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Bacterial Vaginosis

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  • Kaitlin 1

    A possible cure for BV?

    Okay, I'm very excited about this: There's a new-ish product called Balance Activ which is available in the UK - I got mine from Boots this morning - it cost £9.99 for 7 applications - it's a vaginal gel clinically proven to treat BV. When I first heard about it I just thought it was another dud...

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  • lia44027 2


    Hello ladies ! There are many women who suffer from the horrible condition known as BV. I struggled with it for about 3-4 months now and I finally found my cure and I think this will work for a lot of ladies which is why I want to share it all with you ! This is something I came up with myself and it...

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  • Lauren1234 1

    Caused by certain partner? His bacteria hates me?

    Hi. I'm a 32 year old woman in a serious, monogamous relationship. I've never had a yeast infection or experienced symptoms of BV until I started this new relationship. (Previously in a long-term relationships, had sex, never had an infection.) A few days after the first time I had sex with my new partner,...

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  • cosette68074 1

    How I cured my bv after suffering over a year! 😆

    Cures my bv... Suffered with bv and yeast infections for over a year.went to the doctor and all's they gave me was antibiotics. ...still can back after sex....follow these step and you be cured. .. 1 got to the doctor for clindamycin. .. 2 no sex for a month 3 eat yogurt everday for a month 4 start...

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  • collette35839 3

    BV and the pill

    Have asked this question no responses.  Is anyone taking birth control pills to try to lessen the length of periods to help with BV?   I am having very heavy periods/ lengthy ones and wondering if I should try birth control to see if that helps.  I am 45 and would only go on the pill as...

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  • luisa65050 1

    This is embarrassing and I need help

    So this is super embarrassing but I've been suffering from BV for a little over two years now. I'm only 14 so I'm not sexually active, which is good because I hear sex makes it a lot worse. I've tried telling my mother, Twice, and asking for help but she gave me a disgusted look and she had said she'll...

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  • ally36149 1

    Vagina! Could be poison ivy? In so much pain

    I am a 19 year old female with a boyfriend that I have had for almost three years. We have unprotected sex and occasionally with a condom. He is a landscaper this summer and has poison ivy. We have had sex and his poison ivy is almost gone but I recently got a couple tiny pimple like bumps on the end...

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  • SierraDenae32 2

    So going to the Doctor won't help anything?

    I've seen on here numerous of times that women have gone to the Doctor, got prescribed medication and some sort of ointment, but then they say it didn't help and it came right back. I have been suffering with BV for 6 years now off and on. Since last summer, it has been consistent. I need this to be...

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  • Oodlesofnoodles 1

    BV, antibiotics, period

    I had routine swabs taken which came back showing I had BV. Was given antibiotic gel to use for 5 nights I used it twice, this morning I started bleeding. Periods are still few and far between due to years of depo injection and being sterilised a year ago Bleeding was a browny red, but had 'bits'...

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  • elise17 2

    Any bacterial vaginosis help?

    Hello. For two years now I've been suffering from bacterial vaginosis. I seriously wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. All throughout high school I've worried myself sick wondering if others could smell me. My symptoms consist of the awful fishy smell, and thick white discharge. The doctors have put...

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  • molly 51805 1

    Need bv help and advise. Getting me down.

    I have suffered for around a year with problems down below. I am 17 and My symptoms include: Constant discharge of different kinds Smell and odours constantly and can be smelt through clothes I never really get itchy as for a while thought it may be a yeast infection. I've tried many things and been...

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  • v99123 2

    How I fixed my BV!

    I've been suffering from BV for the past 2.5 years (I first started noticing symptoms during the summer of 2015). I've tried a couple home remedies here but have always been wary of antibiotics as I've read other women have had bad experiences/the BV comes back stronger. Fortunately I didn't experience...

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  • gabby42024 2

    Painful sex with BV!

    Hi ladies. I've been suffering with BV for almost a year now and the one symptom that is the worst is the painful sex! During and afterwards! I just want this to go away. One thing I notice about my BV is that I have painful, very small blisters type lumps on the very entrance of the vagina. Just wondering...

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  • krista70385 2

    The cure for BV!! Its so simple, no joke!

    OK, so I first developed BV last april 2014 after taking a round of amoxicillin for strep throat. At first, the amoxicillin only gave me a yeast infection (my first one ever, and so far my only one). I had my period about two weeks later, and I ended up with BV. I have literally delt with the symptoms...

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  • gemma94569 1
  • jade2896 3

    MEN with BV

    OK so i know that technically men CANT get BV or atleast thats what doctors say. But i feel like i keep getting it after i have sex with my bf ( he does NOT ejaculate inside me though) Ive been doing research on this all day and ive read that some men have been treated for it and their partner stopped...

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  • amanda5678 2

    Omg need relief ASAP PLEASE HELP 😢

    Went to the gyno today because I have a lot of burn and inch , she said I have BV. Gave me 2 prescriptions and she said I could start feeling better with in 24 hours. I don't have any odor but EXTREME burn and itch.... I need some relief STAT!!!!! Please help

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  • jill63953 1


    Hi everyone. Ive just joined this site today in the hope that I can get advice from someone in the same situation. I am CONSTANTLY getting BV, it is driving me mad. I am so itchy and so sore down below all of the time and i'm tired of using anti-biotics as they dont seem to cure it all. The one good...

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  • lola97105 1

    bv so young and not knowing the cause

    i'm 15 years old, i had bv for about a year or less and i can't find the reason why. A list of things i don't do that cause bv are 1. i don't douche 2. i'm a virgin 3.never took antibiotics ( idk if did when i was younger but idk if i effects today ) 4.i don't smoke 5. i don't drink 6. don't use...

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  • jemma3016 2

    BV came back after being gone for a month :( help!

    I had bacterial vaginosis real bad, itchy, sore, painful outside and inside my vagina and it was literally on going with NO break! My boyfriend went away for 8 weeks, I stopped shaving and grew out naturally and I was using BV active gel for a month straight and stopped at my period - after my period...

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  • cristine87071 1

    Is it okay for a Virgin with Bacterial Vaginosis to have sex?

    I'm Virgin and suffering a Bacterial Vaginosis for almost 6 years. I want to make it with my Boyfriend so that I could finally administer the probiotics vaginally, so is there no harm if I would do sex with him? I've heard that if it's for the first time there's bleeding and tear, is there no harm with...

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  • Ginger_USA 2

    Chronic BV. What Ive learned (all in one place)

    As many of you here, I have suffered from chronic BV for years, four years actually. It's amazing to me how I can go to a doctor, who will tell me first that it’s just a “nuisance” problem, and when I go back he’ll tell me he's never had anyone who didn't respond to this ____ treatment. Yet if you do...

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  • Celeste1992 2

    Could this be BV OR TRICH

    I had sex with a new partner unprotected(pullout) 2 weeks before my itchiness started. 2 weeks later my period started and a day after the first day of my period that is when the itchiness started. I really did not notice discharge because my period was on and I was bleeding, but as my period went away...

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  • kris29 3


    I was pretty excited to come on this site to share what has cured me because i know how frustrating bv is and i am sure some of you have tried many things. I had bv for 3 months. I am just now getting over it. I had gone to the doctors twice and have taken metronidazole and clindamycin. both intravaginal...

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  • melanie53710 2

    Vitamin D3 cured my bv!

    So about two years ago my doctor ran some blood tests and told me I needed to get a vitamin d supplement because I was a little deficient. I knew nothing about vitamin d deficency. I never took the supplement. I recently saw on a blog on bv that a woman said she was cured. I went and got me a bottle....

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  • liana1993 1

    Bv and thrush - just taking over now, Amy suggestions?

    Hello all! I was wondering if there is any one out there that can help me with this. I have suffered years with bv and thrush. To only get told by the gynecologist that I'm going to have it until I get pregnant! Im only 24 and that's not going to happen for a long while. Mean while I have met this...

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  • lexyy 1

    Bacterial Vaginosis and red itchy bumps

    On thursday I went to a friends house, and before I showered and scrubbed really hard around my vagina hoping that I could be super clean, I also scrubbed like that around my anus. ( I used summers eve, the blue cap) At his house, we had very rough sex three times. When I got home I took a shower and...

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  • cass83800 2


    I just got tested for stds and was negative but positive for BV. So I was prescribed antibiotics. I finished the dosage provided. I have super sensitive skin so idk if it has anything to do with it. But my skin gets irritated very easily and the other night me and my boyfriend had sex, and I just moved...

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  • carina1234 1

    BV for all women that suffering

    I found a cure for BV !!!! This is going to sound crazy but for women that's been suffering like I did !! You about try anything ....symptoms of BV smelly vaginal discharge , pain, bladder pain, difficulty urinating and your sex life goes all the way to hell ! I been battling BV for over 8 month now...

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  • serena56239 2

    Recurrent BV

    Symptomatic BV for years. Have been trying all kind of antibiotic and vaginal ovules prescribed by doctor. Sometimes discharge is white, sometimes it is yellow or green. Sometimes watery, and sometimes creamy and thick. Smell also varying from fishy, sour, and sometimes smells like amonia. Not sure what...

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  • carol45885 2

    Bacterial vaginosis and vaginal PAIN??

    Last August I went on vacation. And before I did i took a bath. Body wash made me ache ...been dealing with this for almost a year and all they can find after EVERY test. Ctscan bloodwork. Ultrasound vaginal swab and laparoscopy with tube and ovary removal. Is. Bacterial vaginosis. My vaginal pain is...

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  • wishful03588 2

    Can Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) be causing my bv ?

    I'm not sure if I have it. I haven't went to see my gyno yet but my symptoms have been going on for a long time. My symptoms are Painful Vaginal cramping during bowel movements, unfinished bowel movements, painful intercourse, frequent UTI, some times pee a little in under wear. When I look my symptoms...

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  • Ahmeersmom 2

    How I cleared my BV some how

    Hi ladies , let me start out by saying I KNOW YOUR PAIN . Ok so about 4 weeks ago I found out I had bv , never heard of it until I got it. Doctor put me on flagyl, soon as I stopped taking the medication it came back . Now I was ITCHIER THAN EVERRR. Went back to my doctor she referred me to my gyno ....

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  • zara00738 1

    Rotten death smell in vagina! Help!

    Ok for the past 2 months usually around the end of my period I have this horrible death rotten smell from my vagina discharge. I've been dating the same guy for 2 years and this only happens about a month ago. I thought maybe it was a lost tampon in me buy I stuck my finger all the way up and found noting....

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  • Mookie76 2

    My Bv CURED

    Ok ladies! After experiencing BV for 5 years and going thru multiple tests from by OBGYN that is male, I decided to see a CRNP, which is female. She immediately recommended a swab to test for Mycoplasma, which apparently not a lot of Drs test for. It was POSITIVE. she put me on Doxycycline for 10 days...

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