was told all looked fine.

    After doing more research came across a clip in the news paper about a girl that was treated in oxford for bowel prolapse, i knew straight away that i neede to see them [even though i was told at one point i did not have a prolapse bowel] going to see the consultants in oxford put me on the right track, they were very qualified in this area of pelvic floor problems.

    My first procedure was exploratory under anesthetic, that was after a protgram xray which i found really embarrassing but the best way to show any prolapse.

    I was booked in for laparoscpic rectopexy which was done in 2014. After recovery still felt things were not comfortable so went back again and had a smaller op to sort that out. Since that operation i have had a vaginal lararoscpic vaginal vault op and only 6 weeks ago had laparoscpic bladder surgery, now i have three lots of tape inside holding me up,[feel like a puppet]. i definitely feel better in those areas but still having problems with my bowels, i to have a really annoying problem with incomplete bowel emptying feel like ive got a walnut stuck there all day, i have tried a water irrigation to empty my bowel but hate useing it. 

    I have tried everthing possible to help me and in the end found just prune juice keeps things softer inside but still gets stuck but because it is soft its not so uncomfortable. 

    Latest now is that i have been referred to the only colorectal surgeon in oxford left that i have not seen [ think ive been to all 4 now ] Ha ha im not giving up.

    Going back to your bit on breath i think i read at some point that constipation can lead to bad breath but im not sure about that, have you tried acidophilus cultures for digestion, i tried them and eat bio yougurts but didint help me. 

    I eat a very healthy diet and try to look after myself , i feel well but its a constent battle. Im trying to be possitive about everthing as i know that there are alot of people with a whole lot worse problems.

    I hope i have answered your questions ok, its quite a common problem really when you start researching. 

    Ater all you have been through with your babies you must be pretty strong willed. 

    bye for now fiona.



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      Hello Fiona

      did the constipation  start before you had your first child?

      Terrible they did not say you had anything wrong and then had to keep pushing and find out more yourself and then find a consultant to do an op for a bowel prolapse.

      So pelvic floor problems - I keep having to wee more, no one has ever investigated pelvic floor problems, is that done now that they have found that I have the mild rectoanal intussuseprion?

      Maybe I should say I would like my pelvic floor checked out too?

      Also what other tests should I have, I have only had the colonoscopy and barium xray.

      I would like to check my bowel problems further and also stop weeing so much.

      You sound like you have suffered a lot.

      Funny once 50 you got worse again, do you think an age thing and the your body starts to fail again get weaker?

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      Hello michele

      I think I was born with a very slow transit because I have suffered with constipation all my life but I know how to control the problem with diet, it's only since the rectopexy that things are not working like it did. I am thinking now that with all the surgery and scare tissue has messed up the musles inside. I did have a transit study done and it was proved right. Also tried speeding up my food transit more fibre but dose not help, fibre as we are all told helps constipation but only if you drink gallons of water to help it through. My bowel prolapse was grade 3/4 think 5 is the highest. 

      My friend had a bladder prolapse and was told it was not bad enough for surgery and was given a course of pelvic floor exercises to do for ever.

      If you are in doubt then a gynaecologist will examine you and let you know whether you need treatment. 

      I think my pelvic problems got worse when I hit the menopause as the tissue inside becomes weaker. Soon after I feel rested enough I am off to Pilates and yoga again to hopefully help me.

      I know that there are so many woman out there with these problems but getting the right help is a struggle. Fiona.

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      Hello Fiona

      Thanks for chatting again.

      I am in the menopause, been in the menopause for a few years now.

      Just googled transit study -

      A colon transit study is an examination that determines the length of time you body takes to process food. In other

      words, how long it takes for food to travel from your stomach to exiting your body as a bowel motion. This is done

      by swallowing a series of small, differently-shaped plastic markers at the same time over a three-day period and then

      having a plain x-ray of the abdomen on the fourth day. If there are any plastic markers left in the colon on the fourth day,

      they will be visible on the x-ray. The radiologist can then determine the time it takes for food to move through the colon.

      This examination is often done in conjunction with a Defaecating Proctogram.

      I used to eat lots of vegetables and fruit each day, still eat more than most I know but my life style changed, I left my husband and moved out with our youngest child in Dec 13. I had a lot of stress trying to cope and still do, and had to work an awful lot to keep us going, what with feeling sad and emotional over leaving home, and then so much work to keep us going, I had different eating habbits as out all day and then in evening sometimes not eat vegetables each night as too tired to cook.

      I do eat more as I said than most still but not to the same quantity as before and even now feel down and tired with all that is still going on in my life.

      Anyway thank you for chatting, shall have to see what the hosp doctors say when they next have me back in.

      Thank you



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      Hi again, Well with all that emotional stress you are going through I know for sure that it effects your stomach, anxiety is an awful thing and causes all sorts of problems, the only thing is to distract yourself in someway. 

      It's been nice chatting to you bye for now Fiona.

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      Hello Fiona thanks for chatting. Sometimes I am ok with stress and anxiety and other days my problems, the things I have to sort out in my life due to moving out, leaving my husband, thrown into a world I am not used to, being on my own with my son, well its a big change. I have nearly been married 30 years, and the divorce is a difficult one, but I hope to end it soon, but need to take my husband to Court to do this. I shall have to represent myself as I cant afford the lawyer now, so have filled in the forms that I need too, and just see if they need me in Court.
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