Chronic pain and muscle aches

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I'm nearly two weeks into my WD from Mirt 30mg and wondering if anybody else experienced severe muscle aches all over, specially in the neck, arms, hips and thighs. I've got insomnia which is making sleep difficult but my body hurts when I lay down and when I do finally get to sleep I wake up through the night in pain needing to find a new position to get comfortable. I thought maybe my mattress was the issue but I flipped it and I'm still in hell . I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago but I haven't had chronic pain in over 2 years and until now didn't believe it was a correct diagnosis but I'm now wondering whether this pain is a side effect of the WD or whether the Mirt was masking the pain all along? Has anybody else experienced this? I've also got abdominal pain and acid reflux which I'm now on nexium to help with but this pain is different again.

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    Did you do a cold turkey drop?  I would say this is WD you are experiencing.  Remeron does not cover up pain.  Abdominal pain is certainly a known WD symptom.
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      Yep, tapering wasn't ideal for me for multiple reasons and I didn't like the idea of being constantly sedated cos the 15mg really knocked me around and I can't function properly. My doctor gave me some benzos to help with the WD which I'll only be taking once a week so I can at least get one night sleep but I took the first one last night and it didn't help at all. Still had broken sleep and woke up constantly with body aches all over.
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      Oh Teehade, what a shame you are having to go through this withdrawal when you could have tapered, so sorry.  I know you don't want to be on this drug 'for multiple reasons' but do you really want to put yourself through this.  If you decide it's too much I would strongly advise you go back on it and get settled and then do a slow  taper - as this could go on for many months.

      How many days is it since you took Mirt now?



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      Hi calmer,

      Yeah I know is a bit frustrating but to be honest I'm not 100% convinced this is all WD. The insomnia, reflux and stomach pain I have no doubt is but I had chronic pain for a long time before I went on the Mirt and seen countless specialists for it, to be told they think its an auto immune problem. I did some reading today and found out that anti depressants are actually used to treat chronic pain/fibromyalgia and can help the brain produce enough chemicals to deal with the pain. Makes sense. I've been given some circadin to help with sleep though and because it's just melatonin in a tablet I'm happy to give it a go. I'm seeing an immunologist Monday so I'll see what they say and what the connection is to the Mirt and my pain. Fingers crossed! On a big plus my vocal issues have improved so much already so at least it's proving worth it to a degree.

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      You have a lot going on there, my understanding of Fibromyalgia is that it can be very painful, at times, but I'm very suprised the symptom of pain has had a sudden onset the same time as the WD from Mirt' - just an observation.

      I'm not familiar with Circadin but have just read up at drugs . com , it carries similar side effects (if you should be in the unlucky10%) as the wd from Mirt' including stomach issues - how weird is that!  

      Glad to hear the vocal issues are easing anyway, and I hope your journey to recovery will not be prolonged.  

      Best wishes,

      C x

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      I just wanted to add my WD journey. My GP told me to take one 15mg every second day which I have been told by hospital psych team was wrong thing to do. I had to call him back and ask for how long this should go on? Told 2 weeks but should have started new AD at same time. Also given diazapam to deal with withdrawal of Mirt and side effects of Sterlaine. Was in hell tbh. Stomach so bad, empty retching all morning, panic attacks and diarrhea, very suicidal too. Not what I was expecting as only came off it due to weight gain. Read somewhere coming off Mirt is the same as coming off Heroin!!!!! GP did not prepare me for any of this. 

      I am now on 100mg Setraline and 25mg quetiapine morning and 50mg quetipine at night. Side effects all settled bar the early morning waking is back. Grrrr.  imho I would agree that Mirtzapine would have helped with your pains. I even read that it is given to Cats with Anorexia...... 

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    Might it not be worth it to reinstate a small amount to see if it in fact was helping with the pain?
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    Hi Tee

    Ironically I developed muscle pain while on Mirt and was told it was fibro

    Because all my muscle pain was in my hips and legs and I had no other symptoms I somewhat dismissed it.

    By accident my doctor ordered 15 mg instead of my usual 30.

    I certainly wasn't thinking because I took the 15mg for about a week and suddenly realized I had the wrong dosage ( ok that's on me lol)

    Here's the other thing I noticed my muscle pain went way down . I thought maybe it was just coincidence but I was certainly willing to go further with the 15 and my muscle problem stayed low. That's the day I realized I needed to get off Mirt

    Let me mention this ... Many people suffer from what Mirt is suppose to help during WD. This makes sense in some ways.

    But I've only read a few about muscle pain but I have read a few so we aren't alone.

    Mine actually went away after WD

    My guess is once you have fully WD it will end. Yet the WD is very painful for some .

    It certainly was for me.

    Keep treating your symptoms. Use what's available and helps you get sleep

    It's different for everyone but you will get through this and there is light at the end of the tunnel

    Keep going. You'll find yourself being so much better off without this drug and who knows you could have been like me that developed the muscle aches over time

    An 8 year span

    Hang in there and good luck keep posting and keep getting the help you need

    You're not alone ❤️

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      Hi Rose, thanks for your response.

      I actually had the opposite experience as I was diagnosed with Fibro nearly 12 months before I went on Mirt. However being on Mirt most of my body aches and pains went away for the past 2 years. It wasn't until I came off it completely that the pain came back, I wasn't sure at first if it was due to the withdrawal but I eventually figured out it was my auto immune disorder re surfacing and not the drug. I spoke to my doctor and then an immunologist and they both said that there's a few medications like Mirt that are used as a pain medication and not as an AD or anxiety med. I've been off Mirt for a month now and I have no more WD symptoms so I'm feeling lucky in that sense, just all my old symptoms and problems I had before I was diagnosed/went on the meds. I've been told to go back on Mirt or another drug called Endep to help relieve them but I'm going to try and manage the pain without them for now

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    I have the acid reflux too. Also had the pains I just put nother mattress on top of mine, was ok after that.
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