LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) does wonders with Chronic Urticaria!

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Hi folks, I'm from Brazil, and I've been reading your stories for a long time, I've got Chronic Urticaria since August/2015 (everyday nonstop).

And LDN has done wonders to me, I still sometimes can't believe it worked. Hear my story:

My hives would manifest at night, close to bed time, and if I managed to sleep without hives I would wake up the next day covered on them, and if I didn't take any antihistamines it would become worse and worse everyday.

Also have angioedema, and I would get very swollen lips, eyelids and even my penis and scrotum, it was really bad!

Also I had pressure urticaria, if I wear some tight clothes or sit in a chair that is pressuring my hips, or etc, I would get a huge hive in the area that was pressured for about 48hs.

Had some cold urticaria aswell, would happen on colder days and/or when I swim on a pool (in which my body temperature would be lowered and then covered in hives)

Well, during this almost 2 years facing this problem I've tried a lot of treatments on my own, that's because my doctors always put me on steroids and antihistamines because they can't find the cause of my problem, probably autoimune.

And what worked best so far but not 100% was the paleo diet with vitamin supplements, specially vitamin D3, but since follow this diet is kind of hard, I was always having episodes of hives, but it works if you follow it.

Even with this paleo diet I was still  doing some extensive research and testing on myself, found out about LDN and for me it is the best treatment so far, which put me on remission after 3 weeks on it.

For those who don't know, LDN is Low Dose Naltrexone, and is used to treat Multiple Sclerosis, but there are a lot of studies showing that this medication really improves a lot of conditions all linked to autoimune disorders, so I decided to experiment for my Chronic Hives, I take 4,5mg at midnight right before bedtime. What it does is that it kind of "hard reset" your immune system, and re-balance it, so if it's off track and it is the source of your Chronic Hives you certainly would see improvements, also improves health in general.

I've started this treatment early Feb this year, and I still can't believe, it's so nice to not have this debilitating illness, feels so good to do what ever I can, and not worry about hives.

So if you have idiopathic chronic urticaria, I most certainly think it's worth a try.

But be warned, if you want to start on LDN the first week or two you can experience some bad nausea, they say that if you feel nauseous is that the medication is working, and I had some really bad days on the first 10 days, pushed through the side effects and then they were gone, now I'm feeling great, after 3 weeks my hives were gone, and never came back. 

I didn't have one single day without hives since 2015, and somedays they made me really miserable, even triggering depression and suicide thoughts.

Well, sorry for the big text, but I wanted to share with you guys, because I've been reading this stories for a long time, and I think LDN might work for you that didn't found a specific cause for your hives!

Be safe.


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    Thank you Gustavoteo for your text and what you been doing about your hives. I will tell my doctor about this cause I have hive so bad and like you said worst at night  and now getting worse, had those hive since 2013 and it's driving me crazy and like said depress, worse cause I'm taking care of my old mother and handicap brother and i sure dont' nee this problem, so I appreciate you taking the time for other so THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH.

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    CIU is hell. I have had severe 24/7 itching for the past 10 months. Low Dose Naltrexone does most of the heavy lifting and controls the majority of my itching for roughly 18 to 22 hours a day. Without it I would be a high suicide risk.

    I started Xolair 300mg as well but that may take up to 3 months to kick in. I also added a script of 1 to 10 x 25mg Doxepin a day from my doctor and take 50mg benadryl x 4 a day. I think I am building a tolerance to the benadryl though and may have to switch to another H1.

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    Hi,there today I was very bad from hives ,my lips swollen,take cetirizine,after I didn't feel well,is the 6 years I am suffering,are you sure that xolair helps, ecause I am very bad with hives,but was very scared to try xolair .

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    I am considering LDN for CIU.  Now that it has been some time now, how is it working? is it still effective for you?

    Thank you,


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    Hi I have chronic idiopathic urticaria I have had it since 2000 it is horrid I have taken so many steroids and antihistamines it is ridiculous but it is not helping me I am like u I have outbreaks more in the night time and don't have much sleep because of this do u think if I go the doctor they may put me in the ldn or won't thy allow it because I don't have ms

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    my doctor has put me in a starting dose of 25 mg reading everyone else they are in much lower doses im a bit concerned i would be grateful for any feedback .

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    The best thing to do is sort out dietary habits and work on assessing the issue as to why you are not going a day without hives.

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