Chronic Pelvic pain Syndrome (CPPS) or Prostatitis

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Hi all.

I am 33 years old and I've had what is assumed to be Chronic Pelvic pain Syndrome (CPPS) for around 18 months. My main symptoms are a constant need to urinate (although this is generally painless, just very frustrating), even if there is little or no urine in my bladder, and severe pain in my lower abdomen and inside of my left leg after ejaculation. There is also often blood in my semen (but not on my urine). I used to masturbate quite often prior to the start of experiencing these symptoms as well as having a fairly healthy sex life with my wife, however the pain can be so excruciating that I am slowly losing my libido. The presence of blood in my semen always scares me and I find myself avoiding sexual contact with my wife which causes problems in itself. She is fully aware of my condition but is struggling to come to terms with it.

There are other related symptoms such as unexplained fatigue, and I have more than my fair share of aches and pains in my lower back and neck/shoulder areas, but it is the prostate related issues which I am struggling to overcome.

If this predicament resonates with anybody else, I would greatly appreciate any advice that could be provided to help me understand this condition and deal with it better than I currently am.

Cheers in advance. ,

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    I'm sorry that your having a problem.  If your worry about the blood use a condom it would be safe.  But you need a urologist.  They can help you.  Please at your age you don't need problem with your prostate.  Get as much information you can before anything is done.  Ken  
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    For one so young to have such issues it must be alarming. I would be insisting on a MRI so that the urologist can accurately diagnose the cause, and advise remedies.

    I am twice your age and have just had one as part of a pre-operative process for a prostate procedure where a radiologist seals off the arteries between the testes and prostate to hopefully reduce the size and more - a PAE. The MRI is painless apart from the need for headphones to override what sounds like the worst percussion band you will ever hear. They will play music no doubt.

    Good outcomes.


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    Who assumes the CPPS? You alone, or with a doctor? If you alone, why not get better treatment? If a doctor why aren't they recommending more help? I have been diagnosed with cancer, prostate and urine infections and urine retention, but have always been helped to sort these problems by the doctors I've seen. It seems all wrong that you have to suffer these anxiety-provoking and painful symptoms!
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    Hi Jaquesy,

    you are having a rough time of it for a man of your age. You need to see a urologist asap if you havent done so already. Ask for second opinions as well if you are not satisfied.

    Hope you soon get some help and start to feel better.

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    Hello was reading up on the blood in the semen.  Most of the time it does happen to some men and the doctor said that iy is no problem.  But with your other symptoms I would go have it checked out.  If there is cancer and it only i the prostate they can do radiation on it and not remove the prostate.  At 33 you need it for a while.  Take care and go to the doctor...Ken    
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    It sounds as though you have not been to see a doctor. You should see one as soon as possible as it could be many things that only an examination and tests can diagnose.

    I once went to a new doctor after we had moved house with lower back pain. He immediately did a DRE (digital rectal examination) and told me that my prostate was enlarged. I was very impressed. 

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    Let me tell you my experience.

    First be clear and open with your Dr.  Also see more then one with 2nd opinion.  I'm in the US so the process here may be different.  The doctor may first without examination give you antibiotics.  Be careful and request further examination.  In many cases the antibiotics will make you feel worse.


    (misspelled im sure of it)

    Testicular Cancer (if you have pain, then its not cancer) 4 Dr. have told me this

    BBS - Your turn young to have a swollen prostate, but this is easy to test

    Prostatitis - either its cause by infection or not...infection, then antibiotics will help you, if not...then look at CPPS

    CPPS - This is more like the chicken or the egg first.  Most current Dr. now assume that the prostate is aggravated because of pain somewhere else in the perinial/pelvis region.  There is no infection at all.  Physical thereapy and change of lifestyle will reduce the pain, but it may not go away.

    Thromobis - maybe because of you got a vein down there that is p*ssed off.  Get an Ultrasonicgraph done for this.

    So basically know, that you are the patient, Dr will process you like your a number unless you take control.

    I went from Primary, to Uriologist, to Pain Doctor, to Chiroprator, to Physical Therapist and back to Uriologist and my pain still comes in goes. 

    I did alot of bike riding and masturbation, weight lifting and long driving.  SO I think I broke my dick.  Reading the internet will scare you, so avoid it.

    First step, make sure you have no bacteria infection, both positive and negative bacteria

    Second step, asks to do a prostate swab and see if prostate is swollen

    Third step, you can get a PSA test for cancer.  0 is the score you want, but if you get a 1, don't freak out

    Fifth, get an ultrasonicgraph done

    Fourth step, find a physical therapist who specialize in Pelvic Pain

    Hope that helps.

    Fifth step, Keep you mind busy and enjoy life as much as you can

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    I'm not a Dr. But I had similiar symptoms at your age.  It turned out that I did infact have bacterial prostatitis.  It had spread from my prostate to my seminal Vesicles, down the Vas Deferens and into the epididymis of both testicles.  Most urologists I saw only took urine tests.  A few took prostate excretions after prostate massage. Finally one Dr. was convinced that it was bacterial and with my permission gave me a rigorous course of Antibiotics at a month at a time. Finally on the 3rd or 4th month we finally found an antibiotic that I could notice a great deal of improvement. It still took over a year of antibiotics to totally get rid of it, as the tubes are small and don't get a lot of blood when they get infected and clogged.

    Every urologist but the one said I had CPPS.  I'm so glad I kept looking.

    As it turns out, I have a genetic immune deficiency.  I didn't figure it out until age 40 when it finally just shut off completely.  Finally all the infections made more sense.  Anyway, If you are seeing blood, I would see a competent urologist.

    Best of luck.

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      Intersting info.  What shut off completely at age 40?  I too have a genetic immune deficiency, but limited to my lower intestines.  I never seen any blood and I have good urine flow.  After 3 uriologist and all kind of test, I finally went and saw a pain specialist, the requested to to an MRI in the pelvic region.  He gave me celecoxib, tramadol and Lyrica and over night the pain has gone.  He thinks that my pelvic region is tight and causing all my pain.  When i masterbate or get stress, I pull on the same muscles and the pain cycle continues.  I will see what this does.  What antibiotic finally worked for you?  I was on both + and - gram antibiotics
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      [quote]Anyway, If you are seeing blood, I would see a competent urologist.[/quote]

      ​Hemaspermia (blood in sperm) is most often an inconsequential finding, especially in young men.

      ​To all readers: please be very, very cautious of posters who tell tales of CPPS being cured by years of antibiotics. These stories are inevitably apocryphal.

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      Very true.  After several months...I believe my CPPS is more physical then bacteria.  Some users the case is bacteria, but a majority of cases are probably stress/tension related and you have some tighness that needs to be managed
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