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Hi just wondering did anyone have problems trying to conceive with stage 4 for the last two years aged 36 and have a healthy baby .Gr 24 creatine 213. Very worried about kidneys failing if i conceive. Any ideas how to reduce creatine levels.

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    Hi i am also a ckd stage 4 patient you can reduce creatine levels by special diet cut down meat potato and high protien food
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    Hi I have ckd 4 egfr 18.

    I have 3 children and with each one i was warned about the severe riske to my health and kidney function.

    Just be very aware of the fact that your kidney function will most definatly take a hit during and after pregnancy and there obv can be a lot of complications to u and the baby.

    My 1st and 3rd baby had to be delivered early due to my health and kidney function deteiriorating so much.

    Its a very scary time.

    I wish u all the best in conceiving if that is what you want and good health to you and future child/children

    Steph 😊

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      Hi Steph, Thanks for some positive feedback as I didn't know anyone with my condition. Where you stage 4 getting pregnant in the beginning. My biggest worry was the breakdown results of what could happen to me but I had been putting of by own family reactions and my g.p was very unsupportive. Work seems to be covered. Nice to chat to someone who knows what your going through. In relation to your glomerate 18 mine went like that from 24 to 19 but came back to 24 I was taking some other tablet that reacted with blood pressure it went on for 6 months stayed in my system for ages ended up very weak but I started taking wheatgrass again and supergreens and whatever it did I got my energy back and function improved. It might help you.

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      Hi Fiona, before my first child my egfr was in its 40's, it dropped during pregnancy then came back up to around the same as before.

      With my second child it was around 39ish before then dropped during and didnt return after. With my 3rd child it was at 36 and dropped during and has decreased since.

      It was on a very steady decline previous to children but after it has continued to speed up the decline.

      Since having my 3rd child last year it gone from 36 to 18. Normally around 1% every 6 weeks or so but in the last 3 weeks its dropped by 3.

      Ive tried various things but unfortunatly nothing improves, ive been told its due to "my stupidity by getting pregnant" nice hey.

      All i kept telling everyone but mainly myself was that if its meant to be all will work out.

      It did, i have 3 beautiful children, 10 yr old daughter and 2 boys, 6 and 16 months.

      Im a single mother, its hard work but theyre what keep me going and i can honestly say if it wasnt for my children i wouldve given up a long time ago.

      Do what u feel is best for you. Doctors will always tell you what the books say but you know your body and what u want xx

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    I have a GFR of 7% now it was stable until I had my second child (both my children were delivered early at 5lb and 4lb neither needed special care) after my second my kidney function started to plumit now I am on dialysis and awaiting transplant in September it hasbeen a long rough road but I wouldn't of done anything differently I love my kids and I am glad I have them both.  Just be aware due to the stage you are at things can go tits up as they say very quickly.  My neph wasn't happy about my second but I nicely explained that I was going to go this way anyway at some point I just got something nice out of it first.  After that I was watched carefully and well supported.  This time I got steriod injections at 30 weeks just in case.  It is even possible to get pregnant on dialysis although more difficult due to the condition and how it effects the body.  It is your choice at the end of it all.  You can have a bay after transplant but they recommend you wait at least a year before trying.  Depending on how you get on with your GFR now depends when they consider you for the transplant list (you go on this even if you have a live doner until you get the transplant date) it takes time to work up for love doner I have been waiting since May 14 only just happening next month.  If you are on the list this can take time depending on your blood group, I have been on it since Nov 14 and only had one call that wasn't a success.  Average waiting time on list between 3 -7 years so there are lots of things to take into account, hence doing what is best for you now and your family.  Good luck xx

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    I am 40 and just found out that I have Stage 2 CKD, I have been doing fertility for a year and now we've put a halt on things because of this diagnosis.  I keep hearing how dangerous it can be but I feel like I am not given much information.  I am so confused and frustrated.  I am trying to decide wethere I should move forward with trying to concieve.   Since both of you ladies have been there, can you give me any advice? 

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      Hi Claudia, Everyone is different and I can only tell you my experience.

      Its a very difficult situation as you clearly want a baby and some feel their life isnt complete without that little one running around. Im more than happy to tell you anything you want to know about how things were for myself during pregnancy etc. As I said to Fiona, at the end of the day, only you can make the final decision.

      The Nephrologists will always advise against pregnancy, especially at stage 4. Its very risky to yourself and baby.

      My BP was rediculously high throughout my pregnancy and did not return to normal until around 7 or 8 months after birth. This put a big strain on the kidneys and made me feel rotten, then when it did return i ended up in hospital as i was on BP tablets to keep it down, it suddenly normalised and i was unaware so with the tablets aswell my BP dropped extremely low. The pregnancy alone obviously causes twice the work for them. Are you otherwise fit and healthy? A good weight? Not obese? All these were extra factors that didnt help myself. Im overweight, i do excersise now but didnt really at the time. All these are negatives which if u could eliminate would improve your pregnancy health.

      The main things to consider are how your numbers are atm, their rate of decline, your health, weight, fitness and you current BP.

      My BP was fine before hand and the decli e wasnt too bad. Then during pregnancy my BP shot up, my gfr was getting less very quickly and my protien urea was unbelievably high.

      All these led to 2 of my children having to be delivered early. One at 36 weeks and one at 34 weeks but on both the wanted to deliver much sooner but i somehow managed to drag it out.

      Sorry, ive gone on a babble here lol.

      If there is anything else you would like to know just get in touch. I really hope all works out for you x

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      Thanks you so much Stephy, yes it's a very difficult decision. I am very fit, I work out regularly and am very muscular. Which is why when my creatinine level was first found high about 7 years ago I was misdiagnosed and told it was because of a high muscle content and over doing it at the gym. My creatinine was 1.9 in 2010 and has gone down to 1.5 now back up to 1.94. I have very title protein in my urine.


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