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Hi everyone, 

i have been suffer from my chronic bad breath since 203/2014 until now. i have a gastric problem/acid reflux and i thought that that is the cause of my chronic bad breath. i went to the doctor and did breath test to see if there is any bacteria called 'Helicobacter pylori'and the result is i don't have that bacteria inside me. then my doctor told me that is stomach ulcer and he prescribed me 20mg Rabeprazole Sandoz medicine. 

Also i've been diagnosed with 5mm gallbladder polyp through the result of my ultra-scan. I read from a lot of website that both of them causes chronic bad breath. 

I also went to my dentist to check if i have gum disease and my doctor also check my tongue and he said it's clean and i don't have gum disease etc. but when he test my saliva level is very low, is it because of my ulcer and my gallbladder polyp? that my saliva is very low? is there any way that i can increase my saliva?

I isolated myself from everyone because i have no confidence to talk to them. Every time i talk to them i realized that they start to close their nose with their hand. I am really confuse what to do now, because i'm really tired of this bad breath that makes me stay at home every single day because i don't have any confidence at all. i started to not to talk when my friends around and always talk with my hand covering my mouth until all of my friends said that i change because i don't want to talk and some call me 'mime'. Also if i'm in the room with someone and i try to talk far away from them it seems that they still smell my BB from a long distance.

can everyone tell me what is the reason of chronic bad breath, i'm so desperate to cure this sad

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    dh21, sharing the same problem here. gerd, ulcer, dry mouth, post nasal drip, anxiety, tonsil stones sad. I think these all are connected and that results in foul smell. So the best way is to address all of these at the same time. Though our mouth is clean, the other factors which are causing BB internally, as they are emitted through mouth, so our gums, teeth, tongue and tonsils also catches the smell. Recently I found something online and that seemed to be effective as it cleanses our body from the inside.

           "First thing, after you woke up in the morning before you brush or eat or drink anything, you must drink 4 glasses of water. Repeat at 11:30 am, then by 4:30 pm and then by 7:30pm. Before going to bed, drink 2 glasses. That amounts to total of 18 glasses a day. Important: Do not eat or drink anything 40 mins before and after drinking water. After drinking water each time, most probably you will have a temporary running nose - be sure to blow your nose then. Try this for three days and simultaneously study reactions of people around you. If you find a change for the better, continue water therapy."

    Apart from this, practice your daily routine of brushing teeth twice a day, cleaning tongue twice a day, flossing once preferably at night time. My dentist suggested me not to use mouthwashes as they make conditions worse as we continually start using. So the better way is to make one at home, like hydrogen peroxide mixed in water at equal parts. Swish this vigorously till it touches your throat and spit it out after 30 seconds.

    Check your tonsils as well, as tonsil stones are another culprit here. I daily check them by flashing a light inside and ensure that there aren't any white colour objects and also wipe over the tonsils with your finger and smell it. If you found it smelly, do this. Mix a pinch of baking soda in water and soak your finger in it, then rub it over the tonsils to clean them. Do this till the smell goes off and then swish the baking soda solution for few seconds and spit it out.

    For less saliva/dry mouth problem, chew sugarless gums which I do after each meal. And be sure to drink water then and there whenever needed. Also avoid certain foods like tea/coffee, carbonated drinks as these tend to dry the mouth quickly.

    Ultimately we are in lack of good bacteria so try including yoghurt, curd or any fermented food items. I am taking multivitamin tablets daily. Probiotic supplements can also be included as they introduce good bacteria into our body.

    If you have any constipation problem, include more fiber in your diet. I take a spoonful of flaxseeds after each meal which ruled out the bowel movement problems entirely.

    So don't lose hope, as we have a good number of people here to support us. Share your ideas as well which are found effective in your case might help anyone who are in need. Good luck!

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      Hi there, thank you so much for all the informations you gave me. 

      i haven't try the water theraphy though but i drink a lot in one day but i will try the schedule that you gave to me. And also i will try to check my tonsils from now on.

      i do brush my teeth twice a day but after i brush my teeth and scrape my tounge, but after i did that the smell only go away for like 5 minutes and then it comes back again cry. In terms of the mouthwash my dentist told me to to but mouthwash without the alcohol and i use thera breath mouthwash, is it still ok though? because it doesn't contain alcohol. or should i stop? 

      And yes my mouth is really dry since i went to my dentist to check my saliva level, my doctor said my saliva level is very low. is it ok to chew sugarless gum because what i know it makes the smell worse? (sorry i have a lot of question please bear with me cheesygrin)

      do you know which youghurt should i choose? and what are the probiotic supplements can you recommend?

      Thank you so much for your reply 


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      yes, a mouthwash without alcohol is recommended. Sugarless gums contain xylitol which unlike sugar is good for oral health. Plain yogurt is good and avoid the flavoured ones. I personally tried OralBiotic Blis K12 . Whenever i suspect a BB, i pop a pill and it really worked for me. As I am from India, I couldnt purchase it regularly sad cuz its available only in US. Problem is we are getting the smell back within few minutes of brushing. I suspect it has to do something with the bacteria level in mouth. Hence the oral probiotic was effective. So give it a try and all the best smile

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    Hi dh21.  I have had H. pylori and it was horrible. I would highly suggest you go to a qualified gastroenterolost. The ONLY positive way to test for H. Pylori is an endoscope. I complained with stomach issues for 5 years and everyone blew me off.  The end result was I finally found a doctor and that did an endoscope.  The result was I had H. Pylori that had not been diagnosed.  I ended up with MALT lymphoma and had to have radiation treatments and it is now completely gone, and I have been getting tested every year for it for the last two years.  I don't want to scare you, as everyone has told me it's rare, but it's better to be safe than sorry....if you even think you have H. Pylori.

    This is just my experience with it and I think more people need to know about the facts of undiagnosed H. Pylori.  I never had any problems with bad breath, so this might not even apply to youwink

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      Hi There,

      thank you so much for your reply. i went to the doctor in Singapore and tested for H. Pylori but after i did  the test they said i don't have it. i really don't know where this bad breath coming from, it really stressed me out. 

      I'm working now and i often overheard them saying that i stinks and everything which i am and im aware of it. should i tell them and explain to them that i have bad breath? sometimes i have a mental breakdown at work because i overherad them. do u think i should tell one of my colleague that i have one? so they understand?

      thank you

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    Do you have dry eyes? Some of the symptoms are runny eyes, feeling like you have something in your eyes, having problems reading particularly on electronic devices. If you have these symptoms in addition to your dry mouth then I would say it is possible you have Sjogren's syndrome and you should be tested for that. Sjogren's syndrome causes dry eyes and dry mouth and with a constantly dry mouth that could cause you bad breath. If you treat the Sjogren's syndrome and the dry mouth then you might not have any more bad breath. There is a blood test to test for Sjogren's syndrome however that can come back negative and you can still have it. So this sure method to test for it is to do a lip biopsy. You'll want to go see your doctor and have these tests done to confirm whether you have Sjogren's or not.

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      Hi thanks for your reply,

      i don't have dry eyes and sometimes i often have a teary eyes. but i think i will do the sjorgen test to see if i have one. Thank you for the info smile

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      Did you read my symptoms of dry eye? One of the symptoms is teary eyes. My eyes were tearing up a lot and i just happened to mention it to my eye doctor once and he told me that that was a symptom of dry eye.
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