Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome

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This is a discussion for users who wish to specifically discuss Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome. You can add your history here and there are some resources listed below that may be useful.


Article published in Nature magazine about Fluoroquinolones and the reasons why they can have such devastating side effects.


For a list of Fluoroquinolone antibiotics


Quinolone Toxicity Support UK


A site for those who are suffering from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome as a result of being adversely affected by fluoroquinolone antibiotics – Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, Floxin, etc. 


Quinolone Vigilance Foundation


Closed Facebook group for UK users.


If you think you have had a side-effect to one of your medicines you can report this on the Yellow Card Scheme.


European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports


FDA MedWatch: FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program


FDA Drug Safety Communication

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    As well as many other side effects, joints, brain fog etc, I was out in my garden for 10 minutes, I had jeans on when I came indoors my legs felt like they were on fire and my tongue has gone tingley, I took my jeans off and I have what looks like severe sun burn all down them, I know this is the cipro has anyone else had this??
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      Glad to see the link worked for you :-)

      As you've already seen my reply I won't repeat it.....

       I will say again though, I hope all these ADRs settle down soon. Maybe, stay away from the sun; a pain I know but you can do without this extra burning which must be an effect of Cipro and sun.

      Very warm wishes 


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      Thankyou again Carol. I have a question!! when people say about brain fog what is it? I have a light headed almost dizzy feeling most of the time, I haven't drunk alcohol for a few years but from what I can remember I would liken it to the feeling you have when you are starting to feel the effects is this brain fog?? kind regards Gayle
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      I take it as meaning those feelings you describe, plus not being able to think clearly, not being able to concentrate, struggling to find words, not being able to make sense of something or to do the things you normally do with ease, like planning something or collecting your thoughts in a logical order. Also not being able to complete tasks that require ordering your thoughts eg, writing or even being able to finish a sentence. You might forget what you started to say or forgetting what someone else has just said. You might not be able to concentrate on a TV program or read a book. Feeling fuzzy or befuddled...

      Does that make any sense?


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      Yes makes sense, mine is more of the lightheadedness and feeling not quite there, albeit I was in the chemists earlier to report to them what had happened and meant to look for iron tablets and couldn't remember what they were called which was slightly embarrassing. The woman who took the details said they had been discussing cipro and its side effects last week! More has to be done to alert people to these awful drugs.
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      Sounds like you do have a bit of brain fog :-(

      Just to to have this heading for discussions here is a major step in the right direction, as the GPs use this site and direct patients to it, so it means that for those who have been 'floxed' (I hate that word but don't know what else we could be called) and whose docs don't believe them, perhaps they can now direct their docs to these discussions. It's a start anyway.

      when I was first Floxed just over two years ago, I looked here and there was no recent activity but when I looked in again months later, there was some and more people are finding these discussions now. I wish there weren't so many but it's a fact that millions of people have been and are being affected.

      All we can do is to tell friends and family and anyone else who will listen and hope for the cascade effect. 


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      i think that iron is not a good supplement to take having been floxed .Magnesium and B12 all of which are destroyed from the quinolone .The lack of B12 can cause all of the memory issues moods and light headiness 
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      For the last year I have been treated for a Urinary Tract Infectiion. Started off with amoxycyllin K and after many months I could not tolerate the digestive tract side-effects and was swithced to Cipro, Ok on it for 4 or so months. UI seemed to resolve but after 3 mos reappeared and after 3-4 days of Cipropain at both elbows, ankles, tremors at hamstrings, brain fog followed the next morning by severe cramping in rt calf and next day increased pain in lt ankle and achilles BTW that site was ubder PT terapy for a sprain and deterioratre cartilige etc.  Off cipro, taking naprosin and aspirin for pain - helps but still have all kinds a numbness, tingling, and cold feleling in ankles and calves. Limping and other wierd sensation in old trauma sites, and tendon insertion areas.  What specialists know about these things. Should I just let the PT know what's going on, wait it out or start the semingly endless round of specialists, imaging, interpetation, culminating in a "LETS TRY THIS." And by the time they figure it out Old ManTime and Mother Nature will have worked their wonderous way anyway.


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      Having been down the same road with my husband I would suggest you take magnesium. In liquid form as this is the best type to take . Do not take naproxen instead take turmeric . FQ's deplete your body if Vit B12 B6 . Take plenty of filtered water . Avoid eating chicken unless it is organic as they give it to chickens . Also don t eat prawns from farms in Thailand and Vietnam as they too are given cipro in the water . This all adds to your overload . Don't have toothpaste with fluoride as this also adds to the problem . Soak your ankles in Epsom salts as this will

      Help too. Take green tea tablets as this helps with detox . You need to take a very good probiotic to put back all the friendly bacteria in your body . Rest is good and if you ever need to talk again I am here for you . This drug destroys connective tissue and this is what your body is experience . The nerve pains again are all Classic cipro side effects . You really need to nurse your body back holistically . Avoid stress of any kind . The chances of you finding a doctor who knows what you are going through is fee and far between I can recommend a friend in FB who is a retired GP who was floxed he is Doc Mike check him out an amazing man and talks a lot of sense about diet and recovery . He knows as he has been there . All the very best

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      Hi Gillian, 

        Im curently experiencing bad Cipro effects after two 500mg pills.. for UTI..  heart rate that wont calm down, anxiety, sweating, fear, cloudy brain, and just now numbness in fingertips??  Its been 5 days, and Im just nervous and cant sleep due to the fast heart rate,  I need to know which supplements to take. . and maybe how to get a hold of Doc Mike?  I am usually very healthy, and this is scaring me alot, and Im praying to get ok. . Thank you so very much for any info. or advice!  

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      Hi there you can find him on FB under the name mike keen also floxie hope in face book is very good , a wealth of Information about supplements .
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      Was on Levofloxacin 750 mg/10 days. Experiencing many of symptoms I am reading. Had pneumonia and a sinus infection. Went to ER with b/p of 220/110..it had skyrocketed because of coughing & slight fever. Have had a quad bypass. Now I am reading all this stuff and have made apptmt w/my cardio, because I am scared witless about now. Am wanting a list of detox above & beyond what is in your post. Take epsom baths regularly/green tea. Am a lover of beef/calve liver..would liver be beneficial? Any kind of vitamin that would not conflict with affecting b/p? C or B?   Want to get rid of this crap in my body, or negate it.  Thanking you in advance.....Dinah S.

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      Hi Dinah,

      You're in the best place for finding advice on how best to help yourself now that you have been 'floxed'.  At the beginning of this thread the Moderator has a pinned post which contains a lot of useful addresses in both the UK and US (not sure where you are but guessing US as you say ER?).  Gillian's advice above is good and I would add to make sure you don't take any NSAID such as Ibuprofen (Advil?) or any steroids as these can make the symptoms worse.

      Your cardio may not have heard of FQ toxicity (called FQAD by the FDA) so make sure you take some information with you - you can find a lot of information of Floxie Hope in particular.  FQs can damage just about every system in your body; they increase oxidation so you need to eat good antioxidants and vitamins; they leach minerals such as magnesium and they affect your collagen - which is everywhere in your body, holding you together.  I would say liver is good for you but please check that the source is good and that the animal was as healthy as possible.  The same goes for all meats and produce.  Try to avoid alcohol, sugar and all junk food - you have been poisoned so don't add to the poison.   Eat as healthily as you can.  If you have leg or other muscle/joint pains beware of straining anything and don't try to exercise through the pain. 

      There is masses of good advice in this and the other threads under this heading, plus a lot of excellent information on the websites given in the pinned post at the top here.

      Good luck!

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      Hello Carol. Thank you so much for your contribution. I must say i find it quite helpful. I had to take Cipro for 5days because of typhoid infection. I am still having some undesirable effects. Initially i thought the infection is still there until i ran some test which came back negative.

      I still have brain fog like my body and mind is not connected. I am barely sleeping. I feel cold while sweating. What can i do to alleviate this feelings. How long can I expect the brain fog to last.

      Thank you again for your contribution.

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      Hi Have you been checked for a thyroid disorder, vitamin D and B12 deficiency.

      There are  complications after typhoid so please seek medical aid .

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      No I havent. This doctors just give you drugs and expect you to get better magically. Now that you mentioned it, I will seek for more answers. Thank you
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      Hey Gillian,

      Where can I find Doc Mike on Facebook? Suffered from cipro a year ago. Recovering slowly but doing much better. 

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      Hi tj,

      Glad to hear you are recovering slowly.  At the very top of this thread is a pinned post giving some useful addresses (can't post them here).  Gillian gave Mike's name in  a post about 9 up from this one. A search in face book should help you find it (or she may reply here herself!).  You could also look for fluoroquinolone toxicity group which is the largest international group.  You can post any question about floxing on there and someone will usually get back to you straight away!

      Hope this helps!

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      Thanks Miriam. I am onto it! I am have sense of relief now that the connect is made and I can now forge forward. When I hear others stories, I am lucky to have had a GP that took me down the path of natural supplement. I feel my choice better as I appear to be absorbing all those nutrients that were once going straight through me. Kes 

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