Citalopram medication review Friday

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Got a med review with my gp on friday, still having good days and bad days an it is week 4 of taking citalopram.

Finding it strange where you think you know someone who will understand yet when you tell them they completely freak out and tell me i am over reacting.

Still not found the courage to tell my Dad, Grandma or Husband yet! Feeling like i should but i dont want their sympathy and i know they wont understand.

I have one Best Friend who is amazing and i talk to her daily about things so that is helping.

Any advice on telling family members?


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    I'm following as my family doesn't seem to understand and they don't have time or they're just too into themselves to try to figure out how to help someone with depression and mean we have Google Now and it doesn't have to be a big hairy thing anymore going to the library so when you find out let me know I've already tried and they don't seem to want to support me so

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      For me i try and keep it from them as i know they will judge and wont understand, plus the issues that i am dealing with stem from family problems anyway so there is no point in telling them, my husband know what i have been through with regards to this as well. my best friend doesnt know all my history but is very supportive. Do you not have a  close friend you can talk to?

      Might be worth trying samaritans?

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    Hello Dawn

    Yes I was given a review of my medications last Thursday and they decided to leave well alone. If you have been on your AD for four weeks they may increase the dose from say 10mg to 20mg. The drug you take is a good medication for AD. i have been on them now for several years and I seem to have quite a stable time with them. I would think they may leave you on them for a longer period as most other types are basically the same as Citalopram.

    With regards your family, some people weigh up the pros and cons and they take into consideration the outlook a family member may have to mental health.

    Your boyfriend is the same, although I do not know if He would have picked up there was something wrong as far as your mood is considered. Also how long have you been going out with this person and what sort of attitude do you feel He would have towards you if He knew..

    Personally I told my Parents when I was at College, it was of a negative impact to me and that was the beginning of a great amount of sorrow that continued up to my retirement. Personally play it by ear. There is no reason why you need to tell anyone of your depression. It is up to you.

    One question I would ask myself what has caused my condition, to know that can open many doors, sometimes they are better closed. Whatever you decide remember the saying

    When you need to know the truth of something the reply comes back, You could not handle the truth, comes to mind, that saying comes about when you decide who needs to know, the same applies with your work and the people who you work with


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      Hi Bob,

      I am on 20mg Cit at the moment. have been for the 4 weeks.

      Sorry probably didnt make this clear he is my husband and we have been together 12 years so chances are he knows something is not right but i try and hide it, if that makes sense. He does know the history of what i have been through as well.

      Mostly i know why i feel the way i do far too much has gone on in my life with family.

      I try and journal my thoughts to get them out of my head as they just roll over and over which drive me mad!

      Thank you for your comments.

      Take Care


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    Hi Dawn - You're lucky to have that friend who is so accomodating. With regards your family, if you know they won't understand then don't tell them. It's not going to help. As for your husband - he probably knows something is amiss. It might be beneficial to open up to him. The meds will take time to work - several weeks in some cases. As for those who freak out and tell you you're over-reacting, ignore that. One of the most damaging things with regard to mental illness and depression is when someone dismisses you as "alright" when you've been desperately keeping a lid on things. 

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      Hi Wayne,

      thank you for your comment, He might but i do try and hide it, i hide how i am feeling from him also.

      I have been on them for 4 weeks now and i can see some improvements while taking them.

      I have a med review on Friday and will see what happens then.

      Thank you again smile

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    Hi Dawn,

    How has your med review gone? I'm so sorry you are suffering at the moment but I'm glad that you have your bestie ;-)

    People around us often let us down when they don't react the way we would have liked them to. Other times they can surprise us with their sensitivity. It's the not knowing that makes life unpredictable and just a bit scary ;-)

    The best advice a therapist once gave me (when I was struggling to open up to family and friends about how much I was struggling and how dark my thoughts had become) was not to unload everything at once. The therapist said to just open up with as much or as little as I was comfortable sharing so that I didn't overwhelm those who cared about me. To this day, only my best friend knows that I struggle with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis - I know my family would not be able to cope with that truth. But I have been able to be honest with my close family when I'm not coping very well with daily life and they often check in on me. It must be a really big thing for you not to be able to open up fully with your husband? Is it because you fear his reaction? I'm pretty sure that those who love us would hate the idea of us suffering in silence, but we tend to hold on to the pain and hide it from those around us. Those who care about us might just surprise us ;-)

    Sending you a BIG hug and hoping that some more light is shining through the darkness. xx

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      Hello Digsby smile

      Med review went okay got them for another month and have to see gp again before they run out.

      I would be lost without my bestie i really would she is the only one who understands.

      To be honest on reflection i would rather my family not know, maybe mu husband in time but i have so many other family issues going on most of my problems relate to certain family members anyway so telling them is a no. I tell my husband when i am not happy when things happen. I dont shut him out altogether as he knows when i am low anyway we have been together for 12 years so hiding it from him is very hard.

      I think he has an idea as he knows everything that has gone on, I have left my meds on my office desk so by now he probably knows or has an idea of what they are for, he only has to google the name and he will know plus my name is on the box so rolleyes we will see. That was a big step for me to do also.

      Thank you Digsby big hugs to you too smile love and light to you also.

      Hope your doing well?


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      Well done for the steps you are taking. I'm feeling let down by those around me at the moment so I'm shutting myself away - is it time to hibernate yet? ;-)

      Take care. You are strong :-) x

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      Hi Digsby

      Thank you, oh no staypositive and no sadly not yet.

      I am not feeling it today, work has been challenging to say the least. Just want to go home now and cry!

      Take care and stay positive smile

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      Thanks for your encouragement - I hope I didn't bring you "down". I think I've weathered this storm and made it to the end of another week. I hope that you have got safely to the weekend and have something relaxing planned :-)

      Hugs xx

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