Chronic nausea for 5+ years

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Okay so I was diagnosed with acid reflux as a baby. It went away and started bothering me again when I was 14 and was taking Prilosec as needed. Around 20 I went to the doctor and was prescribed zofran as I was extremely nauseous randomly throughout the day. Went and had an endoscopy done and was told I had esophagitis and to take protonix for this. 8 weeks later I was feeling fine but a few months after that my nausea had come back full force and 10 times worse than before. I tried every medicine out there for acid reflux, ulcers etc. zofran was no longer working and went for another endoscopy had 13+ stomach ulcers and doctor had said it was chronic gastritis. Was given carafate and that was that. Well I started feeling better and ended up losing my job so I became very depressed and suffer from anxiety. Found out I am also bipolar (2) and have ptsd. Started on Prozac for that which made me anorexic after a couple of days and the nausea started back to the point where I was in extreme pain and couldn’t do much but stay in bed until it went away. It would last hours on end and I couldn’t even go to sleep. I stopped taking Prozac after 9 days and it’s been almost 2 weeks since that and I’m still feeling extremely nauseous mostly when I wake up in the morning within the first 20 minutes of waking up and lasts mostly all day. It doesn’t matter if I eat or don’t eat it usually ends up getting worse throughout the day. I’m starting a new job in a few days and feel as if there’s nothing I can do and I can’t work while feeling like this because I can barely function when I feel this bad. Any ideas? I have been tested for celiacs it was negative. I also recently have been having dizzy spells and woke up 3 days ago with a really bad pain on my right side rib cage that is painful to touch even if it is just my shirt rubbing against it. I’m 24 years old and can’t keep living like this. 

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    With the ulcers however I do not take any NSAIDs and did not have h. pylori but no further testing was done. At this point I am u sure of what to do or where to even start with my doctor
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    Hi melissa31649

    It sounds as if you have a weak Esophagael Sphincter that does not seal tightly and allows digestive juices to enter the esophagaes. You have probably had this from birth. However, this can be corrected via surgery..You will have to discuss it with your doctor..In the meantime, when you do eat, avoid spicey fatty and fried foods fizzy drinks and citrus fruits anything that may create burny gastric juices that will enter your esophagaes...if you smoke..Stop!!.my best wishes to you for a speedy conclusion...

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      Thank you. I do not feel heartburn tho. I have felt it many times but I can tell you I don’t get it very often. I don’t like spicy foods so I’ve never eaten them but as far as fried fatty foods I cut that out for 3-4 months. Drank nothing but water and ate baked chicken mostly and still felt the exact same way. I will have them check the esophageal sphincter tho. 
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    Some people get rib cage pain with gastritis. Try a food diary to see if any foods upset your stomach. Avoid anything spicy, fatty or rich.  Eat little but often and avoid eating late at night.  Try distraction techniques such as a hobby or light exercise to help your anxiety.  Anxiety can make stomach trouble worse.  Ask your doctor for a PPI to protect your stomach from further irritation. Milk is also good for healing ulcers and treating heartburn.  My grandad healed his ulcer by drinking milk.
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      I have honestly tried cutting everything I’m not supposed to eat out and still feel the same way. I stopped drinking pop and eating any fried or acidic foods. I ate mostly salad and baked chicken for a good 3-4 months and still felt the exact same way with the nausea. I can only have a few sips of milk because it upsets my stomach so I don’t drink it often but any other dairy products I am fine with. It doesn’t matter what I eat or when I eat I still end up being nauseous as well. 
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      I would go back to your doctor since diet change hasn’t worked and ask for an anti sickness drug. Also ask for more tests.
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    Hi Melissa,

    I can’t offer any advice but can only ask you to stay positive. Your new job can help you be busier enough hopefully to take your mind off of thing. I have been off work for a while and being at home all day is driving mad.

    Speak to your GP and make them know exactly how you feel.

    I wish you the best . 

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      I am hoping so. My main problem is when I wake up I’m extremely nauseous to the point where I can’t think or move which impacts me by not being able to go to work. I am hoping this doesn’t happen but knowing my luck it will. 
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    As I had a high vomiting (not reflux, fully blown retching till bile) baby, which got better once self sitting and till being a teenager, everything and more coming back full blast and much more,

    I urge you to not only think stomach and acid alone.

    This is like looking just at one tree of a whole forrest of trees.

    My girl has depsite many other things (like nutcracker of left renal vein)

    due to growing hips in teenagehood,

    a worsening of MALS.

    Median arcuate ligament syndrome.

    This causes

    a) less blood for stomach (coeliac artery compression)

    b) ligament can also - which many docs don't even know- press onto the coeliac ganglion upsetting the whole nerve imput output, causing nausea non stop, vomiting, vegetative things from tachycardia (not alway 'just' head caused anxiety), facial flushing and yes, acid problems

    You need to find a facility, that does ultrasounds for MALS, you need to know a GI doc, who knows about MALS, otherwise you are doomed like we were for 2 years.

    You need to lie completely flat for the ultrasound, do not let them sit you up a bit since e.g. my girl starts vomiting when lying 10min flat, rather up completely for a break and lie back down fully flat (supine), you know they do the right thing, if you have to exhale and hold breath and inhale and hold breath. There are very typical flow signs of coeliac artery, if it was compressed. Some are able to guess the coeliac ganglion via ultrasound, but mostly it is an intra operative finding. Just make sure, whoever you see, knows about the coeliac ganglion compression.

    The other possibility is SMAS/Wilkie. Many woman (it's an anatomy combo, that effects a whole range) who have MALS, also have nutcracker to some extend. Sometimes not only the left renal vein, but also the duodenum below suffers the nutcracker squeeze, foods don't go through easily or a reverse peristalsis happens far to often. It all can make you feel very sick and muck up the stomach's lining as a side effect.

    Please have a good reading, join such social groups and find out the nearest best doc for such issues to make sure, not to have it. Exclusions are very valuable too. If you had it, there is surgical help.

    We had to fly around half the globe to get helped as our country was ignorant of this issue and just far too 'tree' focused, not learning about new findings and connections. The PPI helped nothing, and we do need 8mg ondansetrone (Zofran) twice each day to survive until surgery.

    Best of luck!


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