Chronic gastritis cure(no H pylori)

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I had for years terrible stomach pain that gave me IBS and GERD. After years i finally found the cure for me. I did not have H pylori but i believe i created gastritis because i did not eat healthy foods and i was eating a lot although i was never fat.

Because i am lactose intolerant i stopped drinking milk and eating chocolate and i only ate some yellow cheese in small amounts. No coffee, no spicy foods and high fat foods. BUT even if i ate only white rice still i would feel sick and my stomach would not heal. The solution is simple and effective. EAT less and lose weight even if you are thin. I was 185 pounds and i was consuming 3500 calories. I dropped to 2000 calories and lost ton of weight(i am 165 pounds now).

Your stomach needs less food to heal. Fasting is not good because your body produces more acid when you are hungry. You can take some  ppi's if you want. I took them for 2 weeks and i stopped.

Remember that your stomach can take months to heal so be patient. 

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    Hello Greeksibo

    I was diagnosed with mild chronic gastritis with no

    H pylori this past March.

    So how long exactly did it take your stomach to heal?

    I don't think I can afford to lose more weight

    because I've already lost 18 pds in 4 1/2 months. I was already thin to begin with. I'm trying to maintain or gain some back. But it has been difficult to eat because of the naseau, bloating and lack of appetite.

    At one point. I was fine a month or so ago until my dr. Gave me antibiotics that I didn't really need. Thought I had a uti in which I didnt. So it triggered the gastritis again. It's been 6 weeks now dealing with this

    Though it has gotten better, it's very frustrating when dealing with this gastritis and going through perimenopause too. Ugh...

    Lately I've been naseau, bloated and lack of appetite especially in the morning. It usually last almost all day. I would get an appetite in the evening and by this time it's close to bed time

    so I can't really eat much. I have started to drink the nutrition drinks and i still try to eat or nibble on something throughout the day.

    I have tried to take the PPI's but they seem to decrease my appetite more and make me so weaker and other side effect the following day.

    You mentioned that you took the PPIs for two weeks, were you on and off taking them? Which one were you taking?

    Just today my doctor tells me that I need to take the PPI's because this is something that is just going to be with me. Really? How encouraging..of course I do not believe or receive what she said. She was highly upset because I wasn't taking the PPI's.

    It's great that you managed to get rid of this horrible thing.

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      Hi Mary, I’m exactly like you. It all began with the feeling of mucus stuck in my nasopharynx that affect my swallowing. I did a gastroscopy to rule out LPR and found mild chronic gastritis with the biopsy. No H pylori. My appetite completely went away, first it was triggered by the mucus that made me scared to swallow food, but the appetite stayed away till now, makes me think that if it’s related to the stomach problem. Just like you, the morning is the worst, and during the whole day I just don’t crave any food unless I push myself to eat a bit, it’s like my body feels hungry but I just don’t feel like eating. At night like a couple of hours before sleeping, I started to feel I have an appetite, and it’s too late to eat much. I really don’t know why it’s like this, just want to go back to normal...

      I’m on the PPI as well and my GP asked me to take it for 2 months...

      Are you better now? Did you get your appetite back?

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    After 2-3 weeks i was already feeling better but even after months i still follow a strict diet. No coffee, dairy, sugar , fatty foods and i eat small meals. I believe my stomach is healed but still i will follow this lifestyle forever. Now i eat baked or boiled potatoes, eggs, lean meats and some olive oil and some fruits in small amounts. I have no bloating, burping or constipation-diarrhea anymore.

    I don't know your height but i am 183cm(6 feet) and now 74 kilos(164 pounds). For me that's a normal weight. 10-15 kilos bellow your height is normal. Now if you are extremely thin you should hire some nutritional expert to help you.

    I was taking ppi's for months but my gastritis did not heal. When i combined my diet and ppi's i healed myself. My gastritis was so bad that i was losing my hair and i was pale like a dead man(probably from malnutrition). I could eat only white rice in small amounts. Even potatoes and bananas irritated my stomach(probably from high pottassium).

    Anyway don't go to doctors but hire a nutritional expert. Doctors are good to give you drugs. They are useless.

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      Hello Greeksibo

      Is there something else beside the ppi that I can take to help with the acid especially in the morning? I even tried the zantac but they all seem to give me muscle aches in my legs and arms

      And make even weaker the following day. I have been dealing with this flare for about 6 weeks now daily and I'm tired of dealing with it.

      Last time I tried the dexilant ppi and it helped so much along with the other alternative things I was doing. I was 95 percent bettrt. But I lost weight and had so much muscle weakness. I couldn't do anything but stay in bed.

      I am desperately thinking of trying it this point I don't know what to do.😔

      I regrey taking those antibiotic the dr. gave me..i was fine until then...ughhh

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    Hi greek.

    I have hair loss and thinning everywhere eyebrows etc. 2 years. Pain in side for similar time just 6 weeks ago got h pylori diagnosis. Can u tell me more about ur hair loss. What was it like. What were u deficient in how.badly? I am desperate for help and advise from someone wit similar circumstances to me thank u

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    I m New to this discussion forum....

    I need some reassurance...

    I have been diagnosed with h pylori chronic active gastritis.... the bacteria has been eradicated but still I m on ppi's.... i m on bland diet but sometimes I do take little bit spicy food....And have stomach discomforts...

    I just want to anybody on this forum has completely cured with this condition....but how long does it takes to heal completely???

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      Yes me. Treated in sept. Bug gone a month later. Stomah pain gone 2 months. Hair loss as bad as ever. Must be my thyrois causig it

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