Chronic Chest & Back Pain , PLEASE HELP

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Ill try to make it as brief as possible. I am (was) a very happy & healthy 20 year old male. JAN 15 I was admitted to hospital with  a rapid and irregular heartbeat.I had to have my heart restarted with a defibrulator, and they said it was because i hadent drank alcohol in a while and the few drinks I had shocked my syestem?

Anyway, never had any problems after for 6 months, went out clubbig drinking as any 20 year old does. Then in August went to ZATE, a small greek island on a lads holiday. I was very careful with what i drank, as i diddent want anything to happen to me like it did 8 months prior. 

On the 5th morning of my holiday, after a very steady night and hardly any alcohol consumed i woke up with my heart POUNDING. It made me then have a panick attack, as i was so scared my heart was playing up. After about an hour my heart calmed right down, but left me with a chornic pain in my chest wall, I couldent lie down, or on my left side either, and pain was also in my neck.

The pain got alot worse and i flew back to england ealy straight to A&E. Since i have had every blood test under the sun, X-Rays, Heart Scan, even an MRI scan of my back. All the results are clear! They said i had a very minor infection and prescibed me antibiotics which did nothing at all fo the pain.

Every day of my life i am in agonising chest and back pain. The doctors have told me there is nothing else they can do !? sad Ive seen a heart specalist aswell and my heart is fine and i apparantley have an allergy to alcohol, since august i havent touched a drop.

Before going to zante i was very fit and healthy and now every day of my life is ruled by the pain i am suffering in my chest and back. It is a dull ache, which sometimes turns into a sharp stabbing pain reaching under both of my armpits! It never goes away and paracetamol etc dosent touch the pain at all. I am also seeing a chiropractor and have been for 3 months, which hasent really done anything either ! 

Can anybody help or tell me what I can do ? sad

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    The mbs have lots of posts from people who are experiencing pain, fatigue, sickness, generally unwell, and its often been going on for months, sometimes years, and many have had blood tests, xrays, scans, that come back clear, negative. l,m in that club also, and l cant explain this mystery, puzzle. Some do eventually get diagnoses of some unusual or rare condition that doesnt show up on tests, often immune conditions, like cfs, me, fibromyalgia, lupus, others even rarer l guess, it took me years to get diagnoses of intersticial cystitus,following gp tests showing no problem, took seeing specialist and scope. Drs sometimes suggest virus,s, allergies, phycalogical, and l dont doubt that is true for some, but l think many who post know their own body and know its not phycalogical. or a virus, though allergies can cause more severe symptoms than its given credit for.  l cant relate to your particular symptoms, but someone on mb probably will, l hope they can advice on possible causes, or check out symptoms of auto immune conditions see if you can relate to any. with other symptoms, does it affect your eating, etc. l hope someone can relate and advice you. Keep battling till you get answers, good luck   
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      Thankyou very much for replying! Ill look into it deffinatley! It feels like because whatever is wrong with me is complex, no one wants to take the time to help me sad I just want my life back!! The only thing that helps is when I get into a boiling hot shower, and let the water run on my chest, the pain completley goes. Neurological maybe ? sad
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      It could be neurological, or abdominal, other, so many things cause so many symptoms. Anyone,s who,s in a position financially could go private, quicker and more thorough testing, but again which specialist to choose, l,d pain in lower back and stomach along with other symptoms, and paid to see gyneacologist, which led me on a merry dance, but it wasnt merry, wont go there, but years later symptoms diagnosed as urological, l,d picked wrong specialists, cost me about l50pound, more now l think. Maybe someone will relate to it soon.
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    take it easy for the moment until you feel rested.  Avoid drink, maybe try some gentle exercise.


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    hi alex.. my husband had similar question years ago.. we even had a heated argument when I didn't put much attention to his chest pain.. when we checked his BP, it was normal..but he said his heart keeps on pounding fast..but his pulse is slow.. we went to the nearets health center because that was almost midnight and we were just told to relax..then it came agaon after a few days.. last yr we discovered the culprit..Cholesterol.. he has IBS and constantly poops soft stool and sometimes gets constipated.. hope you will find your Culprit soonest..light and love!

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