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    I have tapered myself from 20ng to 5mg and stopped taking it Tuesday last week as I felt that it has made my anxiety symptoms worse . I am still having weird withdrawal symptoms but my anxiety has been better- brain shakes and emotional. I would discuss with GP first.
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    You can do whatever you want but I wouldn't advise going cold turkey, its terrible (I did it). Id advise.speaking to gp.

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    I just replied to your other post.

    No.  Do not go cold turkey - you'll become very ill and feel worse than ever.  You need to withdraw by tapering down really slowly.  I withdrew by 5mg over 1-2 months for each reduction and went from 20 / 15 / 10 / 5 / 2.5 / 1.25 / 0 with a pill cutter and crushed the last doses as they were too small to cut.  This took me a year.  Doing it this way I had no withdrawal at all.

    You need to speak to your doctor too.

    K x

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    I would advise you not to go cold Turkey when coming of Citalopram, I have done it twice and all I can say is that it makes you very ill, it was like I had a very bad cold, my mood was very low and all I wanted to do was spend time wrapped up in my quilt and stay in my room not go anywhere. My advice would be to speak with your GP if you think you are ready to start coming of the medication and see if they can slowly reduce the dosage, then the amount of time you need to take it, and it might be an idea to keep a log of how you are coping/ feeling each day as you get closer to coming of the medication.

    I hope that was helpful

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    No no no

    You must reduce very slowly in very small doses. Like 2.5mg every two weeks

    See mine and others posts under

    Coming off Citalopram 

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      I forgot to say it took me a year to get down from 20 mg to 1.25!

      No side effects 

      Altho I am back on it now 

      I need it on my system 24:7!

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    My partner has been on citalopram for one year, that's when we split up due to her daughters refusal to accept me. We got back together six months ago. My partner is taking 20mg per day, she says the tablets affect her sexual pleasure, she takes 10mg per day for two days so she can reach her climax, she does this every two weeks. She has not told her GP.  She is afraid to stop them, because of withdrawl symptoms. I just cant get her to talk to her GP.  I like my partner much more since taking the tablets, she is much calmer and we enjoy making love that makes her feel wonderful. Im just wondering if its okay to continue like this. We are to marry this coming November !!  I am hoping to get an arrangment whereby l can speak with her GP.

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      Hello James 

      Am pleased that you feel this has helped your relationship and in fact are to marry

      I am on my second time round 6 months into 20mg

      I am a new woman. Back to my normal content self so I know just what your saying. It's made a differance to our relationship too

      I should have never come off it.

      Cit does cause reduction in orgasm as a side effect

      And it is important isn't it

      I experienced that problem first time round in 2013 on 20mg and it never came naturally back am afraid 

      I haven't quite worked out if you mean she only takes 10mg for two days only in a week and 20 mg the rest

      That would give her weird levels I feel

      However if that's what she is doing 20/20/20/20/20/10/10

      And it's working for you with no other effects then why not!

      I don't think your Gp is going to insist she comes off it.. why would they?

      I took a year to slowly come off it in 2013

      There are dreadful side effects if you do it quickly 

      I will stay on it now however

      I have learnt my lesson of chemical imbalance 

      It may be however that if you are both able to enjoy life on 10 mg- you could talk to your Gp about slow reduction to 10mg and stay at that

      Would that be an option?

      If you do it VERY slowly it's ok

      I had a very strict reduction spread sheet😂 

      Am happy to share that info if you ever need it 

      ... was Slower than most people do

      But I intend to discuss with my Gp a reduction to 10 mg eventually 

      or even 5

      Will see how it goes

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      Hi Gillian

      Thanks for your reply.

      You are correct, my partner within a 7 day period takes 10 for 2 consecutive days, the other days she takes 20 per day, she does this with a whole week in between on the full dose of 20 per day. She dosen't tell me which 2 days they are, l like that, comes more natural.

      She has asked her GP if she can come off of them, he didn't think that to be a good idea but she hasn't told him that she only takes half the dose for 2 consecutive days every other week. Preferably l would like her to stay on them for life, she is so much nicer, calmer without being too calm, before she could easily fly off the handle at absolutlely nothing.

      She takes the Acorn tablet, they are very hard to get, pharmacies keep trying to supply her with another preparation but she won't have it, she tried them once and swears they were not as good as Acorn. Just as l had decided to go away within the UK she needed more tablets, she picked up her prescription and off we went thinking she could pick them up at any pharmacy but NO !!  We drove to several towns and tried every individual pharmacy including Boots, no one could get Acorn, she telephoned her Boots pharmacy in the town where she lives and they said they have no problem in continuing to supply Acorn. They couldn't transfer to a Boots near our holiday resort so had to travel 200 miles to her Boots pharmacy.

      l just don't understand why they are so hard to obtain. The pharmacies all say that their suppliers don't stock Acorn but why can Boots in her home town get them, a mystery ...

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      What anite mare....I am on Almus brand. And she is right that there is something in the consistency and make up of the tablets. Well you know now!- and can be prepared. I go to the same pharmacy and tell them inadvance taking in a pkt to show them

      If she's stable and happy on that regime personally I would just stick with it andnot over worry about telling her Gp

      Or u worry!

      My husband said tomethis morning exactly the same thing

      Calmer and not flying off the handle

      Able to deal with life and each other's personal failings! We all have them

      Stay on them bit longer

      Maybe reduce to lower dose in the long term. 

      After your wedding 👰 

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      Hi Gillian

      Thanks again for your reply.

      Yes, possibly reduce when we are living together under one roof, at present she lives 200 miles away with her daughter, her daughter goes to uni 16th September, she is clearing her house and giving up renting.

      l have travelled so many times to where she lives and nothing but trouble from her daughter, now she drives to me every 7 days, she works every other week.

      l feel you are right, when she is with me full time she won't have the anxiety of finding enough money to live by, she will continue to work but her money she can save and spend it on her daughter or whatever she likes.

      All best wishes to you and your husband.


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      Thank you

      its made such a difference. I should never have come off it and in fact it's only now  I realize I should have been on it years ago.

      best wishes and good luck to you both

      I hope this chat has helped us both 


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