Chronic Contact Dermatitis

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I have suffered with this condition on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet now for over 30 years starting in 1984 whilst working in a Clothing Factory. I am allergic to 6 conponents of which are  Nickel, Cobalt, Rubber, Leather, Ariel Soap Powder and Potassium Chlormate. I have had Hospital treatment of puva soaks and light treatment of which I had 24 treatments over 12 weeks. The outcome of this resbite only lasted about 2 months and the symtoms reappeared. Now I am using daily a Topical Corticosteroid named Betamethasone Valerate cream and Fludroxycortide Tape for when the blisters turn to keens. It is absolute purgotary to live with and nothing else can be done to help cure this condition unless total avoidance with the substances you are allergic to (this in most cases can never be avoided as Nickel is in Money, coins). This is where my allergy stays with handling coins daily whilst out shopping etc. I have used cotton gloves in the past but mentally its horrible as people stare and wonder whats my problem to waring them, Mentally it drives me insane at times and wonder what else can the skin profession do to help sufferes like me. Over the years not a great deal has been achieved apart from the introduction of new creams whether they work with individuals or not, and we are all unique so not all will work for everyone, Another interesting thing I had noticed is when I had the symptom on the tops of my feet, the treatment of the creams worked and it went away, only to reappear on my legs. This condition I have come to the conclusion is that when treated in an area, it moves elsewhere on the body to reappear. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.

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    Hi Ditaz30

    I know what you saying it is a mentally horrible.

    In my job I  shake hands everyday.

    I did read on this very  site one person uses sea salt which they rubb in with warm water & just wash off.

    I too have this strange sore peeling dry  skin which cuts very easy.

    I  thought I would  give this a try & I have started washing my hands in this  SEA SALT ( got to be  sea salt) once in the morning & once at night ( or sometimes when I feel like it at weekends)  & though it's early days I have seen an improvement , my hands seem to be a lot better.  

    I still use a coco butter hand cream during the day ( but not as often as I used too ) .

    It may or may not work for you but give it a try.

    I just bought a sea salt grinder full of the stuff from Asda for £2.00.

    Good luck i hope this works for you !! 

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      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for the tip I will definately give it a try. The cream I use helps but just subsides it. I know I will never get rid of it as I have read in other medical reports on this subject that (believe it or not) skin has memory. Im unsure how scientifically this works but I can understand it. I will try this from Saturday (shopping day) and see how it goes. Thank you so much. I will et you know in days following.

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    Have found this site after searching for answers for my particularly bad flare .

    I have been told that I am allergic to formaldehyde which is present in loads of things particularly dark clothing . 5 week ago I was completely eczema free but after wearing a new dress I woke in the morning covered in very nasty,red and sore blistery rash on my body . The only white part was where my bra and pants had been . I recognised the symptoms from previous attacks and reached straight for the Betnovate , creams etc . Eventually the rash started to spread and now there is basically no part of my body untouched . My immune system has gone into overdrive and today I have extreme swelling to my legs ( fluid ? ) Has anyone else had this ? My hands and arms are permanently swollen and blistery . This outbreak has been my worst and doesn't seem to be abating . Apart from climbing the walls with the pain and irritation , the thought of having to wear cloths is horrific . Have been having oatmeal and sea salt baths which feel lovely at the time but only seem to irritate more after .

    Any tips from anyone woud be greatly appreciated .


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      I have suffered with Chronic Contact Dermatitis on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet or over 30 years now. The only thing that has helped me is a cream called Betamethasone Valerate Cream. I also take Vitamine E capsuales (1 a day) as this helps the Skin. Go to your doctor and ask about this cream. He may also refer you to the Dermatology Dept at the Hospital you can visit. I was put on Puva Soaks and UVB Light treatment for 12 weeks (24 Sessions, 2 a week) this also to helped but only for about 2 months. The cream and capsuales worked the best for me. Now I am almost clear of it (God willing).

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    I cured my excema in my early 20’s by a fluke. Since I was 7 years old I’d had eczema very bad on my hands and feet, especially my feet. One day while skiing I was so upset I went outside and stood in the snow barefoot. I stood there for about 25 minutes to a half hour and melted all the snow around my feet all the way to the ground! A normal person could never have lasted that long standing on what is vertically ice. It was the breakthrough I was looking for. The itching almost immediately stopped and in a matter of days (keeping my feet and hands cold) my excema went into remission. Since then anytime I have flareups I put my feet in ice, the itching instantly disappears and if I keep my feet cold and as dry as possible the eczema just goes away. I’ve told doctors this but no one takes me seriously. The problem is heat!!! Somehow the nerve stimulation creates heat which creates the blisters. Once you’ve rid your feet and hands of the eczema the rest of the eczema on your body will go away on its own. The main places for eczema is your hands and feet. Fill some Ziploc bags with water and freeze them and hold onto them with your hands. You’ll be surprised how long you can hold the ice pack. If the excema is bad enough you’ll be able to melt the whole bag of ice. Put your feet in ice water. Put a towel next to the bucket and keep your feet as dry as possible once they’ve gotten them cold. “Keep” your feet and hands cold. As cold as you can take it at first. And then after your feet and hands have heeled you must keep your hands and feet cool for the rest of your life or it will return. And for heavens sake never ever scratch or rub your affected area! Scratching promotes the heat. It takes vigilance. You can’t let the tingle start or it can come back in a matter of minutes. When I get the sansation and the itchy feeling I don’t care where I am, I kick off my shoes and socks and wag my feet around to get them cooled off. Then I immediately head for an ice bucket as soon as possible. Heat is the enemy. Oily creams and lotions don’t help and trap the heat. Keep your hands and feet clean, dry and above all “cold!”  Eczema sucks! This is my cure. I’ve been excema free for 30 years. Just try it. You’ll see. 

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