Chronic pancreatitis what type of back pain do you get?

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I was wondering what kind of back pain you experience with chronic pancreatitis?

Do you get back pain mainly on the left or right side of your back? 

Does this usually occur with food or independed of food?  And is it experienced with abdominal pain or do you get back pain only?

And do you get the pain predominatly in your mid-back, lower back or shoulders?

My back pain is right sided mainly mid back and is fairly constant.  It seems to be independed of food and radiates down to lower back and sometimes up in to the shoulders.



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    My pain is always on the left side - just under my rib cage and wrapped around to the left center of my back..  I rarely - never - get pain on the right side.  When I've eatten something odd (like red meat, onions, peppers, corn, etc.) the center of my stomach acts up (cienter of my ribs cage in the front).  Back pain is normally under the rib cage on the left side of my back

    Historically, I get more pain after a large meal.  I have reduced to eating smaller meals more often and it seems to work.  On bad days when the pain is worst, I work to fast the next day with only liquids, tea, jellos then rest.

    Have you had an Xray or CT scan for your right side?  could be a liver issue, too.

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      Hi JoBlack1

      Thanks very much for replying about your experience with CP.  It is very helpful.

      Yes I have had an Xray and CT of my right side which was all clear.  And my liver function blood tests was normal.

      But a liver issue is a very good suggestion and I wonder if my pain may possibly be caused by my liver as my pain started from after a heavy night of binge drinking on strong shots of spirits and cocktails where I got carried away and got really bad alchol poisoning and dehydration.  Mainly was a non-drinker so wouldn't have built up a tolerance to alchohol either.  I didn't seek out medical assistance stupidly and was in severe pain for about a week afterwards.  My back pain since that event (1 year ago) while reduced is still always there so liver could definitely be a possibility as would of been hit really hard from the poisoning.

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    Hi Brett,

    Mine is always in my stomach middle over to right side. It radiates to my right side in to my back sometimes clear up into my shoulder blade. The pain for me is almost constant. It sometimes feels like some one is running me through. After I eat it does bother me more. At night I find it is the worst. Have you had a diagnosis of CP? I was a few years ago and they could tell from the extensive damage I have had it at least 15 Years. I am only 40.... Best of luck to you! Hugs and good health I send your way...

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      Hi Manda

      Thanks so much for your reply about your CP experience.

      No I haven't had a diagnosis of CP yet.  The doctors are not sure what is causing my symptoms, CP has been mentioned as a possibility but no one is sure where my pain is coming from.

      My gastroenterologist has talked about doing an EUS for me  to check the pancreas and I think I will arrange to have it done soon.  Hopefully he won't find anything wrong with my pancreas.  

      I've had other scans along the way like CT, abdominal ultrasound etc and they all came back ok.  So that's why my gastroenterologist is now considering doing the EUS.

      My pain started from a heavy binge drinking on strong spirits and cocktails where I accidently over did it (was generally a non-drinker).  Got really bad alcohol poisoning/dehydration and didn't seek out medical assistance.  Was in severe pain for a week afterwards but the pain in my right side while less has never gone away and is fairly constant.  The pain is right hand mid back and radiates up to my shoulder blade and down to my lower back sometimes as well.  But I rarely get much abdominal pain now.  For about seven months from the alcohol poisoning/dehydration was also having a problem with stomach acid reflux as well from stomach irritation and was sore in the abdominal area but that is now generally fairly settled.  Had to take PPIs to help with that at the time.

      Thanks very much.  I'm sorry to hear that you have CP and had it for so long at a young age.  If I have early chronic pancreatitis I would only of had it for one year now as set it off on that night of drinking one year ago.  

      Best of luck to you as well and wishing you all the best.



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      Hello Brett,

      ​It took them 6 years to figure out what mine was. the years prior I would get very sick for a few weeks loosse lots of weight and then be ok for a while. You could have had an accute attack from drinking accute pancreatitis can cause Chronic pancreatitis if it did enough damage.

      ​I have had ERCP done Lithrotripy, a Hida scan, Endocopy, Colonoscopy and uktra sound and multiple MRI's ann MRI is where they finally found it. I too before it got real bad just had some annoying pain they I started throwing up 6 to 10 times a day for 6 years I lost down to under 100 pounds I was so tiny they almost put in a feeding tube. Finally one smart ER DR. found it. I so hope you do not have it. I wouldn't wish this on anyone! My best to you if you keep hurting and they find nothing please keep searching for secound opinions it took them so long that I have sever damage to my pancreas. I still try to live the best I can. I had to go on permanet disability. I miss working but I try to enjoy the small things in life and appreciate my good days!! Let me know what you find out if you ever have questions I will try to answer to the best of my ability for you.

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      Hi Manda

      Thanks very much for taking the time to reply.  It is very much appreciated.  Yes some of these conditions are quite difficult to diagnose.  I have had lots of tests so far and everything has come back clear. But I am going to try my best to get to the bottom of it with second opinions etc.

      I'm so sorry to hear that you have been so ill with CP for so long but it's really good you are making the best of everything and you get good days you can enjoy and make the most out of it.

      I've had to quit my job due to illness and just do some home study as I have been so ill this year from it.  Though I have improved a fair bit since the beginning of the year and hopefully will get back to working sometime early next year.  It's been a very challenging year for me.

      Thank you for all the best wishes.  Will definitely keep you posted on what I find out and thank you for offering to answer any more questions.

      Take care, all the best.


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      hello Brett,

      ​I understand how hard it can be to not be able to work any longer. I was lucky I worked long enough to get SSD. I hope you are able to get back to work. You don't have to thank me I understand.... I hope some of what i say helps. Never give up hope and keep smiling. TY for your kind words I hope you get better and they figure things out for you! Hugs and good health,


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