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Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome

    This is a discussion for users who wish to specifically discuss Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome. You can add your history here and there are some resources listed below that may be useful. For a list of Fluoroquinolone antibiotics

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  • eric 51094 1

    Cipro (the bitterest pill)

    In 2001 I took Cipro for "possible UTI ". Three days later I woke up to find my penis was shrunk to a nub. A few weeks later I felt the moment the superinfection hit my testicles as I felt so week I dropped to my knees. I rushed to an emergency room for a shot of rocephenol to stop the spread and

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  • susan 89096 1

    Taken Cipro Over 50 Times

    My name is Susan Sandberg and I am (was) a healthy 66 year old woman. All of my life I have been afflicted with frequent UTIs--no matter the holistic and medical things I tried--all the teas, the cranberry tablets, extra cleanliness measures, etc, etc, etc--I still got them with great frequency (I

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  • pam34048 4

    2nd day on levofloxin did not want to take it.

    i have been on 9 different antibiotics in nine months, chest infection, bladder and now sinus they work for a bit and then flair up again.  My new dr has prescribed levafloxin.  I have watched all the you tube stuff, ect.. So I got scared and would not take it for a week.  So anyway I got worse the

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  • emma 77009 1

    are all my symptoms side effects of ciprofloxacin? any experience?

    My doctor said I had a kidney infection so prescribed ciprofloxacin after taking first dose I felt very sick and after five doses woke with terrible pain behind left eye and over forehead, went back to docs who said its sinusitis and I have developed a terrible chesty cough, now tendonitis in right

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  • mike 7 2

    Ciprofloxacin poisoning?

    Hi All - I was prescribed a course of Cipro and Diclofenac (NSAID - apparently not a good idea) and after day one I had to call my GP as I had anxiety, stomach problems and shaking - of course they said can't be the Cipro keep taking it. After 5 days I couldn't go on, so agreed I would stop - then

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  • james23921 2
  • OldBob 2

    Cipro or is it me

    In late 2015 I went down with prostatitis, Cipro 500mg twice a day didnt work so put on 750mg twice a day. Since had leg pains in top of legs also pains in shoulders and arms. At some point put on codydromol and ibuprofen at same time as cipro to ease pain.

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  • jennie08772 1


    I jus started taking ciprofloxacin I can't swallow pills it says to not crush them but I have too so what is the reason not to an why they have an unpleasant taste but that dont bother me

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  • danielleatess 1
  • Ball blocker 1

    I only took 2 Cipro (500mg)

    30 year old healthy Male. Went to the urgent care facility from sharp pains in testicular region. Doctors said prostotitis and prescribed cipro 500mg. Instructions directed to take 2 tablets a day for 10 days. Yesterday was The first day I took it. I took my first dose at noon and my second around

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  • shirley95254 2
  • jiwa49529 2


    For some how the GENERIC fluoroquinolone adverse effect in third world country is not as bad as the one in North America due to their genetic make. Cipro for example. In Indonesia where I live now. Cipro sold like crazy . Its a favorite medicine for doctor and patients. There are two different

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  • luis514998 1

    Cipro side effects after 1 month

    Hi my name is Luis I reached to a doctor after having pain by my groin comes to find out i had prostatitis they prescribed me Ciprofloxacin 500mg 1 pill a day, after week taking them i started getting pain behind my left ear , ankles, fingers , and wrist. Later i stop taking them for 3 days just

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  • janneewawa 2

    Ciprofloxacin Tab 500MG

    Dear all,  I was hospitalized for two days due to gastroenteritis and sinus tachycardia. Never expect myself to be admitted for the first time in my life.  I was having 'on-and-off' diarrhea for more than a week, seen GP twice (prescribed anti biotic, anti diarrhea, etc) but problem persists.

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  • dezh 1

    side effects of TAVAVIC 500 MG

    Have completed 7 days of tavanic and my achilles tendons have become very tight. How long will it take for this tightness/pain to disapear. Any thoughts/information welcome.  

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  • lloyd93274 2


    Oct 31/16 - Amoxicillin / Clavulanic is not working on my prostatitis and I am allergic to ciprofloxacin. can anyone suggest an effective alternative. Note - cipro worked well for years. In 2016 with a different generic brand cipro - I reacted - rash / hives - twice. Thank You - Lloyd. 

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  • iris94203 1

    I stopped taking my medication. Can I go back?

    I was having stomach pains with vomiting and running stomach . I was giving Ciprotob to take at the hospital. After taking the first tablet I became OK so I stopped taking it. Now the pain is back, should I go back to the medication?

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  • lloyd93274 2

    Ciprofloxacin Reaction

    Have been taking ciprofloxacin for about 30 years for prostatitis and respiratory infections - with very good results - little or no side effects. The last 2 times - rash or hives have appeared on back of my hands, one eyebrow, inner thigh and one other part of my body. I hate to give up something

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  • amanda311265 3

    Lower back pain

    After taking Cipro for a UTI, I have continuing lower back pain, a burning pain. Is this likely to continue long term now? I took the antibiotics for 5 days and stopped about 3 weeks ago.

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  • raycip 1

    Side effects

    Its already 6 months that i took cipro 500 mg / twice a day . It affected  my hearing badly ( caused severe hearing loss + ringing in both ears ) ,i do not have any other problems . I wanted to know that after 6 months of taking cipro  is there any possibility that other symptoms will show

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  • raycip 1


    Hi  Searching on  net i understood that human tendons are made up of collagen fibers . I know that collagen  can be converted to gelatine . I am curious to know if eating edible gelatine deserts can help to strenghten or   restore / repair damaged tendons . THX Raycip

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  • gillian37107 2
  • Nick Green 2

    Ciprofloxacin 500mg

    I have to fill out some papers, and there are this question: Do you take any anti-inflammatory medications?.. I take Ciprofloxacin 5 mg twice daily. Does anyone know if "Ciprofloxacin" is an anti-inflammatory medication ?. Thanks in advance. Hope to get an answer. Have a good day. <3 Kind regards,...

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  • miriah18841 2

    8 yo daughter took cipro...side effects or hypercondria

    My 8yo DD was prescribed Ciprofloxicin for complicated UTI pseudomonas. She was prescribed 10 days 500mg twice daily. Here is what happened: Night 1- 1 pill- sleepwalking this has never ever happened. Following morning- 1 pill- nothing noted. Evening- 1 pill- 1 hour later tingling (she says buzzing)...

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  • ruby63891 1

    Cipro side effects?

    Hello. 9 days ago I started showing symptoms of UTI and I went to the doctor's 2 days later. I wss prescribed ciprofloxacin 250mg (4 tablets in total, 1 every 12 hours). After the second tablet i started experiencing joint pain and stiffness, muscle pain and mild cramping. It wasn't very severe and

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  • ray64233 2

    2 piils of cipo,

    hello, 1 moth ago I had information on my leg and it healed. 1 week ago myDr put me on Cipo 500mg for "guessing" testicle pain. I took 2 pillsonly, but not in the same day in like 3 days " 1 day in between". Now my knee problem is back also my hip is hurting " sudden notconscious". Also sudden pain in 

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  • Guest M

    Ciprofloxacin 250mg

    I have just completed a 7 day course of Ciprofloxacin 250mg twice a day for an ear infection. The side effects I experienced were pain in my lower abdomen at the outset of the treatment, mild constipation, sleeplessness and sweating. The ear seems to be fine but I need to see an ENT specialist to

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  • phil49742 2

    Ciprofloxacin poisoning?

    Back in September last year I had a UTi which the doctor perscribed a weeks dose of Cipro, I took the whole course and by the last day the UTi had cleared.  However, a week or so later I was getting pains when sleeping on my sides at night, severe bloating of the stomach and mild constipation, this

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  • cheryl010616 2

    Ciproflaxacin 500mg

    Can anyone give feedback on these antibiotics as my husband had finished a course on a different antibiotic on monday and still not getting better, he has a uninary infection the burning sensation has gone and no blood in wee but still not well. The doctor said he was prescribed the wrong drug and

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  • jane22097 2

    Levaquin effects

    Has anyone experienced hair loss from Levaquin and this class of drugs? I had it with my earlier rounds of Levaquin & it took a few months to subside. Then had it start again a month after my last round. I had meningitis so I didn't have much choice in meds and I was allergic to the first med they

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  • derrick12332 2

    Am I going to die?

    I've been on ciproflaxcin longer then most here and I guess I'm beyond worried after reading all this on the forum about how it has caused so much pain and suffering. I guess I just want reassurrance that there is hope because I've been taking it for about a year now and have experienced many side

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