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Bacterial Vaginosis

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  • Lauren1234 1

    Caused by certain partner? His bacteria hates me?

    Hi. I'm a 32 year old woman in a serious, monogamous relationship. I've never had a yeast infection or experienced symptoms of BV until I started this new relationship. (Previously in a long-term relationships, had sex, never had an infection.) A few days after the first time I had sex with my new partner,...

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  • serena56239 1

    Recurrent BV

    Symptomatic BV for years. Have been trying all kind of antibiotic and vaginal ovules prescribed by doctor. Sometimes discharge is white, sometimes it is yellow or green. Sometimes watery, and sometimes creamy and thick. Smell also varying from fishy, sour, and sometimes smells like amonia. Not sure

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  • carol45885 2

    Bacterial vaginosis and vaginal PAIN??

    Last August I went on vacation. And before I did i took a bath. Body wash made me ache dealing with this for almost a year and all they can find after EVERY test. Ctscan bloodwork. Ultrasound vaginal swab and laparoscopy with tube and ovary removal. Is. Bacterial vaginosis. My vaginal pain

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  • carina1234 1

    BV for all women that suffering

    I found a cure for BV !!!! This is going to sound crazy but for women that's been suffering like I did !! You about try anything of BV smelly vaginal discharge , pain, bladder pain, difficulty urinating and your sex life goes all the way to hell ! I been battling BV for over 8 month

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  • jade2896 3

    MEN with BV

    OK so i know that technically men CANT get BV or atleast thats what doctors say. But i feel like i keep getting it after i have sex with my bf ( he does NOT ejaculate inside me though) Ive been doing research on this all day and ive read that some men have been treated for it and their partner

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  • Ginger_USA 2

    Chronic BV. What Ive learned (all in one place)

    As many of you here, I have suffered from chronic BV for years, four years actually. It's amazing to me how I can go to a doctor, who will tell me first that it’s just a “nuisance” problem, and when I go back he’ll tell me he's never had anyone who didn't respond to this ____ treatment. Yet if you

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  • lia44027 2


    Hello ladies ! There are many women who suffer from the horrible condition known as BV. I struggled with it for about 3-4 months now and I finally found my cure and I think this will work for a lot of ladies which is why I want to share it all with you ! This is something I came up with myself and

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  • wishful03588 2

    Can Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) be causing my bv ?

    I'm not sure if I have it. I haven't went to see my gyno yet but my symptoms have been going on for a long time. My symptoms are Painful Vaginal cramping during bowel movements, unfinished bowel movements, painful intercourse, frequent UTI, some times pee a little in under wear. When I look my

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  • kris29 3


    I was pretty excited to come on this site to share what has cured me because i know how frustrating bv is and i am sure some of you have tried many things. I had bv for 3 months. I am just now getting over it. I had gone to the doctors twice and have taken metronidazole and clindamycin. both

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  • Ahmeersmom 2

    How I cleared my BV some how

    Hi ladies , let me start out by saying I KNOW YOUR PAIN . Ok so about 4 weeks ago I found out I had bv , never heard of it until I got it. Doctor put me on flagyl, soon as I stopped taking the medication it came back . Now I was ITCHIER THAN EVERRR. Went back to my doctor she referred me to my gyno

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  • zara00738 1

    Rotten death smell in vagina! Help!

    Ok for the past 2 months usually around the end of my period I have this horrible death rotten smell from my vagina discharge. I've been dating the same guy for 2 years and this only happens about a month ago. I thought maybe it was a lost tampon in me buy I stuck my finger all the way up and found

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  • Mookie76 2

    My Bv CURED

    Ok ladies! After experiencing BV for 5 years and going thru multiple tests from by OBGYN that is male, I decided to see a CRNP, which is female. She immediately recommended a swab to test for Mycoplasma, which apparently not a lot of Drs test for. It was POSITIVE. she put me on Doxycycline for 10

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  • angie81601 2


    What are some remedies you have used to get rid of E. coli and yeast infections? Which I think is BV?????? That happen monthly!!!!! I'm feeling hopeless b/c my Drs can't give me answers and just give me MoreRx!!!!!!!!

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  • angie81601 2

    Help!!! I get Chronic yeast infections... do I have BV???

     For the last several years before my period I would get a yeast infection and recently in the cultures.  Diflican would help and then my period would flush my system and I would be better till the next month. The Diflican has become a bandaid and my Drs can't seem to give me answers to cure

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  • MarieGermany 3

    Chronic Vaginal E Coli infections

    Hi everyone,  So the last few times I was treated for BV (in the summer of 2014), it turns out once the cultures came back, that I had E Coli and not Gardnerella. It is chronic and goes away with antiboitoics, but comes back right away a few days after the antibiotics are through, especially after

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  • Ahmeersmom 2

    Itchy BV helpppp

    will a vitamin regimen help me? I'm 24, was a long time cigarette smoker and stopped recently to help my immune system fight this infection off. Flagyl didn't work. And my last night on the metro gel is tomorrow night but doesn't seem to be helping much . I'm scared to douche with anything , have

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  • jessimarie1998 1

    Bacterial vaginosis

    Please help me I have bacterial vaginosis please help me with how to get rid of it I tried medicine abt a month an a half ago an it came back

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  • maryjane420 1

    Itcy vaginal sore? *picture*

    Ok so I noticed this sort of laceration last night on the inner of my vag. And it doesn't particularly hurt, but it itches like hell and I'm discharging very clear and watery discharge. Anyways I'm assuming this is vaginitis or vaginosis due to the often rough sex my boyfriend and I partake in.

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  • Ahmeersmom 2

    BV plus getting iud removed has me depressed :(

    Like many of u here I am suffering from bv . Two weeks ago I had a Pap smear & also a 5 long years mirena iud removal . During the Pap smear they found out I had hpv and bv . I was devastated . I've only had sex with one person for the last 7 years . They prescribed me oral flagyl for bv , which

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  • mir7 2

    Any Ideas on my situation with BV?

    Hi there everyone I have been following this forum for a few weeks or so. I have had chronic BV for a year now. I have the terrible odor which is the worst part for me. I have tried perscription meds, Flagyl, Clindamycin, and tindimax pills. Have tried the vaginal creams but only the clindamyin

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  • ade 83861 1

    Menstra issue

    I noticed that my menstruation blood was slippery since 2 months ago, please what could be the problem?

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  • Guest M

    BV is driving me mad!

    I've had BV a few times, and have found this is normally when I'm with a new partner. People keep talking about a fishy smell but mine doesn't smell like that. It's more like a very strong ammonia / wee smell, or sometimes a cabbagey it's just horrendous! Don't know if anyone else has

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  • sondra39723 2
  • collette35839 3

    BV and the pill

    Have asked this question no responses.  Is anyone taking birth control pills to try to lessen the length of periods to help with BV?   I am having very heavy periods/ lengthy ones and wondering if I should try birth control to see if that helps.  I am 45 and would only go on the pill

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  • homegirlemmad 1

    2 Years suffering with BV

    I've been suffering from BV for at least 2 years. Like most of you ladies, i'm distressed, embarrassed and annoyed about it. I've had so many courses of antibiotics over the 2 years. They get rid of it for a short time but it just keeps coming back. I've had swabs taken numerous times - I've

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  • BSnooker 1

    BV and Oral Sex

    I have had chronic BV for probably 4 years now. I know I don't always have it, but more so than not I have it each month; for me its mainly the odor. My doctor always said it could just be that my vagina is naturally out of whack. Or just having sex or getting my period can throw it off and that

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  • michelle20533 1

    BV is making me very depressed

    I've had chronic BV for years. It's caused me to become so depressed because the odor is bad that I'm unable to get out and b around others for vey long before I begn to smell real bad again. I have to wash out the cavity of my vagina when I take shower. But only a few hours later I'll begin to

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  • Lynn0919 1

    Doctors giving me mixed reviews! No relief!

    Back in January, I suffered from some slight burning while urinating and felt the urge to go very frequently. I visited my primary care provider, tested for UTI, given antibiotics and the problem was gone. Simple, right? Wrong. Shortly after finishing my antibiotics, I felt very itchy in my vulvar

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  • stormy1 2
  • linda51222 3
  • JamieCc 2

    Cured my BV when nothing else helped !!!

    Hello ladies, if your here for help with BV, I feel your dreadful & had it for 3 years. Seems like I tried medications & natural helped. If it did than it was only temporary. After researching BORIC ACID SUPPOSITORIES, I decided to give it a try. What

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  • saj72607 3
  • sadey93094 2

    How can i get rid of the bumps?

    Ive been diagnosed with bv i used the medication. The doc gave me but now is back nd this time i noticed bumps down there. I need to get rid of them. Any suggestions?!! Please im going on my honeymoon in a few days

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  • michelle22530 2

    What Bacterial Vaginosis symptoms did you have??

    Just wondering what symptoms have others experienced while having BV?  My symptoms are smelly vaginal discharge which normally smells fishy.  Recently and I have noticed in the past some achy abdominal pains and also swollen lymph nodes in my groin area. Does anyone have any similar symptoms caused

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  • aisling19 2

    Help Please !!!

    Hi, i am a sufferer for years also and iam 25 years old, i have tried almost everything i have read on forums aswell as being treated by doctors millions of times, nothing seems to work it always returns, i want to try the Acidophilus Capsules both orally and douching but i am really unsure what

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