Chronic Pancreatitis

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I've been depressed for 2 weeks, what should I do? every thing i eat does not digest. I have very mild pain in my abdomen last week i went to see a nutritionist that prescribed some supplements for me. I was prescribed Creon 25,000 and refered to dietician that advise me to avoid dairy products. I drank reguarlarly but buds 5%. When I sit down my stomach makes loud gastric noises that everyone hears it in the office. I don't have temps, but i've lost a bit of weight but recently i have become extremely worried because of reading up on the problem that it  is given me sleepless nights. Can some one advice me on what to do

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    I am so sorry for your depressed state and completely understand not knowing the root cause.

    It sounds like your nutrients from the food intake is not being absorbed, so you could have A malabsorptive disorder.  The main clue is when you mention not gaining any weight. I just wonder its a food item that initially causing the upset and further probelms. 

    What is your bowel output like? -- meaning the consistency in frequency to the bathroom. And most importantly is it running like water? Your output bowel moments in the tiolet is the key to measuring what is going on in your digestive track and organs. Really take a look. Would be good if a doctor can test the poop.


    Or it could be SIBO - small intes...bacteria ...  thats causing other areas to malfunction.

    Also, everytime you take a prescribtion your probiotics suffer by being removed, so the cycle contines. You have to sustain or replenish for good bacteria if not the bad will come back and feed off whatever it can of food coming and dish the rest. 

    You mention you drank reguarly but buds (are you saying bud light beer?) if so, I would not touch any alcholic beverages like a plague, that only upsets the stomach that has no other nutrients and minerals to sustain your digestion fuctioning process

    And when you hear your stomach rumbling is similair to a car with mechanical problems trying to sustain operation and thats a problem, meaning something is not in alignment, the food is not coexisting or being rejected, like bad gasoline or oil.

    Take some Milk Thistle to clean out your liver, most infections go there and eat away the positive elements that assist in the further digestion process - that is determintal to your healthy. Drink more water. Take the best multi-vitamins with minerals because your body is not getting nothing due to the quick removal of food being eaten. Take Vitamin C, about 500mg daily and Echinacea and Goldenseal Tea. 

    At this rate, you have to put everything on the table like a detective to found the root cause - thats causing the inflamation to making your organs not function. 

    Hope you feel better.

    Also, look into getting your blood type, and then research with a herbalist and naturalist of a list of foods specifically geared towards your blood type. 

    Keep a journal when you eat things that are inclusive to having diary. 

    Have you tried eating any yogurt, plain?  Have you tried to remove all types of sugar, esp. articifically added in the diet plans given to you. 

    Hope you well soon. Stay positive and determine. Dont give up. Fight back!

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      I wish I can find a way to edit a post after posted, anyway,corection:

      "Keep a journal when you eat things that are inclusive to having dairy products eaten and avoided during a timeperiod. Record the bowel moments output (you can google a list of whats good and bad relating to causes). And, you want to measure the impact by keeping a journal of episodes, food intake, symptoms, BMovement - to see maybe you have a food allergy or something mention above that is the root cause thats inflaming other organs."

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      No problem. I understand.  Hope you feel better soon. 

      ***If symptoms do not improve and cease, you really need to escalate it to seeing an Enocrinologist Doctor. 

      The pancrease is one of the four main and major body glands of the endocrine glands. And the pancreas is responsiblity for sustaining of food in liquid blood form - to extract out the nutrients as well as to sending out hormones that tells other cells to gain weight, grow, ect. So if symptoms do not improve a nutritionist will not work at this stage if symptoms still persists, need to see an Endocrinologist.

      Continue to take a high quality Multi Vitamin & Minerals combine + remove all sugars (really food labels with all the main different names of sugar added). You might have to cook your own food for awhile and drinks lots of water.

      The pancreas can go unnotice until its really red alert, years ago, someome told me about their relative that did that to them, started with backpain. Atleast you are getting aheads up to correct the problem, so you are experiencing much earlier signs. And thats good at least. 

      But go to an Endocrinologist if it doesnt improve, you need an expert at this stage to fix it...

      Hoping for the best health for you...

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