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Since last year I'm having this terrible feeling of sickness. It is actually a fever like symptoms of sickness. Like chills all over my body and legs. Almost every day.

After seeing 7 doctors about my symptoms, no one can even guess what is wrong with me because all the tests they performed on me didn't show anything of a sick person. 

I live in Asia.

First, I went to see a doctor at Saigon's Victoria Healthcare Clinic. The doctor told me that I'm having a throat infection. The doctor (1) prescribed me some antibiotics for one week. One week passed and I'm still not feeling well, though the sore throat was gone.  During that time, my holiday was nearing, so I've decided to see a doctor when I visit Bangkok.

When I arrived to Bangkok, I went to Bangkok Christian Hospital for the general checkup. During that time, I always chill every day, without a fever or infection.

So, the doctor (2) in Bangkok checked the results of my general exam, and told me that everything is fine with me, nothing is wrong with me.  I've tried to explain to her that I always chill, but she insisted that really nothing is wrong with me.

Since my last sickness was a sore throat, I made an appointment with an EENT specialist (3).  After checking and examining, the doctor (3) told me that I am clear with any symptoms of the throat infection or even sinus infection.  I told him that I always chill. But on his professional advise, nothing is wrong with me.

A friend recommended seeing a neurologist, because I had this blurry visions sometimes for a few minutes when I'm in Saigon, and my eye doctor told me to check with the neurologist.

So I went to see a neurologist the next day in a different hospital. The neurologist (4) examined me, and she said it seems that nothing is wrong with me.  I explained to her that I always chill, in fact on that time of examination, I was chilling. She told me that normally chilling means that I have some kind of infection, but based on the result of my general checkup at the Bangkok Christian Hospital, she said that I'm okay.

She ordered MRI to my neck and brain and blood test.  That was the worst experience I've ever had.  MRI scan was very expensive and not comfortable.  All the MRI scans were normal. Nothing is wrong with my brain, neck.

I went back to the hotel where I was staying with no clue of what was going on with me.  I can't sleep that night because I chilled again, the chill that you feel when you are having a fever.

The next day, I went back to Bangkok Christian Hospital and made an appointment with a neurologist (5).  Just maybe to get a second opinion.  He also examined me and told me that nothing is wrong with me, I am really really fine.  

Well, I am very happy to know that I am okay, but my feeling is saying otherwise.

I spent the whole week spending money and going back and forth to hospitals.

I gave up and I just think that I am fine and nothing is wrong with me. Perhaps that chill is just a part of the process of getting old, I'm 57 years old.

I went back to Vietnam after a week.  During that time, I still feel the chills.  I decided to see another doctor (6) at the FV Hospital.  It's a french Vietnamese hospital.  I made an appointment with a French doctor.  I brought with me all the results of the tests from the 2 hospitals in Bangkok. 

He suspected that I'm having parasites in my body.  Parasitic infection's one symptom is chilling, according to him.  He ordered blood test but the results will come out after a few days.  Meantime, he prescribed me Zentel, a medicine for parasitic infection.  I almost finished the dosage that he gave me when I received an email from the hospital that the test for parasites was negative. What wrong with me then?

I've searched the Internet about it and found out that maybe I'm suffering from hyperthyroidism.  The symptoms are there.

After six months, I went to see our regular doctor in Victoria Clinic (7). I requested Dr. Anh to check my thyroid levels.  Well, you can guess, the result came out good.  

Nothing is really wrong with me.Any ideas?


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    Hi noelnicolas

    firstly I was diagnosed with overactive parathiyroid gland in 2005 it took 6 to 8 weeks for my doctors to eventually take a blood sample from me. So for that time calcium was building up in my bloodstream my symptoms were fever with no change in tempriture shaking like I had a fever very weak sweating profusely and I had body pains like the flu..because I was left for so long I eventually threw up that's when they took blood from me..I had no medication they just waited 6 weeks and took another blood test which showed all was ok..this is not the thyroid we are talking about its the parathiyroid glands we have 4 they are like grains of rice but can become swollen and make your whole system go nuts it regulates the body it's like a thermostat that's broken..I have suffered from this twice but everytime I have bloods done they come back ok..😡 I am having a flare up now been sweating and shaking and having body pains for about 2 wks..I did a urine strip test which showed white blood cells..these fight infections but I had no symptoms of bladder infection could the body produce white blood cells with hyperparathiyroid  illness just you I have seen several consultants and doctors who say your bloods are fine...but I say my symptoms are not!!! I did read that if you are diagnosed with hyperparathiroid illness your blood should be taken on a regular basis to catch the overactive gland..because your body can also attack your glands this is auto immune illness and I'm sure that's what I have but doctors won't do anything if your bloods are what they call normal..if you can get some do a urine strip test to see if you have any white blood cells in your body..the tests for thyroid illness is umberellerd it groups everyone the same but not everyone is the same what level is ok for one person is not always ok for the's such a weird illness today I have just done another urine strip test and it showed no signs of white blood cells and guess what my shaking has eased my pain has gone down and my sweating as eased..why can't doctors and consultants put this together and come up with an answer? Truly I think it's because they all think we're hypochondriacs if you go to your doctor and don't look to bad and your tests are ok well that's it...but let me tell you doctors and tests can be wrong..

    i hope this was of some help to you noelnicolas I hope you get sorted soon because I know how debilitating this can be

    all the best 

    Karen ????

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      Hi karen,

      Thank you very much for your reply.  Sometimes it's a little bit scary when you are feeling not well but the doctors said otherwise.

      I will try my best to get this sorted out.

      Thanks again.

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