Chronic Gastritis

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Hi my name is Danny, I'm 22 years old and about 6'0" 200 pounds. I've had stomach problems for a pretty long time now. It all started with acid reflux at a young age then getting an ulcer in the summer of 2014 which was discovered after an endoscopy. My symptoms of my ulcer eventually went away. But in the fall of 2015 my stomach pain started to come back very bad making me switch up my entire diet. I'm not sure if it was from alcohol, stress, being around smoke or what really caused it. I tried to just live with it and hoped it would eventually heal itself. A year later in the fall of 2016 I threw up blood one night after I drank 3 beers. (I'm not a big drinker infact it was the first time I drank in over a year and I haven't drank alcohol or been around any smoker since this happened) 

So after that happened I decided it was time to go to the doctor. At this point I already tried Pepcid, Pantoprazole, Nexium, Zantac, Tums, Gas X, etc and they all don't give me any kind of relief. The doctor ordered me tests and I also got an endoscopy done as well. It turned out that I had h-pylori which I was treated for with antibiotics which eventually went away after the 2nd course of antibiotics. I was tested after my stool color started to go back to normal and he said that I came back negative. He prescribed me Dexilant before the endoscopy and it didn't really help me with my symptoms. I've only taken it for 5 or 6 weeks consistently though so I'm not sure if that matters, he said it should've started working after the first week. I still have it but I stopped taking them.

After the endoscopy it came back that I have esophagitis and gastritis. My doctor said it wasn't that severe kind of making it like it wasn't a big deal but my symptoms are pretty dang harsh. He said he would call me to let me know the biopsy results, I called but I never received a call back from him since so I assume that everything came back normal. I may go back to him to see if there's anything else I can do for this, and this is also why I'm here. I've had these symptoms for 2 full years now. I'm getting pretty desperate for a solution it's terrible to live with as many of you probably know already. I know how every gastritis sufferer feels and I'd never wish it upon anyone. I have acid reflux, gas, very bad bloating especially at night or a meal, feeling of being full, belching, and I can hardly sleep at night it takes me over 5 hours just to fall asleep because I have a constant pain in my upper abdomen that makes me want to burp almost like there's a big gas pocket there when I lay down. Belching only relieves it temporarily and it comes right back a few seconds later.

I don't eat anything near bed time and I drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. I tried eating closer to bed to see if that would maybe help since I know it's bad to let your stomach get empty, and that makes it much worse. My diet doesn't consist of too much since almost everything irritates my stomach at this point I mainly eat eggs, turkey, fruits/vegetables(the ones that don't hurt my stomach), bread, granola, plain pasta with cheese, potatoes, sometimes pork or fish but that usually bothers me. Chicken and beef really bother my stomach so I stay away from them. I try to eat vitamins with meals when I can tolerate them and I also try to eat very small meals throughout the day about 4-5 meals.

I've tried some vitamins/supplements like aloe vera, manuka honey, slippery elm, dgl licorice, zinc carnosine, ginger. Aloe Vera seemed to not do anything for me at all and I drank it for the recommended dosage for 3-4 weeks. I'm not sure if Manuka honey helped, sometimes it irritated my stomach slightly but very rarely. Slippery elm has gave me bad acid reflux and caused worse bloating but if I only take a quarter the recommend dose it doesn't have any negative effects. DGL licorice has helped me sooth my acid reflux a few times so I think I may continue taking this. I have been taking zinc carnosine on and off for a couple months now and I'm unsure if it's helping out at all either. Ginger irritates my stomach and it makes it hurt very bad. I forgot to mention that I'm also prescribed carafate in liquid form it's a little old now but I'm wondering would that help with inflammation and the gastritis or is that only for ulcers?

Will apple cider vinegar help me at all? I feel like it'll  probably be too acidic and irritate it but I may give it a try and mix baking soda in as I read online that usually helps. I've been doing a lot of research as I'm very eager to find something that helps me get through this battle and I've came across some homeopathic medicine used for stomach issues such as gastritis and ulcers. I'm wondering if it could possibly help me heal my stomach? There's a few different ones I've read and there are some pretty good reviews too I'm curious if anyone has tried any or have any good feedback? I really miss living a normal life and being able to eat regular food and actually sleeping at night. At this point I don't ever want to drink a cup of coffee or a beer again in my entire life. I constantly worry about the gastritis turning to cancer I know I'm still young but it worries me and having stomach problems really stresses me out I just really want to get through this. I have faith I'm just trying to stay positive through all of this. If anyone has any ideas or anything at all that could help me in anyway or information about things I asked in my post please respond back. Your response will be greatly appreciated! And I'm very sorry for the long post. I look forward to reading your responses.

Thank you so much,


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    Hi Danny,

     so sorry to hear you're having such a bad time. You seem to have got bogged down with to many different remedies and solutions.

    I suffer from H pylori infections and erosive gastritis also and have done since I was about 30.

    I think you need to go back and follow your doctors instructions. If the H pylori is cleared you need to continue with the PPI medicine.

    Like you I thought they weren't working for me because I still had symptoms but after 3 months an endoscopy I was almost clear.

    I reduced the PPI to 20mg and I am also taking a good quality  probiotic. I'm also careful what I eat and drink. The POI is to be reviewed soon.

     I'm much improved with the odd flair up. I accept I will always have to be careful and will be vulnerable.

    Good luck, just stick with the treatment and diet for long enough. It takes time to heal.

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    Hi danny723

    I think you got baking soda and bicarbonate of soda mixed up...bicarbonate of soda is the one you want for acid reflux our gut produces this naturally...also HPylori can ravage your gut and duodenum and even after treatment with antibiotics the gut remains extremely sore and and vulnerable to foods that trigger the pain. I have a friend who suffered like you and she swore by Mastic Gum for the acid reflux..also a good probiotic tab....and just stick to blandly cooked foods no citrus fruit or fried foods or fizzy drinks or anything are very young to be going through this.....i do hope you get a healing wishes......

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    You may well have had h pylori before getting the ulcer.  H pylori is leading cause of ulcers and gastritis. Some people find apple cider vinegar helpful but vinegar is by nature acidic and since a lot irritates your stomach and you have acid reflux it is best avoided. Anything acidic, fatty, spicy or rich is bad for gastritis.  The trouble is what works for some, doesn't work for others. I would say milk is your best option so long as you are not intolerant to it because it soothes and lines your stomach. It really works for my heartburn. In fact my grandad cured his ulcer by drinking milk.

    Try not to worry because that will cause your symptoms to flare up more. You are young and gastritis can be managed or even cured.  It is a very common condition. I  got chronic acid reflux in my teens because of exam stress and developed IBS in 2015  also from stress.  Anxiety is very corrosive on the intestine.

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      Exactly. I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through Danny, but you're not alone. I have had been handling my father's case who started to wake up in the middle of the night in cramping in abdomen. We got the endoscopy done in 2015, h pylori was diagnosed in biopsy so I made him take meds for him and then after 1.5 years, it started happening again. Doctor recommended him stool occult blood test and it came positive, so I couldn't control my tears Bcuz I thought It'd be colon cancer but fortunately and thankfully, colonoscopy showed us that it was a healing ulcer. Now we are awaiting biopsy reports. I hope you're diagnosed and treated as well. I'm just 19 and ever since I was 14, I have been suffering with stomach issues I think it happened to me because of stress too and now I feel like I'm cursed for having this disease

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    Yes, Apple cider vinegar, may help, as well as an amino acid L-Arganine..
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    Danny, I decided to register after reading your discussion because it really spoke to being that I also suffer from gastritis. I had a biopsy and endoscopy done as well and the doctor reacted the same exact way so I knew I was on my own to help myself fix my stomach. I also get severe pains in the upper region of my stomach and burning sensation now. I registered to let you know what I used to cure myself from gastritis I use strong probiotic and start with 100 billion, enzymes that contains amylase, lipase, and bromelain to burn fat and for overall healthy digestion. The combination of the two together is essential with every meal you take and I mean every meal, and also take your anti- acid medication whether it’s protonix or omeprazole prior to taking enzymes and probiotic. This will eliminate bloating, gas, and your digestion. Now what really works but is actually not satisfying to take is Balsamo Tchakwoski. I take this every night with a small syringe and a bit of bread so it comes down because it’s sticky and water. This is the essential package to fixing your gastritis and ulcers if you have any. The Balsamo Tchakwoski will take 2-3 days for you to begin to feel a minor difference but I promise you that after 1 to 2 weeks straight you’ll begin to feel the difference. I’m presently still curing my gastritis but that’s the only package that’s helped me feel normal. Good luck! 

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