Chronic Nausea/Vomiting and Extreme lack of Appetite. What could be causing this?

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Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum, but after a very long struggle, and no answers from my doctors, I'm at a loss and looking for advice from anyone that might have some insight. For the past year, I've been struggling with being able to eat or keep any food down, and my gastroenterologist hasn't been able to figure out what's wrong with me. For about a year now, I've been unable to eat and have absolutely no appetite whatsoever. Basically, I can go several days without eating at all. I feel no hunger pangs and I have no nausea or stomach pain with this extreme fasting. However the minute I try to eat anything at all, even crackers or rice I'm doubled up in pain, nauseous and a few times have vomited from the pain. Needless to say this is scaring me, as I've lost an incredible amount of weight from being unable to eat, and I have had fainting episodes from the malnutrition. If I do manage to keep something down, my abdomen becomes incredibly hard and distended, I have very loud gurgling sounds in my stomach, and I look 5 months pregnant until it finally goes away with a bowel movement. I'm taking omeprazole daily, and I always carry around phenergan and zofran because I need to take both to keep the nausea at bay enough to function like a human being. My medical history includes an appendectomy and gallbladder removal due to biliary dyskinesia. I've already had an endoscopy which noted mild gastritis (which I take the omeprazole for), an abdominal CT, and an abdominal MRI which both showed nothing. The only other thing I can think of that I can note for symptoms is swelling in my hands and feel alongside the abdominal bloating, but I don't know if that's correlation or not. I'm getting desperate, as I'm due to get married next summer and I want to be able to make it to my wedding, as I genuinely fear that if I continue to drop weight this fast Ill be too sick to go through with it!! Even my fiance has noted that I've lost too much weight too quickly and has sat up too many nights with me while I'm writhing in pain. Any idea what this might be and how I can fix it or what this even is? Please help a desperate bride to be...

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    Have your doctors said anything about chronic vomiting syndrome (CVS)? With your symptoms, it is a definite possibility. 
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      Correction: it’s Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome
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      They have not suggested that, although i think I may ask them about it. Im due for a gastric emptying test in august as that was the closest date they had available for that test. I think if that comes up inconclusive Ill ask them about cvs!
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    Have you done a gastric emptying test? Looks for gastroparesis.. Stomach disorder where the digestion of food takes longer than normal or in severe cases, the stomach is paralyzed which causes nausea and vomiting from eating. There is no cure but different treatments depending on the severity.
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      Oh, and I would also recommend looking into parasites. I knew someone who had nausea and vomiting for 4 years until she had finally met an internist who did a stool sample and blood test and found parasites. It was all fixed in a week with antibiotics. No doctor had tested her for them before because she did not travel, but she still managed to get them.
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      Im actually due for a gastric emptying test in august. That was the closest date they had available for that test, so I wont have an answer for awhile. Hopefully something shows from that test.

      They never mentioned anything about a possible parasite. At least I dont think it crossed their minds as they havent asked for any stool samples. I wonder if theyll address that possibility if the gastric emptying shows up inconclusive.

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    You sound terrible poor you xxx idk what you can do ?

    Id say some is Anxiety perhaps return to gp ask for scans for all organs

    Ask to see someone to talk to?

    Ive had so called Gerd attack for 14 weeks had 9 weeks of 24hr nausea.

    Tried Nexium sides to them terrible after 15days i stopped

    Took Serc for light-headedness then Zofran neither worked.

    My attack literally is 24hrs a day across my upper abdomen its tight swollen though not noticable i just put an extender on my bra. Its not burning it feels like immediately after a scratch. Its also feels bruised. Nausea mostly gone but it comes back for hours at a time for no readon one moment im not nauseas

    Next like a light switch its there. Had scans blood tests even hp test nothing.

    Diagnosis Gastritis i get it 14 weeks non stop started off with BPPV then Gerd

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      Man you sound as miserable as I do Im so sorry!! Hopefully you start feeling better soon and find a solution to your problems!!
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    Sometimes abdominal surgery can disturb nerves in your stomach.  Do you have change of bowel habit?  
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      My bowel movements do fluctuate from constipation to diarrhea. They suggested possible extreme IBS due to stress and nerves, but as of right now Im due for a gastric emptying test to rule out gastroparesis. Hopefully its not that. The only medication available is Reglan and Ive read way too many scary side effects from that medication!
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    What happens when you try to drink water or any other liquid? You may have dehydration.
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      Im perfectly fine with fluids so I dont think its dehydration and my urine is not particularly dark. Although i probably shouldnt completely rule it out just to be safe. I can drink water, juices or sodas without problem, although soup causes problems because of the solids in it. Plain broth goes down fine. Ive even taken to drinking Ensure or smoothies just to keep calories in me.

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