Chronic Appendicitis? or stones or what!!? Please Please help :(

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Hi guys, I am a 27 years old guy and I joined this forum because lately I started having terrible pains and I don't know what is going on sad please bare with me and here's the details of my case, any help is appreciated since I am really depressed because of it.

It all started on the 22nd of September 2017:

I remember that day quite well, I was going through it as usual when suddenly in the afternoon I started developing a dull pain all over my abdomen, I thought it was gas or whatnot so I ignored it and tried to rest but around midnight the pain has become unbearable so I went to the ER, there the doctor did some abdominal tests and she concluded that most probably its a kidney stone, since I didn't have the usual pain of appendicitis and tenderness or fever. So they gave me painkillers and did a urine test that came back clean and I went back home where I slept good and woke up the next day feeling better and I forgot about it all until ...

The 25th of November 2017:

This time it woke me up from my sleep, it started exactly like the previous one, dull pain all over but gradually got worse and pain started to be localised on my lower right side quadrant, and I remember very well that night when the pain turned to stabby and horrible only when I move for an hour, all this I thought it is because I am having another stone passing and after that hour I started feeling way better and I could actually sleep and I woke up feeling good the next day. BUT for almost 6 days when I urinate (during it) I feeling a constant pinching pain on right groin area just above my penis, to which I attributed to the stone passing thru the Ureter .. my life went back to normal until

The 3rd of February 2018:

Same thing happened here, woke up with dull pain, that was localised in my lower right quadrant in the afternoon and the pain was bad but manageable and it did get better with painkillers for me to sleep. I woke up the next pain feeling better with pain reduced, but this time I took my temperature and I had a low grade fever (with a very minor case of strep throat). then I did some research and stumbled on appendicitis which freaked me out. So after 4 days of this episode I went back to doctor, we did ultrasound and physical exam, urine test and blood test, urine test came back clean, blood test came back normal except for the C reactive proteins that were above average (around 12) and ultrasound came back normal as the physician told me he couldnt see anything that signals appendicitis but he couldn't confirm it just from ultrasound. (By the way during the time I did all these tests I was asymptotic except for a low grade fever that went away on the 5th day.) 

More point to consider:

- Before the first pain episode I was addicted to fast food and coffee

- in the periods between the pain attacks I had a change in diet where I stopped coffee totally and reduced junk food significantly, but I went back to my bad habits afterwards weeks before my 2 other pain episodes.

- The period between the 3 episodes is eerily almost exactly 2 months.

I am panicking and living in constant fear now sad the doctor recommended to do CT scan if the pain come back but not now.

What is it, did anyone have a similar experience, what is going on with me?? sad could it be the diet?? Please help

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    Hello I hope you feel better!  My husband had apendicitis w no fever however he began pain all over the abdomen in the morning and he experienced pin needles and he didn’t go to the hospital until I got home from work at 5:30 pm so in the Er they did the blood work and CT and it shows swelling in the appendix so up he went for surgery .  He gradually got worse .  I hope you do the CT
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      My doctor said since I am asymptomatic, CT scan isn't needed and it might do more bad than good.

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    Hi gabe26065

    What did your doctor do about your CRP blood test result. A normal CRP blood test (C-Reactive Protein) is below 3 and your was high at 12 indicating you have inflammation somewhere in your body. It could be you have a grumbling appendix. or something else that is causing inflammation in your body. Is your doctor going to do a repeat CRP blood test as a high level CRP should not be ignored but regularly monitored....

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      As per my doctor, since my WBC count was normal he said the increase in CRP can be caused by my strep throat and it will go back to normal levels since I am totally asymptomatic now. I can ask for a follow up blood test but he wasn't worried and he even gave me the green light to travel on my vacation for 12 days which I came back from and I'm fine.

      thank you for mentioning grumbling appendix, I did some research and it sounds like it could be something which gives similar symptoms if I understand it correctly, which led me to go back to check on my ultrasound report where the radiologist mentioned "Slightly thickened gut loop seen in right lower quadrant inferior to iliac crest. No surrounding inflammatory changes noted. Murphy's sign is negative."

      But my Doctor positively assured me that the above result isn't anything to worry about :S

      Thank you for sharing your opinion on this smile

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    Did your change of diet help your pain? If it did, it maybe it was a food you were reacting to.  Try cutting out coffee and junk food once again to see if the pain flare ups stop.  Try a food diary to identify food triggers.  Diet sounds the most significant thing here.

    Above, don’t panic, worry or google your symptoms because it will make you feel worse. Simply go back to your doctor if the pain comes back and  take his/her advice and have a CT scan.

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      Thank you very much smile

      I am not sure if food is what triggers my episodes since the pain last maximum 2 days and then subsides and it only happened 3 times on a 2 months intervals. I am wondering myself if this is caused by food and it is why it only happens every 2 months in a cyclical manner! 

      I totally stopped having fast food and coffee and I am focusing more on veggies and fruits in my diet, hopefully in 2 months time the pain won't come back.

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      Do a food/symptom diary to see if your change of diet helps or  brings on the symptoms again.
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    Hi gabe26065

    I had forgotten you mentioned in your post you had mild strep throat so hence the high CRP levels for inflammation. Stomach pain and painful urination are associated with strep throat. You can check nline with G.....e 'stomach pain and strep throat'....

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    You need to go for the tests first. I was feeling pain in the lower abdominal and I was thinking it might be a stone pain. But after tests, I came to know that it was due to the infection in the lower abdominal. Then I took antibiotics for this issue.
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      Yeah but 2 doctors assured me that even if I did tests now I won't know anything since I am completely fine and asymptomatic so I will have to wait in case my symptoms came back then I will definitely do all tests.

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