Chronic neuropathic pain

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I've had this chronic pain for 2 years now and after an X-ray and scan have been told that I have a prolapse disc which is pressing on my nerve roots.  I have been on Gabapentin for about a year  and also had a tens machine on loan from the hospital. Neither seem to help. I find the pain is unbearable and I can barely walk as well.  Nothing seems to help with the pain.  I now have pain in my back and my right buttock, as well as my right calf. It is very painful seating down and getting up from a chair.  Originally, because of the long wait to see somebody at the Pain Clinic at the hospital I went private and had injections in my back which didn't help at all.  Especially as it cost so much!

Now, after so many visits to the Pain Clinic, Rheumatology Clinic and now Physiotherapy,  I have now read about an operation on my spine called micro Discectomy which appears to move the nerves away from my prolapsed disc.  Has anybody had this done?

i have now got an appointment at the Orthopaedic Clinic in June.

l barely go out because the pain in my leg up to my back is chronic.  I can barely make myself a sandwich as even just standing still is so painful.

I have a wonderful husband who does all he can but even he has his problems also.

Sorry this is so long but I am getting desperate now!

Thank you for any help or advice you can give me.

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    I had a very severe head injury with no real help from any of the regular doctors except prescribing pain medications. just by coincidence I started seeing a Doctor of Osteopathy which did cranial osteopathic manipulation to relive the pain I was having. I t took almost 6 months and it was quite amazing because none on the other doctors could do it. 

    the he doctor was fully licensed just like a regular doctor but Osteopathic medical schools also require additional classes – between 300 and 500 hours – on the skeletal system and the interactions of your body with diseases.

    you might want to try a Osteopathic Doctor for your never know until you try.

    The key to your getting better is perseverance. 

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      Mmm not sure I would like that type of osteopathy...I consulted many in my time

      1. I consulted one who did hold y head in his hands for 20 minutes.....I went to another and he felt my bottom for 20 minutes. Another one cuddled my feet for 20 minutes.

      Others had different angles and they worked at the beginning and as my partner said I could go to the osteopath 3 times when I could have gone to a consultant for 100 quid.

      However....the last osteopath after 3 appts said he could do any more for me and sent me to Darlington for MRIs and xrays

      From then its taken me 5 years until now and I still haven't got rid of my back pain etc etc

      As I say different folks different strokes and what works for one person doesnt work another

      Sorry for being cynical but I have had a rough ride for 10 yes..

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    Shake hands with us all ...we all probably have the same situation. Can I ask where you live? I just find it terrible that you are going through all this especially now. A few years after I went though the same type of thing. No tens didn't work for me you need someone to help you with your medication. I am on a similar drug but have pain tablets to go with this pill. I have never heard of a person just having gabapentin but then there may be other patients taking just gabapentin. I too go myself so I'll I couldn't go upstairs, stand the pain was so bad and I too went private and had an injection into my spine 1,000 pounds and in desperation had a decompression at 2 levels in my back ...goodbye 7000 pounds but that was 6 years ago.

    Hold on someone will reply to you I am no a Dr by if I had the money I would go to a proper consultant privately and get his opinion. Doing what we both did takes time through the NHS and if you were like me I was beyond myself.

    Someone might disagree but we all have our different opinions. I am not sure of this but someone will put me right what the difference is between a decompression through the back and a microdisectomy....

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      Difference is first one simply is moving what's pressing..second is Removal..of what's pressing...
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    Sorry!! I lived though the same thing for several years.  Finally it got so 

    bad that I risked getting organ damage from nerves pinched to death.  

    I did have some muscles in my foot become useless due to damage that 

    never recovered.  Now the good news: I reluctantly agreed to surgery to remove the ruptured disc material.  It was done through a 1" incision, and I left the hospital the next day, walking and sitting without pain!  The incision did become sore for several days, but I was given pain medication to use at night.. But all that was nothing compared to the pain you get in five minutes every hour of every day.  I can work, play and do everything as though nothing ever happened.  

      So I think you can look forward to a simple procedure that will quickly end your misery.  God bless, ans good luck!  cheesygrin


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      Thank you so much for telling me about your operation.  I can hardly wait for mine!  

       I saw a physiotherapist last Friday who told me she is referring me to see a specialist in Orthapaedics approximately 6 weeks time but prior to that I will have a MRI.  My MRI is this Monday at 7.30 am!  My husband and I will have to put our alarms on that's for sure!  I take a long time to get up because of the pain.  I have a walking frame to use indoors.  Mainly to support me as the pain spasms come so quickly

      I have a wheelchair also now which I use after getting out of the car.  We have a very large hospital spread over a wide area and I would not be able to walk anywhere when I get to hospital.  

      I am just so pleased that after all this time something seems to be happening!  Beside the increasing chronic pain!  

      I am on so many painkillers but they do not work as the pain is always there!  Well, maybe they might deaden it a bit?  Tablets are:  Gabapentin, Tramadol, Matrifen (morphine) patches and Capsaicin cream.

      Thank goodness, as an OAP I don't have to pay for medication!  I would certainly be in debt by now!

      I will keep you informed about my hospital appointments and then the family are planning, eventually, a celebration after my last visit to the hospital!

       Good luck to everyone.

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    I understand the struggle. I am awaiting an mri in august but feel that is too long. I had a mysterious, no injury, nerve pain flare in my left foot that started last June, 8 months after bunion surgery. I've never felt so much pain in my life. But now the pain, and new symptoms have spread up my leg to my but. I cannot sit down. My chiropractor and physio think there is a problem win my back, but of course my phyisiatrst thinks it's crps and fibromyalgia. This is bs, i wake up stiff, i cry, my feet feel like there touching a hot stove when they touch the ground, my hands stiffen, and my knees are week and feel swollen. My neurological referral was rejected, and I feel like my phyisiatrst is just slapping these diagnosis without properly testing. I am so scared. I have always been an active person and don't understand what's happening to my boss. I am on so many mess, i could open a pharmacy. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be.
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      I am so sorry to hear of your pain.  It all sounds very similar to mine.  You definitely require a MRI or CT scan.  I had a MRI about 2 years when I was told that I had a prolapsed disc which was pressing on the nerve root.

      The pain is never ending also I get a sudden spasm which causes me to nearly fall or I stumble into something causing me to have another bruise! As my pain is so severe now and worse than it was 2 years ago, I have managed at last, to talk a doctor into referring me for an MRI.

      A little tip for you!  My original appointment was in August and I phoned up the MRI clinic and asked to be put on their cancellation list.  They told me they didn't have a list but as the lady was talking to me I was struck with a spasm (conviently)!  I cried out in pain and was nearly in tears when I spoke again to the lady.  She very kindly checked if there had been any cancellations and there was one!  This is the one I got for Monday 30th May!  So it pays to keep phoning and asking if anybody has cancelled.

      So good luck and keep trying.  

      My original appointment was for 11th August 2016 so I am very happy at getting a earlier date.  The thought of carry on with this pain has made me very depressed but with my good news, I feel a lot happier now.

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      Hi. I am new to the discussion. I live in New York, USA. We have private insurance. I am shocked at the wait times you have to tolerate. I have neuropathic pain in my right foot. Part of the pain started with sciatica. I had back surgery May of 2012 due to fragmented disc, bulging disc and pressing on my nerves. I have also had two knee replacements and recently a bunionectomy and two hammer toes repaired. Now I am in severe neuropathic pain. I take gabapentin, flexiril and Percocet. I can no longer work because of pain sitting and standing. So I think we all seem to be suffering.

      Big mamma how did the MRI go?

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      Hi, yes I had my MRI and CT scans, since then have had rather a hectic time.  See post below giving an update!

      Sorry to hear about all your troubles.  It never seems to end does it?

      I was on Gabapentin for a long time and was even given the maximum dose at one time.  4 tablets, 4 times a day.  They didn't touch the pain.  Tens machine didn't help either.  I've had tramadol and even some patches on the arm.  One patch for 72 hours then change the patch.  They were morphine patches.  Nothing took the pain away.  This is why I am pinning my hopes on this operation.

      Take care and keep taking the tablets as they say!  If they work!

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    Hi everyone.  Just thought I would update you regarding my neuropathic pain.  Well, last Monday I became unwell with chest pain and of course I still have the usual neuropathic pain.  My husband called an ambulance and I was taken to hospital.  I was kept in for them to run tests i.e CT scans.

    Whilst on the ward a Specialist Orthopaedic surgeon was making his rounds and spoke to me.  After a chat he said he was going to look at my history and come backe to me.

     Later, he came back and told me, subject to my CT scans he had a slot free in the operating theatre the following Monday.  He came back the next day and told me he couldn't operate on me as I had a large blood clot in my lung!  I was very upset, I was so close to having my micro Discectomy but now would not be having it.

    it was explained to me that I would be put on warfarin and also have injections to disburse the clot.  Well, I think that was the gist of it!

    I have also now been discharged home whilst having my treatment.   I went today for my first visit to the Anticoagulant Clinic.  They did a small prick in my finger and tested the blood immediately.  I was impressed!  Then I was told the figure was 1.9.  It didn't mean much to me but it was explained that when I was on the ward my test then was 1.1.    They were really pleased and now when I go back to the clinic on Thursday, I pray my figure has reached the magic number they want.  Between 2 - 3.  In my mind I'm nearly there and maybe when I next see the surgeon on 30th June I might get my operation date?

    i hope everybody on this forum gets some comfort from other posts.  I know I do.  This is actually where I first learnt about a micro Discectomy and started to think that could be my way to a recovery.

    I will let you know if I'm lucky when I see the surgeon on the 30th June.

    So, my kind regards and best wishes to everyone.

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      I'm so sorry to hear that. Frustrating! And hope your getting better. That makes me worry as I have been getting chest pain. I can breathe though. If u mind me asking what were your symptoms for the clot.

      I wish u the best for the number u need.keep us posted

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      Just really found it painful to breathe very deeply.  My chest also felt tender as well.  

      Thank you for contributing to this forum.  I have found it very helpful and it has also made me ask "question" about an operation.  Without the information read on the forum I wouldn't have known such operations existed.  My GP or any other doctor never mentioned this operation to me.  Now I am glad I asked some questions!

      Good luck.

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      Well I am happy everything did turn out for the best!! Continue your recovery. Looking forward to your next update.


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