Chronic BV and Vitamin C.

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I've fought with BV for the last couple of years. I've been on the oral antibiotics almost 3 times. I did the metrogel twice. That seemed to be the only thing that worked to clear up the infection. I recently used the metrogel for the second time b/c of course, the BV came back. Last Friday was my last dose of metrogel. It gave me a yeast infection, w/ cottage cheesey discharge and a slight itch. But the awful smell went away, and so did the yellow discharge. Anyway, I did my research on how to keep my vag in check and keep the BV away. I ran across forums talking about vitamin c suppositories and I saw your article. So I decided to try. The following night after my last metrogel dose, I inserted the vitamin c (500mg, no rose hips) and the next morning, I felt great. It even cleared up my yeast infection. I just had discharge that was a creaming/yellowish (sometimes orangish) color. That night, I went to insert it again, and I had a rough time sad it itched, tingled, and burned. And I woke up the next morning with the same discharge and a slight itch. I don't know what happened. So the other night, I put the vitamin c in again, and it was fine. So I assumed that the reason I had problems was because I didn't insert it far enough. Next morning, no smell. Just a slight itch and the same discharge. I tried upping it to two times a day with the vitamins. Still the itch and the discharge. Just no smell. I don't know what to do. Should I keep on with the vitamin c? Do you guys think my BV has come back that quick, even with the vitamin c suppositories? I take probiotics made specially for women's vaginal health. I started taking showers as opposed to baths. I clean down there with only a wet, warm towel while showering. I wipe front to back. I drink water. I don't want to go back to the doctor. I spent so much money for them to tell me what I already know: I have BV, and then proceed to treat me with stuff that only gives me relief temporarily. If anyone could help, that would be great.

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    I was in horrible pain for two years and had a Pap smear.  Got a call that I had BV and she prescribed pill form antibiotics..then called back and said that didn't work and got the metro gel.

    i have bought and tried everything!! I think you don't get rid of BV we just try to get rid of the smell and some of the pain associated with it.

    i first douched with 2oz hydrogen peroxide and 2 oz water to clean all the discharge out.  I started taking 2 times a day the fem probiotics

    The naturalist said cut out the sugar in my diet...she had me douche with grapefruit seed extract...that did nothing...I also got some betadine/solution the orange liquid.  I remember years ago I had a horrible yeast infection and my gyn swabbed my vagina out with betadine then put me on monistat" for a yeast infection.  So I go from watery gross discharge to a yeast infection.

    i have been buying the 7 day monistat" at Walmart and cutting the suppositories in half and laying down and shoving them up my vagina...that seems to be working...I usually have to douche 1 time a week with the peroxide and two times a week with 2oz betadine 1 oz water.  I always lay down on the bathroom floor with an old towel and paper towels.  I sue a medicine dropper and insert the liquid five or six times until it is gone and in the vagina.  I lay there and pray for five minutes then sit up and all the liquid and the gross discharge is gone.  I also bought pure tea tree oil and keep it by the home after I pee I put a few drops on my finger and put it

    on the very first part of my vagina" that does seem to help.  At first it tingles but you get use to it.

    also another very important step is after you go number 2 take a shower next, and then douche with betadine or the peroxide.  I go number 2, 3 or 4 times a week and this has helped too.

    i have read that ecoli' transfers to the vagina very easily and that sets us up for BV.

    my husband just got us a spa in May and I do get in it to exercise for about 30 minutes three times a week.  I take a shower before, use some tea tree oil, exercise, and then take another shower.

    i feel like I have to trick my vagina by constantly changing the regiment.

    omce you get BV it can lay dormant, but I don't think it ever goes away.

    oh well, just one more thing we have to deal with.  I just have my routine and it's only 10 extra minutes a day and Imdont have to urinate all the time now, I don't have pain, no smell, and no watery discharge.  Sorry this is so long.  You are the first one I have every responded to.

    Hope you figure out your routine that will work.


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    Did you try any other oral/ gel besides metro, I am just curious because I have the same problem doctors only tried metro gel/oral I can't get rid of it it's the worst pain/symptoms I have ever had did they try to give you anything long term?

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      No, I've only tried the metro oral/gel. The gel clears it up for the most part. I guess my issue is keeping it away, or at least keeping my symptoms under control. I feel like if I do try different antibiotic, it may clear it up for a while like the metrogel. But then it'll probably come back.

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    Monistat.. for seven days, only half...then metro gel, about 3/4 of an inch for 7'days.  Douche if you get itchy or clumpy...Tea treat oil on index finger swab inside of vagina three times a day.  Scrub hands after.

    BV is a virus that lives in our stomach and intestines and gets transferred into our vagina from sitting and being moist in that regime.  Also with the anus being so close it also leaks into the vagina little bits and that

    casues BV.  I douche after I do number 2.

    Doctros will only give you metro gel or antibiotics, but it won't go

    away, better to figure your own regiment.

    at night in the shower I use my index finger in the vagina and then smell, if it stinks then I know I need tee trea oil and to douche...keeping up with alternating the monistat and the metro gel.

    Hope we can find a cure😌

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