Chronic headache above right eye, so far it's been going on for 1.5 months

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Month and a half ago I woke up and realized I had throbbing headache above my right eye. Since I never get headaches (I have no idea what a migraine feels like), at first I thought it would go away on its own. It didn't, I only felt relief after taking one ibuprofen ( 200mg pill).

Six days after my headaches began, I got a cold. Typical symptoms - runny nose, headache (different type), achy body. I treated it with OTC medication and ibuprofen to alleviate sore throat. Four days later I felt better, and since I wasn't regularly taking cold medicine I realized I still had a mystery headache.

Fast forward a week, I went to my Dr. and she said I possibly had a sinus infection. I was a bit skeptical, can someone have sinus headaches six days before feeling symptoms of a cold? But I went with her plan anyway and got my prescription for three days of steroids (prednisone) and ten days of antibiotics. While on steroids I didn't have headache in the morning and the afternoon, but by evening I had to take ibuprofen to alleviate the pain. By day seven it was obvious that I never had a sinus infection, so I scheduled a follow up appointment.

At my second appointment the Dr. told me that my headache didn't match any of the symptoms that associate with migraines, cluster or tensions headaches. At this point I need an MRI, and if something doesn't look right a referral to a neurologist. So far I've been waiting for a week for my insurance to approve MRI. No answer and I don't know what to do and what steps I can take next. I have no idea how much longer it will take to hear back from the insurance company. I've been calling Dr's office almost every day for an update, they just keep telling me the request is pending. Anyone else has similar symptoms or advice on what I should do next? Is getting MRI so soon drastic? It seems it escalated fast - first I had sinus infection, next thing I know I need MRI. I'm so lost...

Here are more details about my symptoms:

Headache goes away every time I take ibuprofen. Most of the time one pill does the trick, occasionally I have to take two pills. In 24 hour period I take medication three times (approx every 8 hours). Headache comes on gradually, usually it takes 15 minutes.

Throbbing pain above right eye, on scale of 1-10 I would say it's a 5 but it bothered me enough to make me cry.

Absolutely no neurological symptoms: dizziness, seizures, blurry vision, speech issues, etc.

Normal temperature, hear rate and blood pressure, plenty of energy

I don't consume red meat, dairy, alcohol, coffee, flour (breads, pastas, cookies) and I drink about 90oz of water every day

I'm not overweight and I do some type of physical activity daily. I sleep through the night, but lately I've been taking one OTC sleep aid before bed. Mostly because my current situation is stressing me out.

I'm a female in my early thirties

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    Could it be allergic sinusitis or allergic rhinitis? If ibuprofen helps it would indicate inflammation. Have you done anything different since your problem started like been around any animals or new fabrics? Do you work around any chemicals or smells. Even someone else's perfume can trigger an allergy. Think about any change that could set off an allergy, like possibly a new food or drink or medication. I get a headache over my eye from certain artificial sweeteners. Keep a diary of when you get the headaches and what you were doing or eating leading up to it.

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      Thanks for your reply. I can't really think of any changes. Fifteen days before my headaches began I fell snowboarding on a flat spot (it wasn't a hard fall). Next day I was extremely sore on left side of my back and I had a huge knot. Couple of weeks ago I pressed on my right shoulder muscle. Even though I didn't press hard, ten minutes later I could barely move and next day I was in so much pain I didn't know I would be able to get out of bed. It felt better once I was up and moving. I must have pinched a nerve, the pain was radiating I to my right arm. I also noticed a small round bruise where I touched my back. So weird! This is when I started going to a chiropractor. I figured I'll give it a shot, either way it won't hurt me. I think after tomorrow's visit I will try needling. These are the only clues I could think of. I have been keeping a diary of when and how many ibuprofen pills I take each time.

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    Hello there, I will try to summarize to my end point, but having a long history of headaches myself, that can be a challenge so I apologize in advance. 😃

    I was diagnosed with TMJ Disease at 22 due to excrutiating h/a with jaw pain and clicking. Later, it was Sinus issues with two surgeries, MIGRAINE Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Cervical Spine disk ruptures with surgery, and a plethora of other diseases, disorders, syndromes, you get the idea I am sure. The common denominator with everything I have ever had was HEADACHES as a symptom. So, was finally referred to a Neurologist who orders an MRI/MRA for me every year or so to appease the both of us.

    Please don't get me wrong though. My history more than justifies the testing, plus I have had tumors in my hypothalamus and pineal glands along with WMBD that he always wants to monitor and compare. On top of all of this, I have signs of several different diseases(inc. MS and MG) in the neuro and rheumy areas, so that has been a real nightmare knowing I have an underlying undiagnosed disease(or more) that has contributed to all I have been through in my life. I am currently being tested by a geneticist for Ehlers Danlos due to me, my daughters and my parents issues.

    My main point for you is YOU have to be your own advocate and insist to these medical "professionals" that something is wrong and their job is not finished until they find something or you are satisfied that they have left no stone unturned. We hire them to be our employee. NEVER forget that and also they are not gods. They are human like us, no matter how educated they are. It can be frustrating and I am there right now. I was recovering from a long awaited Gallbladder Removal surgery and 5 weeks post, I broke my ankle! So I know setbacks. PLUS, I am now 53 but have been enduring health issues for 40+ years.

    To address your original issue, the only reason there should be any delay for your MRI would be insurance approval. EVEN THEN, it should not take this long and since it has, your doc needs to get proactive here and get them on it. Oh and it is not too drastic to order an MRI, especially in your case. You are young and healthy otherwise, but still having symptoms so they need to get on the stick. I have worked in the health insurance and medical related fields for 35 years, so your Headaches more than justify further evaluation. GOOD LUCK and please jeep me posted. THANKS, Susanne

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      Thank you for your kind words and all of the encouragement! And I'm so sorry about everything you've been through. My problem seems microscopic compared to what you've been dealing with. I finally had MRI last Friday. I called my Dr's office very frustrated, and told them that I've been waiting for almost two weeks. I found out my insurance initially declined MRI because they didn't have enough documentation from my doctor. How frustrating! All she had to do was give them a call. Currently I'm waiting for the results, hopefully they will call me in the next couple of days. Also, I've been going to a chiropractor. Tomorrow will be my third alignment. So far I still have daily headaches, I think I will try needling next. I really hope I will find out root cause of my problem. Next week will be my two month anniversary of daily headaches. At least none of the symptoms have changed. Wishing you very best, Anastasia.

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