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Chinese traditional medicine can cure urticaria. It worked for my 8 year old nephew.  He had urticaria for almost 4 months. My nephew took 2 months of Chinese medicine but he is now medication free.

The first 2 weeks were terrible because of the Zyrtec withdrawal. His eyes, ears and lips were swollen. He had rashes and itches everywhere. But after 2 weeks it was not so bad. I think he could have been cured in a month if we had followed the Chinese doctor’s diet advice more closely. Now he eats whatever he wants with no problems, knock on wood. He has been medication and rash free only 12 days so far. I’ll let you guys know if it changes. 

Conventional doctor prescribed him zyrtec. Google search on its safety reveals a lawsuit that says Zyrtec’s withdrawal symptoms are terrible rashes. If my nephew had stayed on Zyrtec, he would probably be fine for a few years and then Zyrtec would fail him and he would have to start taking prednisone. Reading some of the stories on here made me really glad I took him to a Chinese doctor.


 If anyone is going to try Chinese medicine, try not to take other medicine at the same time. Some of them can interfere with Chinese medicine. I read that one doctor has verified that Zyrtec does. Good luck.

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    Do you have the formula/prescription that was used? I'd be interested to know. Thanks 

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      No, I don’t. It is all in Chinese and a Chinese doctor’s handwriting is just as terrible as any other doctor’s hadwriting.  I took it to someone who reads Chinese and they couldn’t read it.

      The first week he was prescribed 3 things. Afterwards, I see 2 additional things added to his prescription but in lower dose. I was told my nephew was yang deficient and needs to eat more yang food. I was told to make him ginger water everyday, avoid fruits except apple, mango, grapes, eat a lot of rice and meat and use brown sugar, not white sugar, eat a lot of Chinese chives and that juicing will slow down his healing.

       I think there are different types of urticaria so only a doctor would know what is best for you. If you don’t have access to a Chinese doctor, research online has information on the most commonly used herbs for urticaria in Chinese medicine. As far as I have read, they seem pretty safe and used for over a thousand years. 

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      I forgot to say to avoid refined wheat flour and use whole flour.
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      Also avoid cold food and drinks. I had to warm his milk up and he couldn’t eat ice cream until he got better.
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    Thank you for all of this.
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      Just letting you all know that he is still rash free and eating, drinking anything he wants within reason. It has been almost 2 months.
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      My nephew is still rash free and medications free.

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      Just letting you guys know my nephew is still rash and medication free. As a bonus, he used to react strongly to bug bites where his body parts would swell up. This hasn't happened once ever since he took TCM. It's almost like TCM fixed and realigned his body. I am still amazed and oh so happy.

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    You are correct,  Bohrsmodel, as I too am a 6-year patient of Chinese medicine and accupuncture for the treatment of my CSU and angioedema.   In 2012, I had a severe flare which lasted for six months.  My allergist/ immunologist was at his wits end, and knew only to prescribed high levels of Anti-histamines (which I took) and prednisone (which I refused). After blacking out on a busy Southern California highway due to anti-histamine overdose (?), I informed my immunologist that I would be exploring Eastern treatment options.  His response?  “i think tha’s a great idea!”  The treatment initially required accupuncture twice a week in addition to dietary changes, daily herbs, ginger and onion teas.  My CSU went into remission, with occassional flares due to stress, which I immediately quelled by returning to my regimen.  Due to  a hospitalization (non-CSU related, a death, and work-related stress) I currently am experiencing a very severe flare, and after returning to my regimen, sans acupuncture (yet), I am beginning to feel and return to optimal health.  I do take Singulair and 1 Allegra a day in conjunction with my Eastern regimen. 

    Thank you for reading my story. I am happy to know that your nephew has also found relief!  

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      I am happy to hear that Chinese medicine has worked for you too. My nephew is still medications free. It is so amazing. I keep expecting his rashes to come back but they haven’t. I keep some Chinese medicine on hand and take them with me when we travel just so I can avoid giving him conventional medicine. I think it is a shame that more experts don’t know about Chinese medicine regarding urticaria. I feel so bad for people who suffer needlessly. I do read that there are researches already done on Chinese medicine for urticaria. It has shown to be highly effective so maybe someday soon it will become standard treatment. Until then I can only spread out the word on my nephew’s experience.
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    I too was a victim of antihistamines and steroids. For the past four months I am on homeopathic medications. 90% cured. Now I am weening myself off homoeopathic medicines, gradually

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      wonderful to hear! Western doctors know so little about this disorder, which can prove incredibly frustrating

      Good health to you!

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    Just letting people know that my nephew is still rash and medication free. It has been over 7 months. I am still amazed.

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    Just updating people on my nephews condition. He had a minor rash about 3 months ago but it was gone the next day. I didn't give him any medication as it didn't seem to bother him much. There has not been a recurrence since.

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