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Statins and Other Lipid-lowering Medicines

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  • shaun98313 2

    Statins side effects

    Hi All, Do statins cause burning chest and throat that comes and goes and is especially worse after meals. Also pain in between shoulder blades and pain in the chest and light headedness? There seems to be so much bad reports of these side effects from taking statins. Thanks  

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  • ann68675 2

    Statins : significant under reported side effects

    My husband had been on statins for some years and gradually his feet became numb to the point where he could not drive. I am a (retired) medical biochemist and I started to look into the drug and its side effects and discovered that it blocked the formation of cholesterol but also CoQ10 which is essential...

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  • Tafia43 2

    Refusing to take statins. What can my doctor do?

    Hi, Having read a lot about statins, the very high numbers needed to treat and the harm they can do, I told my doctor I did not wish to take them. We almost ended up by arguing as she dismissed my concerns and insisted that her advice is that I should take them. Mu current level is 7.3. I showed her...

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  • debra97721 2

    Does Atorvastatin (Lipitor) cause severe muscle pain

    I had a heart attack in June 2012 and was put on many medications one of them being Atorvastatin (Lipitor) 40mg per day. After a couple of months I was in absolute agony with muscle pain which started in my left arm and shoulder, even had some numbness in fingers. The pain over the last 18 months or...

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  • aaron91414 1

    Are statins and blood pressure meds affecting my exercise

    I've been cycling for 8 months and experiencing more and more muscle fatigue than what I'm used to. I'm currently taking 80mg of Lipitor and 25mg of metoprolol, I've had a double bypass almost three years ago, and I'm on some psych meds. Anyone know of a sports medicine doctor that can help? Thank...

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  • sasktel 1

    I really want to quit statins

    I'm a 63-year-old woman. I am very active. I have a healthy BMI. I have no history of heart disease and I have consistent normal ECGs. I don't have high blood pressure; however, I have high LDL coupled with high HDL for overall high cholesteral levels. But I also have low triglycerides. My blood panel...

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  • william67301 2

    Severe vertigo and nausea from stopping statins, HELP !!!

    Hello all, please help if anyone has experieced similar problems. Decided to go off statins (Rosuvastatin) after all the side effects after taking them for 5 months. Within two days of going off the drugs i experienced severe vertigo/nausea. I couldn't function or even stand upright ! After visiting...

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  • diane98246 2
  • andrew10135 2

    My dad has been diagnosed with Parkinson's - effects of statins?

    Hi I might be completely off the mark with this but will give a shot anyway - I am interested in your opinions. My dad is 73 years old. He has just been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease. He has been on simvastatins for around 3 years now. The decline in his health has been noticeable for this time....

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  • diane98246 2

    Shot for lowering cholesterol?

    My cardiologist wants to possibly have me get a cholesterol lowering shot every two weeks, because I can't handle statins.  My question is how painful will my body feel from this shot?  I cant imagine the agony of having this stuff coursing through my body for 2 weeks with no way out if it's causing...

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  • scottish ann 1

    I AM ON ATROVASTATIN 40 mg a day making me ill

     i had a heart attack 2 months ago with heart failure, in hospital i was put on these statins i have been taken of these pills as i came out in bruises all over my body also very bad itching and cold like symtoms am now waiting to hear what my cardioligist is going to do for me now as this is the second...

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  • Mesirm 3
  • Mr. Tim 2

    Trouble with statins

    I've had trouble taking statins for the last seven or eight years my doctors tried pretty much every kind most recently I was taking 1 g a day of livalo and finally had to take a break from it . My problems are just feeling like I have the flu all the time anyone out there have that same problem...

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  • winifred 1

    statin side-effects - (Atorvastatin 10 mgm)

    Hallo Coral and all other sufferers from Statin side-effects. I too am new to this forum, but would like to ask about anybody's experiences of side effects of Atorvastatin (as oppose to Simvastatin) I think the latter is mostly prescribed because of it's low cost - the one I am on is rather more...

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  • Mojuan 2

    Armolipid + for high cholesterol

    Hi can anyone provide  information on Armolipid plus which I understand helps to lower cholesterol. I have been taking simvastatin for over 20 years now nad am having lots of leg pain. A friend has been advised to take Armolipid + as opposed to sattins. Any feedback will be appreciated please: length...

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  • chris21802 2

    Pravastatin and severe mucle pain in lower back

    I have been taking Pravastatin for several years I noticed in the last six I've gotten severe lower back muscle pain and at times it is like the muscles are Contracting and I can feel them doing so my body is achy pain I feel so old and I'm only 59 has anybody experienced this if so please right on this...

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  • Mesirm 3

    My Doctor wants me to try Crestor...afraid of side effects.

    I've been on statins before with bad side effects: muscle pain/aches, extreme lethargy, and joint pain especially in my left shoulder (when I raised my arm, my shoulder would ache).  It's like being caught between a rock and a hard place trying to decide between taking this statin-feeling awful  or the...

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  • amelie27 2
  • mark49283 2

    ATORVASTATIN and severe muscle pain

    Hello.  I was taking Lipitor (atorvastatin) for 3 months before I started to get SEVERE muscle pain in my right arm to the point where suddenly, I could not left my arm or hold a cup without having severe pain.  I stopped taking the statin.  I've been off it now for 8 days.  The severe pain seems to...

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  • martin25211 2

    Recovering from a strooke

    I'am taking Aprixaban 5mg (twice a day), Amlodipine 5mg, Bisoprolol 2.5mg, Ramipril 2.5 and Pravasta 10mg.  Taking all these and don't seem to be improving in the last3 months. Was taking the Simvastatin before, but seem to have circulation problems i my feet and racted to gout and now droped me down...

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  • AlexandriaGizmo 6


    Hi all, I started on statins about mid January, since then I have developed heartburn, I take 10 mg of simvastatin once a day at night and I now take ranatidine once a day which helps but doesn't completely take it off, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • Daley 1
  • Janine53 2

    Should I risk taking Atorvastatin?

    Hi I was prescribed Atorvastatin some months ago. Having read several online articles I am reluctant to take it. All my family have high cholesterol and I was told my risk factor of either a stroke or heart attack was 8% I took them for a few days and then stopped. I am 63 and feel generally healthy....

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  • Susiewoo 2

    Burning sensation in legs

    Hi I'm a 50 year old lady recovering from a heart attack, spent fitted I have been pit on 80mg of atorvastatin for last two weeks and am experiencing burning sensation down one side of leg, very painful, doctor advises it's neuropathy,? Will it disappear or should I see if I can change statin?

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  • jennifer67005 2
  • carol30634 2

    Have severe gastrointestinal probs after 7 months on stains

    Gradual reduction of peristaltic action and increasing constipation.Upper right abdo pain. Blood results are ok liver, etc. Neck pain, cold extremities and lack of concentration. Have stopped statins. But can anyone help with getting gut back to normal? Might maxalon help? Thank you.

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  • Guest M

    simvastatin dreams

    I was given simvastatin and took the medication for 3 weeks, I suffered the most awful bad dreams and reported this to my doctor. He told me to keep taking the medication, which I did for another week. There was no improvement, and since I have high blood pressure I thought it unwise to be waking up...

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  • gill09341 1


    Omg these pills are horrible,took a mini stroke last Friday,phoned ambulance was told wait 3hours,stroke got worse threw the night,was perscribed these pills after simvastatin 45mg gave me muscle pain in both my arms, well these are worse! Neck pain back pain ,numbness in hand,arm leg pain ,I cannot...

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  • sally13001 2

    Can hot feet at night be caused by Atorvastatin?

    I'm a relatively fit, slightly overweight 60 yr old who has had little contact with doctors until recently when I had to start treatment for depression and anxiety.  I also have raised cholesterol which after 6 months of trying with diet and Benecol alone, three weeks ago I was started on Atorvastatin...

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  • nico37523 2

    40 years old and 7.5 cholesterol

    Hi, I'm 40 years old, fairly active (I practice jiu jitsu twice a week and swim on weekends) I'm quite fit and eat healthy most of the time. I just had a blood test and my cholesterol came up very high at 7.5. Both my parents have high cholesterol and they are both fit so I think it is mostly due to...

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  • kelly1965 2

    Inflammatory condition even after ceasing Statins anyone else?

    Last July I was started on a cholestrol lowering drug.  I have no other risk factors for heart disease.  I am a fit and healthy 50 year old who exercised 4 times a week ran the odd 5 km fun run etc.  After taking the lowest dose of statin for about 8 weeks I started to get progressively worse aching...

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  • Guest M


    I have been taking Simvastatin for over two years. During this time I have got progressively worse. Started with tingling and pins and needles in hands and fingers, sore sole of the feet and a little bit of joint stiffness, lumpy legs, severe lethargy, tireness and irritability. NOW I have muscle wastage...

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  • Norfolk gal 2

    Simvastatin problems.

    Like others on here I was prescribed Simvastatin for high cholesterol. I took it for a few months and as I already had some joint problems due to osteo arthritis and pain with same ,I noticed it was slowly getting worse.I saw my GP who told me that I was on such a low dosage 20mg that it could not possibly...

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  • susan19659 2

    atovarstatin and leg pains

    Hi,my partner is on 80 mg of atorvastatin following a heart attack 12 months ago  and for the last 2 months has developed pains in his legs could this be due to the medication,any advice would be very much appreciated. ​Thanks Sue.

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  • raul55310 1

    I'm 27 years old doctor wants me on lipitor?

    I'm 27 years old my good cholesterol went down 20% my triglycerides are at 305 I weight 340 pounds I been on a diet for 3 weeks now eating vegan and fish oils but my doctor wants me to take lipitor to increase HDL should I diet first or take the medicine in my situation?

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