Citalopram and Cannabis

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I've been taking 20 mg of citalopram for 6 weeks and was feeling pretty good. Morning anxiety had all but disappeared and my daily outlook was improved as well. I had stopped smoking weed when I started the medication as I didn't want anything to interfere with what the meds could do for me. So as I mention I was feeling good so why not have joint which I did, 3 joints in 3 days so not a huge amount. BIG mistake the last two days morning anxiety is back, intrusive thoughts are popping into my brain and I've had to take lorazapam to quiet down the anxiety. Has anyone else had good or bad episodes with cannabis?

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    Whether you've been on meds 6 days, weeks or months, seriously you should not be mixing weed with this type of medication. These meds are serious stuff and work on neurotransmitters in the brain so why jeopardise your recovery? Play with fire and you'll get burnt.

    I was only reading about the detrimental effect of weed this morning on the News. It causes depression and anxiety so why contribute towards something you're trying to recover from?

    Equally you're probably having a blip which you'll get all the way through recovery. They come and go and I there'll be more to follow - seems they're part of recovery.

    But seriously - don't smoke drugs. I had anxiety for 16 long dark years and I would never put myself at risk to be back there in that hell.


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      Thanks for your reply katecogs. I quit drinking 5 years ago and sometimes I miss those times where I could get super relaxed with liquor so I replaced that feeling I could get a few years ago with weed. I did read up on effects of citalopram and cannabis and you can always find articles that say no bad interactions will happen so I went for it! For me it seems the weed does cause a negative effect so I shall once again put it away and not smoke. Thank you for insights and practical advice.

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      Hi Florence

      Its not just about interactions with these meds though, smoking weed does cause depression and anxiety if many people. It depends how your body reacts, and not everyone's reacts the same. For some it causes horrendous anxiety.

      There's lots of for/against discussions around but I spied this on the News only this morning: "Cabbabis use, especially in teens, is linked to depression and anxiety developing - these are new results (2019) from a study by researchers (UK and Canada) who have found ‘robust’ evidence showing using the drug increases the risk and particuarly today as the drug tends to be much stronger than it was previously. Evidence suggests the drug affects the part of brain that govern rational and emotional thinking as well as Serotonin levels that influence mood" (remember Citalopram / Celexa work on Serotonin).

      I know how distressing anxiety is though and how you want relief, but that will come in time as the meds settle in more. I remember feeling desparate for anything to help and if someone had said they could cure me but they'd have to cut my arm off, I'd have said 'do it' lol 😀 In the end though, it took me 6 months to completely recover.

      Most sufferers do have to go through these anxiety symptoms before reaching recovery, and anxiety feeds itself due to the fear of fear. Anxiety produces anxious, scary thoughts and these in turn produce more anxiety - so it feeds itself.

      Understanding anxiety and relaxing played a huge part of my recovery along with the meds. Knowing how anxiety works, what makes it tick, how to help myself helped me no longer fear it.

      Learning to relax (as you move about) will give you the same benefit as weed. It takes time .... but its worth persevering.

      You'll come through this though - just keep going and you'll get there ❤️

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