Chronic Ulcers/gastritis - need advice!

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Hi everyone,

First time posting so forgive me if I get things wrong...


I'm a 26 yo female. Had stomach ulcers for the last 9 years, couple of hospital visits in this time... but in the last four months it's gotten really bad (vomiting, burning, really bad pain) and is not improving at all. Waiting on a referral to gastro. but takes ages!

I'm now on 300mg ranitidine and 80mg esomeprazole and it's not helped at all. I've changed tablets multiple times at varying doses. 

Since my first diagnosis I have made all of the lifestyle changes I can think of including cutting out alcohol, caffeine, dairy, gluten, spicy foods, chocolate (in large quantities), fruit, fizzy drinks, red meat etc. My diet consists of a lot of starchy veg, carbs, fish and poultry.

I've been checked for heliobacter, which is negative, and bloods are normal. 

Stress may be a factor, but I'm on cipralex for anxiety/depression and feel this helps quite a lot.

I've considered if it's too low stomach acid, but really don't think this is the case as my food is clearly digested. 

I was wondering if anyone else has suffered from chronic ulcers and any tips on some things you found useful that I've not tried? Would you recommend an endo. or to avoid it (I've heard horror stories)? Is there any form of surgery or treatment that can stop this? And finally - do you think there are some alternative diagnoses that maybe we aren't considering that would present very similarly?

I realise it's not the worst thing, but it's so painful and having had it for 9 years at such a young age is  a bit ridiculous!


Loz x

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    I'm 37 male.I have gastritis for 10 years, around 5th year i did hida scan and found my gall bladder is not working and now gallstones are formed. Please do hida scan to check gallbladder function and ultrasound for stones. 

    i also did endoscopy and colonscopy, the procedure was simple ,infact i did not feel any pain bcoz of anesthesia, but the bloating will be more for 2 days as they pump air while doing the procedure.i got diagnosed as Gastritis.

    I generally get bloated and burping a lot with any foods, it does not matter. But these have become worse after my gb was not functioning and gallstones are formed. 

    Not sure if removing my gb will keep gastritis under control or not, but feel symptoms should get reduced.

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    Why u are taking dual peptic ulcer medication? I think ppi will not cure the disease if it is that extensive. I would like to add syp sucralfate twice daily and a review endoscopy is must for you .
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      prescribed by doctor, apparently dual medication can help in severe cases but it's not done much for me. I think it's stopped it from getting worse. What is syp sulcrafate?

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    Milk is good for stomach ulcers; my grandad cured his with milk and he was a doctor.  You could ask for a barium meal instead of an endoscopy which doesn't suit everyone.   I had a bad experience with it because I can't tolerate any form of sedation whether it is light or heavy.

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    Hi Loz. I currently have a gastric Ulcer, Gastritis  and Duodenitis for the second time in the last year. This is my fourth stomach ulcer since I was 25  and I am now 60. I have been on all sorts of medication since then, but only in the last 7 years have they stopped working. I have been on every PPI going and am currently taking 80 ml esomeprazole and 300 ml ranitadine and they don't work.I am in pain 24  -7 -  and I feel sick , every day, all day. I can't be sick as I had an operation on my valve two years ago which did not work. This did nothing for this condition.I take co-dydramol, but they hardly work at all. There's nothing else. Gaviscon does nothing.Looks like we have the same condition. It's partly genetic. The Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach is eating the lining away and there's no cure. I have just been told by my Gastroenterologist that they can't do no more except operate. They can do a partial gastroectomy where they remove the bottom half of your stomach. They then re-connect back to the small bowel as normal. Then we won't have this problem any more. We will have to live on a soft restricted diet, but it's worth it. There is another option, but it involves cutting the vagus nerve to your stomach. Then it is dead. God Help. To risky, as it is connected to the brain and nervous system. You can read about them yourself. I think is called a vagestomy or similar. I'm sure you will find it. That's totally out of the question for me. You will still have the probs, but you just won't feel them. If we don't have something done it could turn into cancer at any time. I did all the things you did and tried all the diets etc, to no avail. This is my only option. I'm seeing my consultant on April the 10th to discuss it.

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      I'm really sorry you've had such a horrible time with it, and I really hope whatever they do ends up working for you. Thank you so much for replying though because it does confirm what I thought about genetics - my dad has this issue too.. and that an operation may be the only thing . I'll let you know how it goes. Good luck for your appointment!

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