Chronic nausea for 15 years, still no answers!

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Hi all.

I'm posting this in the hope that someone can relate and offer some sort of help or advice as this has gone on far too long!

I'm a 25 year old female and I've had spells of almost constant nausea since I was around 10 years old. When I was younger it got to the point where I would just not eat (not helpful!) for fear of being sick, as I've grown up I've almost accepted that feeling sick is a part of my life now and I try to carry on/eat as normal unless I have a particularly bad "flare up". However I really shouldn't have to live like this!

When I first complained of it my parents took me to the doctors numerous times and at a very young age, after complaining the nauseous feeling was at the back of my throat, I was told I had reflux and given lansaprozole. When it didn't work whatsoever my dose was doubled until my mother actually complained that I was being given such a high dosage at a young age!

After this I just tried to put up with it. My final year at high school I was mostly off school feeling unwell! I struggled through but by the time I got to university I was fed up. I went back to the docs and this time was diagnosed with IBS and prescribed mebeverine. The most this did for me was reduce the gas and bloating that came with my upset stomachs but after a month of taking it it actually gave me nausea EVERY single day til I stopped it!

In recent years after finally realising how much this has been ruling my life, along with realising how bad my symptoms can get - nausea, upset stomach, dizziness, fatigue, headaches etc and sometimes feeling sick to the point of thinking I'm going to be physically sick, only to burp! I've finally gone to the docs several more times.

I've tried domperidone which helped a little but I was eventually taken off it as I still felt unwell, I tried omeprazole (mostly to please docs as they still insist its reflux) and was recently given erythromycin which I never took after a consultant was horrified I'd been prescribed it in the first place.

I've had a endoscopy which revealed I have a hiatus hernia (my dad has one too so must be hereditary) however I very very rarely get heartburn or any kind of reflux and my symptoms are not related! It also revealed an inflamed stomach lining but nothing else. I've also had a stomach emptying test which came back normal, I've been tested for helicobacter pylori NUMEROUS times over the 15 years and most recently I've had an ultrasound scan of my liver and gallbladder. I was referred to a consultant in the past few months who believes my symptoms are not stomach related, hence liver etc tests! I'm still awaiting blood tests but no word yet. Im meant to get referred to a G.I but again no word yet.

The most recent tests have been over a span of one year so it's a terribly slow process! I have infact just been told my next appointment with the consult is 7 months from now which is frankly ridiculous. Hence I've come here!

I would greatly appreciate any help with this as its starting to take over my life! I've had years with no nausea at all but this has been over a year now with almost constant nausea. I've also been tested for celiac disease which came back negative, I've bizarrely never had stools tested despite upset stomachs and I've tried a lacto-free diet for two weeks which made no difference! I additionally tried to eat 100% healthily/no processed foods etc for two weeks which equally made no difference, still chronic nausea and fatigue!

Any suggestions on what this could be would be massively appreciated!

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    My 95 year old father has developed symptoms exactly like yours in addition to stomach pains and feeling nauseaous especially when he eats, he has had all the tests and the docs say nothing shows that would be causing his problem, they are just giving him meds which aren't really doing anything for him. Unfortunately, at his age they just want to write him off and say his body is deteriorating. There must be someone in this world who could come up with a diagnosis for people with these symptoms. I know how frustrated I am not being able to get any help for him. I wish I had an asnser for you, you are not alone in this type of torment.
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      I know exactly those feelings! Ever since I was diagnosed with a hernia my doc was writing all my symptoms off as that, but you don't get exhaustion, dizziness, upset stomachs and headaches from a hernia. My doctor even said my hernia was creating a gas build up that threw off my whole system and maybe I should try some multivitamins to help with the fatigue as the hernia meant I wasn't absorbing enough nutrients! I told the hospital consultant this he was horrified and told me it was not related. Needless to say I've switched my doctor since!

      I think the key is probably persistence! It does take a while though unfortunately as my endoscopy was approximately a year ago now and I'm still no closer to answers! I'd just keep at them! Good luck!

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    have you considered a problem with the messentary artery? contary to what one is told you don't have to be anorexic and it can be an intermittant problem which only shows up sometimes
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      I've not actually heard of this issue before! I can't find a symptom list on it either so any info on it would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Hi I'm in the same situation as u only mine has been constant for a little over 3 year. I've had countless blood tests and ultrasounds. Also had a ct scan done 2 month ago which apparently is all normal. 2 year ago doctors told me I had b12 deficiency which showed on a blood test so I was put on injections which didn't help so I came off them. Another doctor then told me I didn't need them in the first place!

    I'm at my wits end as to what is causing this!

    I'm currently awaiting an endoscopy although 1 of my doctors reckons it won't show anything and that it's all in my head!

    From November last year till March this year I was put on amitryptyline antidepressant but still no changes in symptoms.

    I've been on lansaparazole for 3 month at the start of all this (even though I don't have acid or heartburn) no changes on that either.

    I have the same symptoms as u HALP along with some upper stomach pains and weakness which seems to 'spread' round my body.

    Also on my really bad days my head feels fuzzy and sometimes when I'm talking my speech goes funny as if I struggle to speak what I'm trying to.

    Doctors here don't seem to be taking this seriously. I lost over 2 an half stone a while ago and I'm really struggling to gain weight or at least stay at the weight I am now (underweight.

    It's not nice to know that there's so many of us suffering with the same or similar and we are not getting any answers.

    Im 28 and it's affecting my life incredibly and my 2 kids are missing out on so much because i never seem to have a 'good' day.

    I hope one day soon we get the answers we need to carry on as normal.

    Cheryl x

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      This sounds exactly the same as me! On particularly bad days like you my head gets really fuzzy and I get achey and headachey and I just want to sleep, I've been known to fall asleep on the sofa when it's bad! 

      I'm the same age as you as well, it's really disappointing that there's no answers for either of us.

      Since I've spent around 18 years feeling like this now I now actually suffer with anxiety and emetaphobia (fear of being unwell) and I'm now going to classes to try and control these feelings. I've felt unwell for so long that I dread feeling unwell so much that I often feel unwell as a result! Sometimes I'll have a panic attack and I'll feel sick and as I dread feeling sick I now panic about having a panic attack, absolute nightmare.

      I am learning however to control these feelings and I've had a break from work this past week which has allowed me to concentrate on controlling my worrying and I've bought a book called "Cure your emetaphobia and thrive" which may or may not help you - it depends how much being nauseous is worrying you! I've felt a lot better this week though and I've also cut out lactose which has helped a bit with bloating. I definitely notice myself feeling worse when I'm stressed though so it may be worth trying to relax yourself. 

      It sounds like you've had all the same tests as me (I had an MRI instead of a CT, I've also had surgery for endometriosis which I hoped would help but it didn't!) so at least we can reassure ourselves that it's definitely nothing serious if it's all come back normal. 

      Definitely get the endoscope, they are awful but I learned I had a hiatus hernia which may contribute to my symptoms, I'm hoping I can get surgery for this one day.

      You should also give the FODMAP diet a go and cut out everything which may upset your stomach. I've not tried it yet but I intend to soon.

      I know exactly what you're going through though so I really hope you feel better soon!! It's tough when you have a long stretch of no good days but I'm sure you'll have a good day soon! smile x

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      Hello there,

      I have the exact same thing going on. I have anxiety and a fear of throwing up, so being nauseous all the time is exhausting! Have you heard anything about your test results?


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      Tell me about it!! It’s awful!

      I work in a job where I frequently need to go to big stressful meetings and my anxiety/nausea reaches levels where I’m exhausted for 2 days 😩

      Still no updates I’m afraid. I recently tried FODMAP and it actually made me feel a LOT worse, really incredibly unwell after eating some gluten free things. I suspect the chemicals etc that are used in gluten free things.

      I’m going to try a sulphite/preservative free diet at some point and also it’s been brought to my attention that some people are yeast intolerant! So I’ll try a yeast exclusion diet at some point too. 

      I’ve recently heard of a condition called SIBO which I don’t believe I’ve ever been tested for too. I’ve just recently moved to a new town so I plan to see my new doctor and get the ball rolling on a new gastroenterologist referral!

      I hope you get some answers soon!! Just persevere and get as many tests as you can!

      I really recommend getting a book called Cure Your Emetephobia and Thrive as well, it’s a bit pricey but my emetephobia is nowhere near as bad as it was after reading it! 

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      i have this too! i have chronic nauswa for years now and im afraid of vomiting . when jm really nauseous my anxiety kicks in ans makes it worse. It's awful and despite diet changes and tests i am yet to find the cause. im glad im not alone in my nausea or fear!

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    Hey, I just made an account so I could reply to this. I'm 17 years old and I first time I remember starting to get noticeable constant diarrhoea, stomach pain and nausea is around 2015 in June. I was diagnosed with IBS due to anxiety which i still have. However I've always been a picky eater ever since I can remember, I wouldn't eat a lot of things. I have had a blood test and that's it though but I don't know what else it could be since I've had it for so long I don't want to bother further complicating things by going to the doctor again & again, it's just annoying! I tried buscopan and colpedmin and it did nothing! I haven't gone to the doctor since because I've just been so busy. I actually realised my anxiety is due to the fact I take life too seriously in the summer this year during my holiday and throughout a festival and I was free from IBS for like a month! Then when college started it came back & im confused as to what it is because I already know the root cause of my anxiety, why did it come back?? I just get anxiety for no reason whatsoever and it's frustrating me so much. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. 

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      Do you mind me asking why you got a blood test? My first tests were for helicobacter pylori (negative), celiac disease (also negative) and general things like thyroid function, again normal.

      If you've not had the helicobacter pylori test definitely ask for it, it's curable with antibiotics. Wish I had had that!! 

      Definitely don't be fobbed off with the IBS thing though, I was told that years ago and put on Mebeverine. It reduced gassiness/bloating but by the time I was on my 2nd month prescription it started making me feel sick everyday so I stopped it. To me this makes me think there must be SOMETHING wrong with me but nothing anyone has found yet.

      Just keep going back to the docs. It does sound like there might be a link with your anxiety (I get it too, when I'm really stressed I feel awful) and maybe going back to college is marginally more stressful than normal life? You might not be consciously thinking of it but there might be an underlying stress (exams etc?).

      If you're away from home for college it might be something as simple as eating different food, sleeping different hours, doing different things.

      When I was at uni I remember a good 2-3 years where I felt normal 80-90% of the time. In my 4th year I was quite ill round exam time but that was definitely stress. As I've got older though I just always seem to feel unwell.

      I hope you find a solution soon. Definitely go back to the doc for more tests though if you're not satisfied! smile 

      Hope that helps!! 

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      It doesn’t matter what the root cause of your anxiety is.  Any anxiety at all can trigger IBS flare ups. Holidays and festivals are relaxing, so your IBS will go into remission as you feel calmer.  College can be stressful with coursework and exams, so your IBS can come back again.   The gut brain link is very strong and drives IBS attacks.

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