Chronic Inflammation of Duodenem HELP!

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I finally got my biopsy results back from my endoscopy. It showed chronic inflammation of the duodenem area, so not the entrance, the exit of the stomach.

Doctors said this is likely due to fecal loading/constipation however I am now going very regularly. The pains also feel like gastritis/indigestion so I'm unsure how inflammation of the exit of my stomach can cause symptoms higher up?

Has anybody else had this condition and is it cureable? Do you have any tips with how to stop pain, diet etc. It's been going on nigh on six months now, I've previously been a very fit and healthy individual and it's making me very depressed in all honesty. Contemplate suicide regularly as I'm constantly missing out on going out with friends and scared to eat normal food! I just want my life back. 

I'd be very grateful for any responses. Thanks. 

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    ​Were you given any treatment for it x

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      Hi, they've said to carry on taking constipation sachets. They also said if I was feeling acidity to take the omeprazole but as there wasn't any sign of inflammation in my esophagus, coupled with the fact I'm not a fan of PPis they didn't say it was essential. 
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    Dear Search45:

    Do you regulary take over-the-counter pain medication such as Aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, etc.? If so, such medications could be directly causing or exacerbating your problem. Until recently, I suffered from similar inflammation and major stomach and digestive upset (often debilitating) for at least six years. I thought I was gluten intolerant. Finally, I realized that pain medication (I usually took it for headaches, which I get a lot of) was the culprit. I now eat gluten with no adverse effects - this is because I only take Tylenol when I have a headache, and/or aches and pains. Tylenol is apparently the kindest version of over-the-counter pain medication.

    I saw my G.P. last week, but neglected to ask if the inflammation will ever completely abate. She recommended that I take Gaviscon or Tums with dinner and again before going to bed at night. I have inflammation in my esophagus and my duodenem, so obviously, my condition is somewhat different from yours.

    That said, hope what I have shared might be of some assistance to you. It's terrible, but completely understandable that you've been contemplating suicide. Please take care of yourself, keep seeking answers and wellness. I believe you will get through, will get better, so keep the faith.

    Lastly, if you have suffered a lot of trauma in your life (particularly as a child) you may have complex PTSD. This condition can cause inflammation and digestive issues, long in the making. If this is the case, you might want to consider getting some good psychological counselling. As a health care provider (she is a trained nurse and residence director at the retirement home I am working to convince my elderly mentally ill mother to move to) recently said to me, "It would be good if you could, once and for all, put down those suitcases you've been lugging around since childhood."

    Best regards,



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      Hi Sharon, thanks very much for getting back to me. I haven't taken any pain killers for the last six months as I was concerned about their adverse affect. However previously to these issues I would pop a couple for period pain. Perhaps this has contributed?

      It's interesting that your doctor said to take Tums and gavisgon. Do you take this everyday? I'm quite a medication "phobe" for want of a better expression. I'm concerned that even these might cause problems. I have taken Rennies and gavisgon when pain has got quite bad. I haven't really noticed any benefit but the pain in my chest and upper stomach hasn't been bad enough for me to seek further medical help. I might try to use the gavisgon and rennies if I do get further pains. 

      It's also interesting that you should mention counselling. I'm a very anxious person and have been plagued with worry my whole life. Even over minor things. I'm hopefully getting some CBT soon so I hope this contributes to an improvement in my health. 

      The endoscopy was back in December so I guess my concern is that damage might be occuring in my esophagus as the Doctor said that chest pain and sensation could be acid going back up from the build up of fecal loading. 

      Really hope this subsides. Thanks for your kind word. 

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    l had nausea for months, with a bit of bloating wind and discomfort, not much in way of pain and scope showed a bit of gastritus of stomach and duodenum, which seems more unusual as more seem to have it of the oseophagus. There was no mention of constipation, l tend to have more typical ibs, they also didnt think my level of nausea and loss of appetite, lost 2stone, was typical of symptoms. But put on omprazole, l,d already gone of lactose and processed food, anyway the symptoms did improve 90percent, l guess with omprazole. l think if one part of digestive tract inflamed it can affect elsewhere to some extent, but its getting your chronic inflammation settled thats important,  if it doesnt improve and your not constipated anymore l think you need to let them know. l felt a bit like you with my symptoms going on months, its waking each day month after month really gets you down. ,Maybe keep with the omp and plain diet with lots of fibre and if that doesnt help go back to doc. Keep going and best wishes. 
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      Hi Lynne, I've ahd the terrible nausea too. Some weeks it goes and others it comes back but not as bad. I hope this means I'm getting better. Can I ask you some questions please? Are you still taking omeprazole? And if so, how long have you been on it for? Do you follow a special diet? Many thanks
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      Hi lve been on omprozole for over 6month now, not ideal, and l,m like you and many with bad stomachs l guess, being really wary of taking pills, l use pain gel rather than tablets most of time, but find if l go without the omp my nausea returns, so sticking with them and hope it settles in time without them.  l dont take lactose now, either almond or soy milk, lacto free cheese, very plain diet, no processed or tins, just pots veg, rice or pasta, chicken, fish, l do eat oat biscuits, and french fries baked, small portions. l,m not sure how much is diet or omp thats settled it. l hope you find what suits with helping you soon, as it is very wearying when it goes on and on. If the gaviscon rennies tablets help you l dont think there,s anything harmful in them, chalk as they say.

      Hope it settles down soon for you.


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    Hi search45

    Were you tested for Hpylori? endoscopy will show Hpylori if they are testing for it. If you do have HP it can be treated with antibiotics. A lot of people with HP are taking Mastic a natural medicine which clears wishes...i

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      Hi Lilian, Thanlks for commenting. I was tested months ago for H Pylori via blood test and this was negative. I've also sent off (a rather expensive) stool sample to a test at a centre in the U.K so just awaiting those too. The Doctors said they wouldn't test me again for H Pylori as the blood testing is acurate.

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