Cipro the bitterest pill

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We are collateral damage from our governments plan for anthrax attack (Cipro. There is no other cure). How did Cipro somehow become a candidate for Empirical treatment when this directly contradicts the CPS? Why are massive doses handed out like candy even after a "black box" warning . Shortly after 9/11 US postal workers were given large doses of Cipro as a vaccine against anthrax which ended in disaster and a lawsuit against the US government. Our governments continue to turn a blind eye to the misrepresentation and overprescription of Cipro because they want to have a large, fresh supply for an anthrax attack that may never come.

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    Hi Eric,

    Are you in the US?  I'm guessing that you are.  In Europe we are in the middle of the EMA (our FDA) reviewing the side effects of FQs.  They started this process last March and it's still ongoing although they have now added a Public hearing to the mix.  Apparently they did this because of 'public pressure' which I hope means the various European floxie groups sent them so  much information that they can't ignore it.

    We are well aware that, even after the FDA announcement in 2016 that Fluoroquinolone Associated Disability is now a recognised syndrome, nothing much has changed in the US and yes, these antibiotics are handed out like candy. We hope that the EMA will make a similar decision - but give it some teeth, i.e. doctors will be notified individually and that these drugs will be kept more or less under lock and key from now on. The public hearing is to be held on the 13 th June. I'll be posting on here about it.

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      Hello Miriam I'm actually in Canada. I knew Europe was further ahead because I submitted a German study to the college of physicians and surgeons. To no avail they could not be moved on their position. It's great news that you are making such progress there but I fear Canada has a long way to go . Nobody wants to hear Cipro is dangerous because it seems to be every doctor's favorite prescription. So much for the Hippocratic oath. I look forward to the EMA decision because there is only so long this can be ignored or white washed. If the college of physicians and surgeons were a legitimate organization this madness would have been halted long ago. They are the cult of the illusion of legitimacy.

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      Hi, Eric and Miriam,

      I hear you, Eric, but in all fairness to the medical profession, it is hard to believe that an antibiotic can do so much damage, and Cipro happens to be a very effective antibiotic.

      However, there is one branch of medicine which, as I reported to Miriam a few weeks back, are "coming over to our side of thinking", and these are the orthopedic folks who are seeing a significant increase of patients presenting with tendonitis and associated tendon issues. So we do have a voice shouting out the warnings!

      No, I'm not a Doctor, but I am an unsuspecting victim.

      Warm regards, and may you stay Cipro free. alan86734.

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      Hello Alan and Miriam.

      Alan, are you in Canada and do you believe I am being unfair to the medical community? I submitted a lengthy and comprehensive complaint to the CPSA in 2001. It was denied on the basis there was " no proof of any harm done", " cannot be critical (of the doctor) because he prescribed Cipro for possible UTI". But where in the CPS does it say that Cipro should be prescribed Empirically? Indeed, the manufacturer warns that susceptibility tests are needed to ensure the bacteria is susceptible to Cipro or run the risk of superinfection. Obviously possible UTI is a ridiculous diagnosis to justify empirical treatment( testing and torture)with Cipro. Empirical treatment is by definition: " relying on quackery ", "verifiable through experiment ". Indeed empirical treatment with Cipro is an uncontrolled, unacknowledged experiment which doesn't happen in a test tube as the manufacturer suggests, but to human guinea pigs. Sure there will be doubt as to "causation" and absolute proof may be impossible when considering treatment that is quackery to begin with.

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      Unfair? Absolutely not so, Eric! Indeed, I think it is our honor and duty to warn others if we know of "dangerous potholes in the road", so to speak. I was merely trying to hold the door open for a few good ones out there. Perhaps I overdid it in some way; I do get carried away sometimes, for which I extend my sincere apologies.

      I gather from your post that you are connected in some way with the medical "industry". So, if such is the case, then strength to your arm as well! There is someone else you could be interested in. He is a namesake of mine (another Alan) and he has posted several times in 'Patient'. Go to 'alan12675' if he is new to you.

      Another question to answer: where do I live? As it happens, not too far from where you are. Vermont is my home state and I live in Barre, a little way down US Route 89.

      Although I am not a Shakespearean Scholar by any means, I do like the little piece I quote below. I think it is appropriate to what we are doing here;

      From "St Crispin's Day Speech:

      ....We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

      For he to-day that sheds his blood with me

      Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, ....

      Warm regards. alan86734.


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      Hi Alan no worries or need for apology. If I seem cranky or bitter it's probably because I had too much Cipro! Lol seriously I appreciate your input and we are all in this together. I'm not connected to the medical industry in any way other than I was used as a test subject for Empirical treatment, testing and torture with Cipro.

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      Eric, good to hear back from you. You were provoked so that lets you off the hook entirely!

      What annoys the heck out of me is that we do have alternatives, perhaps not quite as effective, but what earthly use is an effective drug that takes down its host along with the targeted bacterium?

      I have also spent valuable years trying to introduce an extremely efficient and reliable electric power generation technology, but have wound up battling "Big Business" who do nothing put play silly buggers. When will they ever learn?

      Anyway, rant over and I feel much better now! We are fighting one and the same enemy, and I'd be more than willing to cover for you if the need arose and I was still alive!

      Best of luck to you Eric, and now I go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and I would like to say, "Welcome aboard, Eric. You can count on me; I am willing and able to back you up wherever possible."

      Warm regards, alan86734.


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