Cholinergic Urticaria because of stress? Thoughts anyone?

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So my story begins when I was 14 years old. When I was a teenager, I had loads of stress in my life. I had pressure from school, social hardships making new friends at school and above all religious stress. I was very religious in that period of my life and I was feeling very guilty and having sleepless nights because of guilt every time I masturbated. It sounds very extreme I know but I was just a helpless teenager and I thought god was so mad at me and that I would burn in hell every time I masturbated. I then had a Varicocele surgery when I was 14. Ater that I got Cholinergic Urticaria. To be honest I cannot remember when the first time I got the Urticaria was. If it was before the surgery or after and that's why I am unsure if the anesthetic I got in the surgery has to do with it. Could that even be the case that my body got allergic to an anesthetic and I still have that allergy?

So years went by and I was still feeling stressed every time I masturbated. I am nonreligious at the moment. I am 22 years old. The problem is that I still get this damn Urticaria. Especially after I have sex or masturbate. I do not know if this is even scientifically correct but It's like my body feels like the chemicals released after sex are dangerous to itself and cause stress so it reacts in an allergic way to them and gives me urticaria. I have tried the sweat therapy and it helps me for a day or 2 until my body rebuilds its histamine reserves. I am now wondering if I should keep masturbating and having sex to irritate my body until it gets sick of it and realizes it's ok to have these chemicals in my body or that I cut it out completely and see what happens.

It is worth mentioning that it is way better in summer since I am exposed to heat more often. I also get the urticaria when I do sports or take a hot shower or whenever I go to a warm place in winter. I take 2 pills of Aerius at a time which is a Desloratadin and it helps to control the Urticaria. The problem is that I feel sleepy and not concentrated when I take it which is something that I cannot afford while studying. I also noticed that being stressed about something also increases the urticaria.

The confusing part is that it disappears as soon as I start sweating! I really can't decide against what my body reacts! Like I keep scratching and I end up sweating and it all goes away. Is it really my sweat that stops it or is it that my body runs out of histamine?

I am sorry that my article may sound unorganized but please read it all and try to give me answers about all the questions as much as you can!! I appreciate your help my brothers and sisters in Urticaria! I sooo wanna beat this damn monstrous handicap we all have!

Much love!


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    Not really sure how to answer that. There is several causes from chronic hives. Have you spoke to a Dr about this?
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    Hello, I've got Urticaria almost four years ago. Eventually it got diagnosed and treated effectively as Cold Urticaria by an excellent dermatologist (Dr. Marsland).

    I denied it to myself and others for a long time, but I now see that my urticaria had a big component of stress in it. And it is a vicious cycle because stress makes urticaria worse and worsening urticaria makes stress worse. 

    And yes, I've never really spoken to anyone about it, but orgasm could trigger hives/itching.

    In the end, Cyclosporine gave my hives a good kicking and reduced them even after stopping. Meditation and 3 x 300mg Gabapentin helped reduce the anxiety and keep the itching and insomnia manageable. Now, Mycophenolate is keeping the symptoms subdued.

    It's been a long journey but I got there in the end. I'd see the best immunologist you can and also ask them to refer you to psych for the anxiety. Also, antidepressants like Paroxetine, Sertraline, and Prozac can help with stress and itching severity. The are effective for itching/anxiety in about that order, but also in severity of side effects (Prozac is most gentle, slow acting but also least effective in dulling itch).

    Regarding orgasm, diet etc... Don't overthink it, just do what is healthy / normal. Eating healthy and reducing alcohol stimulants is always a good idea. See the best professionals you can and take their advice. Don't try to be your own doctor, there's a rabbit hole of obsession waiting there if you try to take it all on yourself.

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    I think you are over thinking things. Urticaria is definitely exacerbated by heat. Masturbation will increase your core temperature so won't help but it certainly isn't the cause and absolutely is nothing to feel guilty about.

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