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Urticarial Rash

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  • anthony33533 1

    Please Help Me

    My child is 18 months he had his HEP vaccine Thursday went to his grandfathers Friday night and played out by a creek. He grabbed a weed that they had sprayed with round up and he got a bath. Then on sat morning we get a phone call he has broke out with hives. Been to ER they gave steroids on Sunday...

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  • joe333 2
  • joe333 2

    I have chologernic uticaria and I hate my life

    Hi, I have chologernic uticaria I've had it for nearly 8months now and it has changed my life drastically. I am 19 finished school and wanted to go into full time work but since I had this rash I have been unable to do most things I would used to do. I am unable to go to the gym, go out with my friends,...

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  • gracIe53 2


    I absolutely REFUSE to accept a diagnosis of 'Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria' which basically means the medical profession have yet to discover the cause. They NEED to get on with their research. This is a deeply FRUSTRATING, IRRITATING, SCARY, DISTRESSING, PHYSICALLY AND PSYCHOLIGALLY DEPRESSING condition...

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  • debolite 2


    EVERYONE READ....THIS WORKS!!!! Hello all, I am new to the site as far as contributing but have been reading posts for a few months now. I have had hives for almost 6 months now and as all of you know, it is worse than horrible. I have been to my GP, Dermatologist, Urgent care twice and 1 trip to ER...

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  • mimoza35751 2

    Very bad hives

    I was hoping ,to get rid of hives,after my doc got all the metal on my crowns out,but no it didn't happened,today I got a very bad hives attack,all my body is covered in red hives I am itchy,I took cetirizine,and I am lying in the bed,I can't do nothing Thanks god I don't work but this is a very bad...

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  • katy48787 1

    so fed up and frustrated

    I've been suffering from chronic Urticaria and Angiodema for approx 5 years . It's been so bad that I've had to visit A&E lots of times put on IV steroids and then sent home when it goes down and then fobbed off with antihistamines . Doctor is no help whatsoever and doesn't want to refer me again for...

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  • mimoza35751 2

    Nickel allergy may be a connection with hives

    I suffered from hives after my dentist did 4 crown in my teeth.He told me everything was porcelain,.So after suffering fro hives with no cure,I did a patch test in hospital ,which revealed that I was allergic from nickel.I was reading about crowns and find out that is a possibly there is nickel in it....

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  • cindy09985 2

    How I was cured of hives permanently

    was given ibuprofen to relieve me of cramps after child birth and other post natal drug. I was given a month supply with I used judiciously for up to a month. One day I woke up to see some redness on my skin and it was itching. It later spread to other part of my body my ankles and arms. It...

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  • jill43168 2
  • rose00110 3


    just wondering if anyone of you are finished all the zolair shote and how is it going im just wondering what to expect after my sixth one.

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  • mimoza35751 2
  • urticaria 2

    Urticaria with Xolair

    Hello ! I have urticaria from 3 years ago, i don`t know what to do, i tried all but all medications for this urticaria, medrol, prednisone, anti histaminc, and i was at all doctors and in final i arrived at the best in my country and she said to try xolair, i`m in the 4 months with xolair and nothing...

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  • Little Flower 2

    Chronic Urticaria

    Hi I hoping I might get some information on this condition as my GP knows very little on the subject. I'm a 30 year old mother of 2, I live in Derry, N.Ireland. This is not my first time having chronic urticaria, 7 years ago i had it for 5 months and then it just went away. At the time i was told by...

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  • thomas35243 1

    Chronic urticaria after running for half hour

    I have been having chronic urticaria after running for half hour. This issue started off small around 3 years ago and now it seems to have peaked. Just today despite taking 25 mg Benadryl, I had hives on my shoulder and neck and also my face/lips/eyes were swollen. The eyes were red. After 3 hours all...

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  • tajdin1 1

    Taking Modafinil again after allergic reaction

    Hello! This is going to be a long post, but i would greatly appreciate you taking the time to read through it and give some feed back. I am a 20 year old female psychology student. Yesterday i took my first Modafinil pill(100mg) and 6-7 hours later had an allergic reaction.  But let me start from the...

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  • CU12 2

    Cholinergic Urticaria has ruined my life

    Hello. I am a 28 year old male living in the UK with my parents. I weigh 70kg and am 186cm tall. I have been suffering with Cholinergic Urticaria for 9 months. I am in desperate need of help.  Previous to developing this condition, I had no health issues whatsoever.  I have been a competitive middle...

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  • Shery2015 1

    Cured from the rash after long 9 months

    I started having hives and swelling around September 2015. Sufferers from hives, itchiness and swelling in my body. I had tons of blood tests, checked for allergies, checked my hormones, did a biopsy, but doctors couldn't find out what was going on. I took steroids twice for few days and was always...

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  • alicia08986 1

    Blasted hives!!!!!!

    Hi So,firstly I,just,want to,share a bit of my story about this blasted hives. I have been suffering for a long time now but without going over the same thing we all suffer and no how it feels and the path we have all been Down to try,and find a cure only to be told the same thing. I also have the...

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  • Guest M

    Allergic to antihistamines????? ANY INFO MUCH APPRECIATED

    Hi guys, Firstly, oh my god. I dont think you realise how happy i am at finding this site. I genuinly thought i was one of a few people who suffered this horrendous \"thing\". That is how i refer to it now. A \"thing\". I am 20 years old and am having an awful time with urticaria....

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  • brown45840 3

    How can I break the itch and scratch cycle

    How can I break the itch and scratch cycle?  I have been itching all over my body. My Doctor said the scratching is causing rashes. I am using Triamcinolone cream, Hydrocortisone, Antihistamines and wearing gloves at night . 

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  • Guest M

    chronic urticaria and delayed pressure urticaria

    I have had chronic urticaria for nearly 12 months now - well this episode - it started in January 2006 after taking a drug called metformin - or so I thought - i have seen several consultants, been in and out of hospital and today have been told it could be delayed pressure urticaria. I am on telfast...

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  • a18020 1

    What is this rash??

    I have had a pink, itchy rash all over my body for the past few days. It started around the back of my armpits and spread to my lower back, hips, neck and stomach. The next day it started showing up on my thighs. Now it's on my knees and feet. It will clear up in some areas and then show up on different...

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  • ethan 05827 1

    how I was cured from chronic uticaria

    heres my story, I hope I can help people that struggled with this. I was so depressed that I couldn't figure out what was happening to me and there wasn't much information about the condition. But after spending hours every day for a long time researching this condition, experimenting with everything...

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  • rose00110 3

    Is anyone going through same as me

    I am not even sure if this is what I have but these are my symptoms  continuous outbreaks of rashes and hives with everything i eat this is the closest thing i found that describe what could be my problem ive come to a point where i don't want to eat anymore i've lost 30 pds doctors can't help    My...

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  • chris29126 1

    urticaria treatment

    hi i just recently have been diagnosed with hives and have been prescribed perednisolone and fexofenadine by my gp but reading the leaflet it say do not take if yu have heart or liver disease well ive had both i had a heart attack 3 years ago and have a stent fitted and have had hepatitis c but i have...

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  • jennifer63403 2

    Some help and advise please

    I have suffered with this condition for years now and over time it has got worse. I have been referred to the hospital on numerous occasions and still no help. My concern is I am getting married in 3 months and I am terrified on the day the rash is going to be up due to stress of the big day. I am on...

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  • makita46861 1

    Mierna Hives

    Please help!! I got the Mierna back in October of 2016. The worst decision of my life and I feel like I was pressured into it! January/February of 2017 I began to get what looked like little hives all over my arms. They would itch or intensify at night time when it's cool. It began to worsen and appear...

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  • Katyy 2

    Is this hives?

    Okay so over the last two days I ate a whole jar of Aldi knockoff Nutella (I know that's stupid lol don't judge XD) I woke up the morning (after eating half of it) and was really itchy. I just assumed I'd got bitten by bugs or something because it wasn't really that bad. Over the day they got worse and...

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  • rosanne02518 1

    Do you struggle with urticaria?

    I've had urticaria since a bad flu virus in November.  Fexofenadine plus Piriton or Phenergan barely touched the itch.  Since seeing a Dermotologist and a Physician I've found two solutions which have helped no end.  Firstly found my Vitamin D levels were extremely low.  Since taking a strong Vit D dosage,...

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  • January20 2

    Living with hives x 2 months- my story

     The sx are controlled with tapering doses of prednisone bid, nonsedating-antistimines 5mg levocitirizine and 20 citirizine bid, Montelukast 10mg qd, and ranitidine 300 mg bid.  I also take alternating doses of hydroxizine 50 or benadryl 50 q4-6hr prn itching/hives and nightly. After 2 episodes of breakthrough...

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  • nancy35849 2

    Chronic idiopathic urticaria taking over my life

    I found this forum for the first time, yesterday, and so pleased I did. I wrote a big long response to "Martin", if anyone is interested in my recent history with hives. I just wanted to add a little here. Since March, these severe hives have been causing me so much distress and are affecting my...

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  • gustavoteo 1

    LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) does wonders with Chronic Urticaria!

    Hi folks, I'm from Brazil, and I've been reading your stories for a long time, I've got Chronic Urticaria since August/2015 (everyday nonstop). And LDN has done wonders to me, I still sometimes can't believe it worked. Hear my story: My hives would manifest at night, close to bed time, and if I managed...

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  • gina27260 2

    Chronic Urticaria - finally the nightmare is over!!!

    In August 2015 I developed hives, completely out of the blue one sunny day. Starting on the soft skin on my arms and gradually spreading over time the outbreaks became more and more agressive. Primarily after exercise or being in the sun but also at other random times. I saw a dermatologist who diagnosed...

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  • omer93457 2

    rash Xolair

    Hi I'm new here and doctor wants to put me on Xolair and I'm a bit worry about the side effects and I had these severe rash which are so bad since 2013 and it's itchy everyday and went to holiday in Europe and was not that pleasant with this rash. I was told it will cost 1500 dollars Canadian per shot...

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