Chronic Nausea 10 Months

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hi! ive been have chronic nausea for 10 months now. ive had just about every GI test or exam done (hida scan, upper endoscopy, ct, etc), tons of labs, brain MRI, stool tests, brain mri, vag ultrasound, etc. I have even been to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. That was disappointing!!

My symptoms include: chronic nausea, loss of appetite, sometimes cant even physically force myself to eat, weight loss, occasional dizziness, overly active digestion, occasional constipation, and chronic throat mucus, very bad menstrual cycles. I think i have more symptoms but these are most frequent.




Csection with child



Heart palpitations

High blood pressure

IUD (1 month—removed due to pain)






Gallbladder removed


Persisted symptoms of nausea

anyone else experience this and have they had answers?

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    How is CHOLESTEROL and LIPOPROTEINS? Do you exercise on regular basis?

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    Also, do you drink enough water a day and do you eat vegetables?

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      hi! i eat very well and healthy actually...well when i can. with nausea and a loss of appetite, eating/drinking is difficult! ive had a full blood workup many times and had additional tests that show all normal. i used to work out 5 days a week and was very active before falling ill.

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    Sometimes gallbladder removal can cause complications; ask your doctor about that.

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      i have the same symptoms i had before my gallbladder removal though.

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      Sometimes after gallbladder removal, the surgical site can still remain sensitive and the body can struggle to adjust to having no gallbladder.Abdominal nerves can easily be disturbed. I would still ask your doctor about this possibility since nothing else has shown up. Have you tried cutting out fat from your diet? Sometimes it is difficult to digest fats without your gallbladder.

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    Hi ren56472

    I go along with other replies ask about those suggestions. Have you had your Folic Acid tested also your B12 and Vit D. If you are deficient in these it will cause gastro problems and dizziness. Also, how is your diet? and did you take antibiotics at all when you had the flu or any other medication? Are you taking any medication now?

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      yes ive had all of that tests and show normal levels. the only test that came back controversial was my ANTI NUCLEAR ANTIBODIES (ANA) which was 1:1280. The Mayo Clinic said i dont have any autoimmune disease.

      i hadnt tried any antibiotics until 5 days ago to rule out "subclinical infection". and i didnt take anything when i had the flu, just fluids and rest!

      i was started on 10mg amitriptyline, 3 weeks ago, to help with the nausea.

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      Hi ren56472

      So you have taken AB's after the nausea started so cannot attribute the nausea to them. It sounds like your ESR Erythrocite Sedimention Rate and CRP C-Reactive Protein were tested for inflammation and any Autoimmne condition along with ANA- Anti-Nuclear Antibodies. ESR and CRP must have been normal. If Autoimmune condition was ruled out.

      I have never heard of Amytriptyline to help with nausea, usually used for depression and anxiety, perhaps docs may think your depressed and anxious and that is causing the nausea. Have you kept a food diary to see if there is a correlation with nausea and certain foods. It seems the medical professionals have done a thorough check overall. As previously mentioned it could be post removal of your gall bladder that may be causing the nausea, has the docs mentioned this at all? If it has not been mentioned as about it....i hope you can get to the bottom of the problem....

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      ya, unfortunatey there was no consistency with the food and nausea. ive had certain food allergies so ive always been pretty up to date on intolerances.

      ive also talked to my doctors about the gallbladder removal but with the severity of the nausea and how consistent it was before and now after, they dont believe its from the removal.

      im so thankful that autoimmune was ruled out!

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    Have you ever considered that it might be anxiety? i suffered from the same thing for well over a year now, but found out that my nausea was from anxiety and acid reflux. Even though i felt it was no way possible that was the case. I only say that because you've had a lot of tests done and still have no answers and i was in the same boat. One way to know its anxiety is if it gets worse in different situations or you think about it 24/7 making it mentally worse. Also, most times if Antiemetics like zofran and phenergan dont work, thats also an indicator for anxiety.

    other than that, have you had the gastric emptying study? because it could also be due to slow to non existent digestion in the stomach which makes people feel nauseous constantly.

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      gastric emptying was one of my first tests actually! it was the 4 hour and im extremelt grateful i dont have gastroparesis...i know its a difficult disease.

      ive tried to accept that it could be anxiety and have tried a couple meds to see if it helps but i dont have much result yet. me and a my new obgyn are possibily looking into endometriosis.

      i still think i have developed anxiety from this which causes it to be cyclical. thank you for really thinking into this!! how are your symptoms now?

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    Hi! i dont have an answer but i can say that im going through the same thing. I even vomit regularly. Can i ask why the doctors sent you for a brain scan? My doctor has just referred me for one and im terrified with what they are looking for. Thankyou

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      im sorry youre going through this! how often do you vomit? and do you have other symptoms? they ordered an MRI of the brain to rule out multiple sclerosis.

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      i have vomited most days for 6 weeks now and sometimes it can get up to 8 times a day but mostly its between 1-3 times. i get regular abdominal pain, diarrheoa, feeling sick, feeling tired, Anemia and headaches. and okay thankyou for telling me im really scared they are testing for a brain tumour

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      did they rule out cyclical vomiting syndrome (CVS)? it is pretty common in those who have vomiting "episodes" like yours. if so, amitriptyline should help. its an antidepressant but if you do research, its widey used for other conditions. ill be praying for you and for answers! i always tell myself that "this illness" isnt forever and i was never made to live in misery.

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