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Dear Friends, 4 months before my cholesterol level was high i.e. Total cholesterol was 272, LDL-187, HDL-36 & Triglycerides-237 and I started taking 10 mg statin tablets and i am doing regular excersize. after 3 months i checked all my tests are normal i.e. Total cholesterol was 157, LDL-87, HDL-40 & Triglycerides-167 and ECG & Echo test are normal so i left taking tablests but i continued my excersize and diet but still i am having discomfort in chest so please advise me if taking tablets stops, cholesterol level will increase immediately even though if we follow proper diet?

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    Hi sambang

    I've had to check your levels and convert into UK measurements before I could reply to you :-)

    firstly can I ask where you initially prescribed statins simply because of cholesterol levels? Or is there any illness or risk that influenced your doctors prescription of statins?

    if it was due to a high cholesterol reading then I'd like to clarify a few points.

    Your Triglceride level is quite high and remains so even though your total Cholestrol level has lowered, which leaves me with the question ' what do you mean by proper food?' What diet are you following? 

    In answer to your question, yes your cholesterol level will rise once you stop statins but that isn't a bad thing, as long as you get your Triglcerides level down you should be fine.

    Did you have pain in the chest whilst on statins? If yes and it's continued and all tests are negative to any underlining problem then I would say the statin side effects you had are still there, they can remain for quite a while after stopping medication. How long have you been off them?

    sorry more questions than answers at the moment but I'd like more info before advising further.



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      Thank you Sonya, Statins prescribed by our doctor simply because of high cholesterol levels and there is no family history in cardiac disease. After my cholesterol was normal my doctor advised me to stop the tablet and asked me to exercise and I am doing 30 mins brisk walk every day. I dont feel any kind of pain but I feel discomfort so I am worried is it acidity or related heart. and sometimes I feel very mild pain for 2 to 3 seconds. 
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      I really want to assure you that just because your cholesterol level may have risen slightly due to stopping statins it does not mean the pain and discomfort your having is related to heart problems. 

      It could be a number of things,indigestion, acidity or even chest muscle strain.

      Do you excercise before or after meal? Could the discomfort be related to your change of diet? What foods are you eating?

      Next time you visit your doctor just mention the discomfort if it's worrying you, but please be rest assured it's definitely not related to your cholesterol level.


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      Thank you once again, I go for brisk walk in the evening. My daily breakfast is 2 boiled egss without yoke, One glass skimmed milk with one tea spoon olive oil added in it and around 50 grams of dry fuits like Almonds, pista and 2 figs. Lunch will be normal along with salads. I don't eat meat and I try to avoid saturated fats. every day i drink 3 to 4 cups green tea without sugar. I believe as you said my chest discomfort is not related to heart so let us hope for better. And please let me know, if my cholesterol level is normal than nothing to worry na? 
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      As far as your total cholesterol level I'd say you are fine. I do however feel you need to try and lower your Triglceride.

      This can be done by low carb intake and believe it or not using animal fat rather than processed fat like vegetable or corn oil.

      avoid anything that states ' lowfat' as these are packed with sugar and this affects Triglcerides 

      by following this your HDL ' good cholesterol' will increase and your Triglceride level will lower. 

      Please see don't worry about eating egg yolks and full dairy as our bodies produce 85% of cholesterol that means we only consume 15%, if we eat more food that contains cholesterol ie egg yolks then our body just reduces the amount it produces, so if we eat 25% cholesterol our body will produce just 75%, so really diet has little to do with cholesterol levels.

      Triglceride levels are different and are affected by what we eat. If we follow low fat meaning low saturated fat diet along with eating to many carbs or sugar foods then the level will raise. 

      What I've said may seem totally wrong to what you've been ' programmed' to believe but I assure you it's correct.

      id like to suggest a book for you to read called ' Cholesterol Clarity' it's by Jimmy Moore. There are many websites that explain what cholesterol really is and how it does not cause heart disease, just google or YouTube ' cholesterol myth' or ' cholesterol con' 

      please don't worry about your levels as they're fine just try and be aware of whats in your food, read labels and lower carbs and sugar, increase saturated fat and you'll be fine



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    I want to believe that exercise should help though what we eat counts more too.
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    hello, i was interested to read your message, we got worried when we visited the hospital for hubby, he was having chest pains and had bloods to find his Cholesterol levels were high, he is a bit overweight ,as he has a chronic back problem, so can't excersise, but we have a very healthy diet, fish, lean protein fruit and veg, we don't eat fats and we don't nibble on fast foods, so we thought all was well, we can't really eat any better than we do, so how do we get the cholesterol levels down??????can you tell me, or can anyone tell me how??does anyone else have this issue? i am now worried , thank you for reading
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      Hi Janet

      please try not to worry, the probable cause for your hubby's raised cholesterol could simply be due to his back problem. My cholesterol is high for the same reason. 

      Cholesterol isn't evil it works like a band aid if we have a weakness or infection then our cholesterol raises to help combat the bodies problems.

      as far as your diet is concerned can I suggest you DO eat fat, not processed oils like veg oil but real saturated fat, cook with lard or goose fat, actually best oil is extra virgin coconut oil but it's an acquired taste.

      stay away from all sugars that includes low fat foods as these have high sugar content. Eat full fat products, cheese, cream and milk.

      lowering carb intake is also a great way to lower cholesterol. 

      If what I've said causes you eyebrows to raise re eating saturated fat and full fat products then please take a moment and ask yourself if the diet you are currently on is so healthy then why is hubby's cholesterol high? Apart from back problem that'll raise it slightly, also why is he over weight? You've cut fat intake so surely he should be slimmer and healthier? Sounds right doesn't it? ....... Unfortunately this is a complete myth and one the medical profession are finally realising is not as healthy as first through, so please eat saturated fat and stay away from low fat

      You can google latest research in saturated fat and you'll find lots of info that is now proving it's ok to eat it but stay away from processed oils and trans fats.

      hope this helps and good luck

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      Hi Sonya just want to know about my problem ..please help ..I am 21 years old male but I used to eat 2 eggs daily meat alot veggies sometimes one night I felt a electric shock like pain which became very sharp and pressing and slowly released like a spread out electricity ..I frightened alot had ecgs,2D echo ,stress test where all were came out normal then my cholesterol was 189mg ..I panicked and exercised daily now it is

      Total cholesterol125mg ...




      But now I am facing pains in my arm ..I don't know what's happening ..I again had many ecgs ..all came out normal ..I asked for angiogram they rejected me to have that test as I am too young ..please help .. doctors simply say that's all anxiety for my every pain

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