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  • jasonlong 2

    What is my problem? Why my blood test changed?

    Hello. I'm 30 years old man and I have a question about my blood test. I did a blood test but my blood test is very different with the blood test that I did one year ago. In the new year I never changed my diet but my new blood test said: =8.9 =5.71 Hemoglobin=17.1 Hematocrit=50.5 =

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  • briank1990 1

    Continued high wbc and more for years...

    Hello, I have had a high wbc for a few year's dating back to around 2012, been digagnosed with "Leukocytosis, unspecified type". I have been seeing a hematologist for about a year and the orginal thought was CML, however the blood test using the FISH method came back neg. so I was discharged as a 

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  • Debbie1234567 2

    Blood Test ?

    My husband has had high blood pressure so our GP requested him to do a fasting blood test, now the GP has requested a non fasting blood test? Would any one know as to why possibly? 

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  • brian3357 2

    low blood pressure

    Im a 60 year old who has had perfect blood pressure for years. Couple of months ago I started to pressure has dropped to 105/60 for at least 3 always 130/ advice?

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  • natalie2608 4

    Please help so anxious

    i had bloods done 2 months ago and i had a cold with raised crp of 7 and raised neutrophils . had a repeat yesterday and results back and after 2 months i still have a raised crp of 7 and with night sweats i am panicking so much it's cancer/ i am in such a state but raised neutrophils have gone

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  • Cazbag 2

    Folate and MCH

    Hi Had a recent blood test about 7 weeks ago as part of my Doctor's general screening of people over 35 years and the lab results highlighted a couple of Serum Folate - low - deficiency - 3ug/l Mean Corpusc Haemoglobim - low - 25.9pg I have been exhausted, foggy minded, irritable etc

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  • lauren96514 1

    Blood test results

    Hi all! I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I've got a copy of my recent blood test results, as they wanted to rule out connective tissue disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis first.  Are these results normal? It's very difficult to get an appointment with my doctor, and

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  • elizabeth93101 1

    High white and red blood cell count

    Hi all,  Im new to this forum and honestly just seeking some insight/advice.  i havent been feeling well for a while and its gradually gotten worse.. extreme fatigue,bone pain in shins,hips, lower back (aching & sensitive to touch). i had blood work done recently and my doctor literally told me

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  • enfrance 2

    C-reactive protein (CRP ULTRASENSITIVE) level high! At 16mg/L

    I just received the results of my blood work. Everything seems to be okay except for my C-reactive protein level. It's at 16!!!!!! Does anyone know anything about this? What I find online says that anything over 10 means this indicates a risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc. Something about

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  • 1954ianj 1

    Raised crp

    Hi, I had a knee replacement 3 months ago, I am anaemic now with a serum iron of 9umol/L and a raised C reactive protein level of 21. My knee is still swollen, stiff and inflamed. Is this nomal after this type of surgery?

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  • kelan00400 2

    Elevated WBC

    Hello all, Last week my 14 year old daughter was not feeling well, throwing up, feeling very sick.  She was up all night, and finally around 6 am, I drove her to the ER.  They did a chest xray, an abdominal CT Scan (to check appendix, etc.), and bloodwork, and urinalysis.  The doctor that checked

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  • GLee 1


    A recent blood test had two measurements for eosinophis: Eosinophils  11 H   (reference range 0-7)  units: % Absolute Eosinophils 0.4 (reference range 0.0 - 0.7) units K/uL What is the significance of these measurements.  How do they differ.  Why is one apparently OK and the other (11H) too high. ...

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  • samanthakeighly 1

    Blood test results

    So I have been super exhausted for awhile, I also have shortness of breath when exercising. Im superfit, 24 and eat pretty healthy. I got my results Ferritin 16.4 Serum Iron 30 Vitamin D 20.1 Hemoglobin 11.8 (it was 13 3 months ago) Hematocrit 36 Folate 5.3 B12 315 My levels aren't extreme

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  • David94001 2
  • Alan08 2

    Blood test results

    I've just had blood test after having breakfast and tacking antibiotics(Amoksclav 1000mg). Not all of them are in range and I am concerned because I thought I am not alow to eat or tacking antibiotics before test. I am 44, male. Thanks for any advice. Results are: Serum C reactive protein level 9 mg/

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  • mandeep50963 1

    Blood test letter from gp advice needed

    Hello to all members I might sound silly but I am bit confused to need some advice i was asked by my gp to get blood test then that i was on 8th of March she have me a letter but I didn't get chance to go and get it done i have booked appointment to go next week i just wanted to know is that ok to

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  • vaithi 1
  • Steff160 2

    blood tests

    normal hemoglobin levels in me but my red blood cells are tiny i am not lacking iron, b vitmins or folate. but what dose it mean to have tiny red blood cells

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  • caroncfs 2

    10 years of Blood Tests, CFS and Fibromyalgia, Confused.

    Hello, just want some advice on the next set of blood tests I should be asking my Doctor about, as been going round in circles for over 5 years now. I'm UK based. I have been diagnosed with (CFS) for 15 years, Fibromyalgia for 6 years and supposedly Rheumatoid Arthritis for 4 years. Latest Results:...

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  • Chee Hong Tart 2

    Blood Test for diabetes

    If my last meal was 9.30pm and end about 10.30pm, took one piece of chocolate at 11.30pm and stayed off all water and food from 12am Would my test results be accurate if I took my blood sample at 11.30am? That's like close to 12hrs without food and water, 4 more hour than the usual

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  • vbabu108 1

    ESR count 156 is it Dangerous

    My friend Had tested Recently His Age is 28 and when he tested the results was shocked ESR count 156 and weight 63. Recently he was gained 10 kg in 2 months He is so afraid and stressed what could be the problem he doesn't noticed And he recently Test's all Test that doctor had

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  • kurt19299 3

    Looking for some help

    Hi all, i have been having alot of trouble for quite awhile now, doctors still cant get to the bottom of itz id just like to see what people think of my blood levels.. Serum iron- 3 umol Transferrin ibc- 59 umol Transferrin saturation- 5 % Serum ferritin assay- 296 ug/L Haemoglobin-

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  • howercraft 2

    Elevated CRP and LY%

    I had blood test yesterday and my CRP came out 11,6 mg/L, reference value 0-5. And LY%(Lymphosyte%) is 53( ref 13-44) and NE%(Neutrophil %) is 36(ref 45-73) .  Exact counts of LY and NE and other counts are fine. I dont feel any other symptoms like fever etc. except vague bone pain. Is this could

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  • keli42921 2

    Alarmingly high CRP level - am I right.

    I've had a letter to go back to my GP to discuss results following blood tests last week. He's now away and I won't see him until 29th. I tried to analyse the results myself and one that sticks right out is my C reactive protein level - it's 12.2mg! From what I have read, this is dangerously

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  • laura92245 2

    question about CBC

    I am a 35 female with two kids (4 and 2). I have had many CBC tests taken in the last year, and in that time period my RBC and hemoglobin have declined. March of last year, RBC were 4.5M/ul, and have now dropped to 4. Hemoglobin was 13.5g/dL, and is now 12.2. I have been told by multiple

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  • holly75952 3

    Low copper levels in blood?

    I've been told that my copper levels are within normal range but a bit low. the range is 11-22 and my level is 11.8 so my doctor is wondering whether or not i have a deficiency. has anyone had this sort of result before?

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  • heather 72097 2
  • Alexis3335 2

    SUPER low blood pressure

    So I'm 19 years old, and I've been to the doctors 3 times now over a course of 6 months. Every single time I went in, they took my vitals like usual, but the thing is, is my pulse is always super high, this time the average pulse for me is 108, the doctor took my pulse like 4 times yesterday. Idk

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  • sweetmelissa 5

    What's going on with me! Please help.

    Need help trying to figure out what is going on with WBC     4.33 K/uL        4.00 - 10.80 K/uL RBC      4.14 M/uL       3.85 - 5.15 M/uL HGB      11.7 g/dL        12.0 - 15.3 g/dL    LOW HCT      36.2 %            36.0 - 45.2 % MCV     87.4 fL            81.5 - 97.5 fL MCH      28.3 pg    ...

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  • Zee-Zee 2

    So worried Iron and HB declining

    Hi, I need some help with blood tests. My haemoglobin levels in October were 133 a day I stopped taking iron supplements for 4 weeks now. I got retested and now my haemoglobin has dropped to 123. Should I be concerned? Even with supplementation my HB wasn't rising, just staying stable. But now

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  • sadie 64035 2

    Plasma catecholamines

    Hey everyone Hope all is well Went to the doctors today as I have been experiencing: face flushes/hot flush and eyes go abit funny/ feel faint but I don't actually faint. This happens randomly whether I'm sitting or standing. Doctor has told me to get a blood test for plasma catecholamines and

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