Chronic Appendicitis or what ??

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Hi, I need some help here, anybody in the same boat as me that can shed some light on this would be good, would be very good actually !

To cut a long story short I will explain as quickly as possible.

Been poorly since end of January when I appeared to start with some kinf of infection. All right sided loin pain/pelvic pain, bladder frequency and pain, fever, off my food, general feeling of illness. Doctor gave me some antibitotics treating me for what he thought was a UTI  as there was blood in my urine on a dip test.

This went on for weeks/months  no improvement, was admitted to hospital March with severe right sided pain/nausea/high temps/loose stools, generally felt horrendous.  They kept me in for 2 nights and treated me again for what they thought could be a kidney infection/UTI and had me on drip antibiotics, then sent me home.

It all continued. Several antibiotics later and I was getting worse.  To add there was only ever ONE recorded positive UTI ecoli result which came up end of march, all urine cultures done from Feb through to present day have all be negative, but all show trace of blood in sample.  As I say, only ONE was recorded positive culture during this entire experience  and I have had several cultures done through the months.

Anyway, since march I have been admitted into hospital a further 6 times with severe pelvic (right sided pain) right sided flank/loin pain, severe bloating with constipation, nausea/off my food, the odd nightsweat and fever, ongoing bladder pressure/pain/frequency...feels like there is a constant push/pressue on bladder... and to add I've had a cystoscopy done which was normal, on their words my bladder looked 'pristine' and in their opinion I do not have Intestinal cystitis IC (correct spelling not sure...?)

I had a laproscopy done in May by a gyne surgeon as I was also getting cysts cropping up on the right ovary, they do not feel that is causing my ailments.  The lap discovered adhesions on my right abdominal wall and also several covering my appendix...he divided the adhesions.

Now I've got to where I needed to get to, sorry this is soooo long....

Anyway, after the Lap the gyne surgeon made a comment that because my appendix was covered in adhesions this indicates that in his opinion I've had some form of infection possibly appendicitis..hence all the adhesions (scar tissue) covering it.

I know the adhesions have been causing me pain and I have the pulling and tugging pain back now, so there are probably more forming... and I am now booked in to have my appendix removed mid september and to also have any further adhesions dealt with, this will be done by a general surgeon.

They are only doing this as they can not get to the actual source of why am ill and why I have been ill since January... so they think by removing the appendix this may save me?!

Prior to becoming ill January, months before I was low and felt off with an ongoing sinus and ear/dizziness   issue... this went on for afew months before I became ill late January.

This weekend I have started with the worst cold I have ever had in my life, its almost like my immune system is shot and fighting against something it really doesn't like !!  Streaming eyes and nose...feel yuk. As I'm sat here just had a stabbing pain that popped up out the blue below my bellybutton to the right..stabbed for 3 seconds and then nothing..???

CAN ANYBODY PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS AND GIVE ME SOME ADVICE OR CLUES HERE??  I am so scared of going through another laparoscopy and its almost like the unknown with me. The surgeons still don't really know what is going on.

By the way, all my scans have been normal apart from the odd cyst cropping up right side ovary.  CT scan's  x 2   they couldn't see the appendix at all on both scans.

Surgeon made a comment that it could be an appendicel colic maybe??

Really I do not know. I need some help.  All I know is how poorly I feel daily now because i feel like I'm carrying around some kind of poision in my body.

Can anybody help with this or relate to it about appendix issues????



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    What about your Terminal ileum? That's where all my issues are..  It's next to the appendix. I was diagnosed with Crhon's (constipation type affecting the terminal ileum) they put me on steroids and the inflammation went away then I had another colonoscopy a few months later and the Dr performing it had no idea why I was having another one so soon (it's because I had moved and changed Dr's) but upon seeing the inflammation was gone took my Crhon's diagnosis away and left me high and dry!! Mine is infamed and causes constant bloating, constipation, upsets my appendix reguarily.. I have felt awful. dizziness, hearing issues, eyesight issues, heat shooting down my legs, when things get really bad my blood feels like it is on fire and I feel totally out of it. On top of that.. Since 10 months ago my glands are swollen under either side of my jaw.

    My immune system is very low and I've lost weight and can't seem to gain any back.

    I am currently awaiting results from more tests.

    I take it you haven't had a Colonoscopy yet? I on't see it mentioned unless I missed something?

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      No colonoscopy no as surgeons tell me after looking at my Ct scans and other tests that I don't need one !

      They tell me my bowel looks fine.

      Bearing in mind I'm the patient, so I go by what they are telling me.

      The guy who did my laparoscopy back in May said the bowel looked fine but he was concerned about all the adhesions covering the appendix.

      It's very worrying when you get months n months of different stories from these so called specialists and I'm informed they are doing a second lap next month... To remove the appendix .... I think I need further discussions with my doc before this happens, as my faith in the lot of them is wearing thin !!

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    Hmmm the adhesions and symptoms make me suspect endometriosis. Your symptoms sound like mine - I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo earlier this year after years of thinking I had kidney stones/infections/low pain threshold to period pain.. 
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    HI. Did you have your appendix removed? if so did it cure your symptoms. 

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