Chronic gas

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Im a 23 year old male, eat regulary, steady weight, dont smoke or do drugs and drink only ocasionally.

For almost a year Ive been getting a lot of gas, especially in late afternoon/evenings. My stool is also slightly greasy and light brown in color, but not a complete diarrhea.

I had blood tests, h.pylori, abodminal ultra sound and X-ray(upper GI) which all came back clear. Doctors said mild gastritis which should be gone by now?

Ive been on ppi''s for 4 months and took doxycycline for 14 days, no effect.

Thanky you for your answers.


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    Bro do not ever take doxycycline for gastritis. Gosh, it will further damage the stomach. Why would your doc recco this med to you..
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    You should try vsl3 probiotics. It helps a lot but is expensive and need refridge. I took 2 after i wake up everyday with water before i ate anything. It need time for your stomach to progress with this, ard 2 weeks.
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    Hi mate your not alone I'm the same only with me its very much runny.

    The foods that cause it for me

    Is any food that has laxatives like milk

    And any food rich in carbs which you should know is sugar and any think to fatty as well.

    Im not completely sure why but where all made differently in terms of our genetic coding and plus the fact I have had it bad for most of my life.

    I've suffered dehydration all most everyday.

    I have learnt that for everyone who has diarrhea when ever you get it your body pushes the food through to quickly for one reason or another and the body does not collect the proper nutrients from the food enough.

    This then leads to dehydration and malutrtition.

    Are you ready for a miracle well absolutey every food I eat and boom its the same unhappy waking up feel dry throat and I mean dry depressedto name a few and more

    The miracle I have discovered is including oxtail soup (tescoes own brand)

    I had it twice yesterday with meal as a gravy my meals included almonds sugar and carbs and some fat from grilled chicken all the usual stuff that never makes a difference and the results have been amazing this morning

    All I did was split one can of oxtail soup in half and had for a gravy for lunch and evening meal.

    It seems to have slowed things down for me

    Plus I hadore energy this morning.

    But now o know that to much and it will go the other way constipation etc.

    So for this something more laxative like almond milk dairy sugar and back to normal but what I have to do is try to find a balance.

    Good luck bye for now


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    As others have said - you need a probiotic!!  A good one and even then it will take a while to get results.  The antibiotic wiped out more of the "good" bacteria so while it killed off the bad, you're no better for it. 

    And avoiding dairy could be helpful, too - or take lactaid/lactose enzyme when you do have lactase-containing dairy (certain foods don't have lactase such as cheddar cheese - it's lactose-free from the way it's made). It's usually the milk sugar that causes digestive issues more than the milk protein (casein), although when you hear from those who are gluten/casein free they seem to feel better completely avoiding both.

    Pay attention to what you eat and see if you find a connection...I do think a probiotic will go a LONG way towards helping you.  Good Luck!

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    Hello, you don't say if you eat a lot of gluten or not. Cutting out wheat has given me great relief. Diet is a key roll diet is very clean mostly a paleo diet. Bone broth does have great benefits as said with the oxtail soup. I make my own way cheaper....sometimes cutting out certain foods ie; cheese, milk, cream, wheat etc can tell a big story. I wish you well in getting relief soon....
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     Hi, do you have any other symptoms? 

    I went 40 yrs being misdiagnosed with many ailments that were actually symptoms of Coeliac Disease. It is an autoimmune disorder that is triggered when a person eats gluten which is found in many processed foods, lipsticks, lip balms, toothpastes & medicine.

    You describe my former symptoms but I suffered also with IBS, joint pain, body aches, fatigue, depression, low iron, lactose intolerance, sinus infections (I had at least 2 a yr), early menopause, infertility, nose bleeds, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, chronic hives, balance issues... I exp. over 50 symptoms in the many years I suffered. CD has a very long list of symptoms... Over 300 bc it affects the duodenum which is a part of the small intestine. I was also falsely diagnosed with an ulcer bc the symptoms mimicked one. 

    It's very hard for Drs to connect the dots... It can lie dormant in the body& you think you're alright, then BAM you are miserable again. If left undiagnosed, it can bring on many more serious diseases. 

    There is a blood test the. Dr can order but you have to load up on gluten for several days before taking. Be pro active bc the medical community is not. The cure is a diet change & they receive no incentive where a medicine isn't prescribed.  

    Mine was actually diagnosed with a endoscopy that took biopsies of the duodenum.. I had become so sick after suffering with a stomach virus that seemingly would not go away. It hurt to eat almost everything. Gurglings, dis colored & greasy & extr smelly stools, gas pains that shot up into my left shoulder & mimicked a heart attack, inflammation, GERD, diahreah/constipation, low energy, I mean the kind where it seemed a major thing to place one foot in front of the other. The biggest thing was though... A gnawing, twisting, knot-like pain under my left bottom rib, sometimes mid-section. Hunger pains also hurt ...probably bc the stomach acid was aggravating the damaged inner lining of my sm intestine. 

    Live long & prosper. wink

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      Wow gale sorry here call that hope your well now what was the cure for yourself your symptoms sound s lot like some of the bouts I have suffered

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