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Kidney Failure and CKD

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  • sarah22500 3

    Blood Test Results

    I'm 74 and yesterday asked for a print-out of my recent blood test after my GP phoned me and prescribed Vitmin D3 for the next three months. It was only 27!!! The receptionist printed out the full report and I don't understand the results on the attached image. I was shocked to see the words "

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  • amygotgrace 2

    Kidney function labs question

    I am a 54 yr. old female type 1 diabetic and my gfr went from a 97 to a 69 in a matter of 5 months and also my other kidney function labs were affected. My question is if it dropped that much in 5 months, what do the next 5 months hold? Thank you.

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  • HarryChadwick 2

    Final Stage of End-Stage CKD - life expectancy?

    Hi folks, My mother, who's 88, has been at Stage 5 for about 8 months.  Last September, she was hospitalised with an Acute Kidhey Injury and wasn't expected to survive.  Remarkably, though, she turned the corner and was discharged with a kidney function of 7%. Since then, I've been her principal carer. ...

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  • davey72 3
  • marian7656 2

    Stage 3 kidney disease

    I suffered kidney failure due to blood loss over 22 years ago, I now have stage 3a ckd. I'm forever getting viral infections. Is there anybody else with stage 3 ckd the same

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  • jojomac304 2
  • newhopes123 2

    Pitting edema in ankels and lower legs.

    I am 26 female. I went to nephrologist with complain of pitting edema. He wrote me a urine routine test and asked to visit only if report came abnormal so I did not visit him again. No protien, sugar, or bacteria found in urine, everything was in range. Before this I have had complete check up

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  • rita00 1

    Struggle with daily life

    Hi i am 41 and have CKD ranging from 27-31%.  I have always been told that you can not have symtoms at these stages and it drives me crazy. i feel so tired, short of breath, little water rention and i have to keep my moods under control.  i am married, have a full time job, have an 9 year old son

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  • davey72 3

    blood pressure

    what's everyone's blood pressure and when you take it at home how many times do you you take it at once i was told lowest of 3

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  • TCake 4

    Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and the kidneys....

    I have been taking Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for a few month and I only learned today that they are not good for people with CKD?  Anyone explain why?  I have googled and many sites but they just seem to just state that they can cause kidney problems but not how or why?  Does anyone else take

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  • holley95735 2

    Getting off prednisone

    I was diagnosed with MPGN in 5/14.  I had two infusions of Rituxan and then on prednisone for 20 months.  I tapered off 15 mg for a year.  My last dose was 9/17/16 and it is now the end of January 2017.  Getting off prednisone has been the most difficult thing I have ever done.  Severe pain in

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  • shauna03743 2

    Mother has stage 4 ckd. She feels depressed and wants to give up

    She was diagnosed Wednesday. She has a lot of pain, she's very tired, and she jerks a lot and violently. She got in with a kidney Dr after 1 month and has to go back in 2 weeks. They have done nothing. Gave her water pills. No information and say they have no plans to start dialysis or anything for

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  • mikewordman 3

    Your experiences on hemodialysis

    Hi everybody, I've previously posted to this forum seeking testimonials from folks on diaylsis who have crossed over from peritoneal dialysis (PD) to hemodialysis (HD).  Thanks to all who responded.  I would like to canvass again for testimonials but open it up to any and all HD patients.  I'm

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  • julia154 2


    got results Serum creatinine 85 umol/L.   GFR 59  .total alkaline phosphatase 29 U/L  are these normal ..? 

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  • LynQ 3

    Intravenous iron and itching.

    Hello all, I had got to the tching stage in my CKD- I am at Stage 4.  it was driving me crazy.  I was taking EPO for anaemia but not intravenous iron as my iron store (ferritin) was good and my transferrin saturation was 26%.  However after a few EPO injections, my iron store dropped significantly

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  • Jemism 1

    Possible Kidney Failure?

    Good afternoon, I'm looking for a bit of advice really. My father-in-law has stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer which has spread to at least his lymph nodes and adrenal gland (possibly further). The doctors know he has problems with his kidney function but recently he has had extensive lymphodema

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  • joecus 2

    muscle cramps, Bun 26, bun/cre ratio 24, creatinine normal 1.1

    Hello all - I really need your help.  I have been having severe muscle cramps in all muscles after moderate or light use.  I have been getting very severe cramps after walking a few blocks when I normally can walk miles and miles.  I get cramps in jaw after chewing a steak.  I get cramps in my arms

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  • yehyeh 2

    dialysis soon?

    hi my GFR is not 14, drop from 18 to 14 in just 3 weeks time. i met my renal doctor today and she told me that probably my kidney is progressing . i did not feel any unwell or i used to those unwell already. so i asked her when i should start dialsysis. she just said will closely monitor me. i am

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  • davey72 3


    been to hospital today she asked how i was going when i told her my symptoms she just kept saying it's not off your kidneys like tiredness cramps shortness of breath don't know why i bother going

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  • doug68605 2

    Meds information

    I'm in stage 4 gfr 17 and been having dizziness, fatigue and nausea for sometime now. All my nephrologist wants to talk about is dialysis and my urologist can't see me for sometime so it falls to my GP for help. I see her next week and want to be prepared. I know these symptoms are common but I

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  • littlecupcake89 2

    25 year old diagnosed with IgA Nephrotic disease

    Monday I went to hospital to see the Renal Kidney Doctor and was told my results from my Kidney Biopsy. I have been diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy which is a type of Glomerulonephritis (Kidney Disease) The Kidney Biopsy was to determine how severe of a disease I had, I found out that very answer.

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  • Neffie 3


    Hi everyone.  I have not been on for a  long while. My sister passed in November, and I was taking care of her.   She had CKD, stage 3, but she passed from respiratory failure, and pneumonia.   SHe was 81, but a young 81.  So I will try to check in on all of you.   I miss her so much.  

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  • lucas18 3

    Kidney test GFR 60- low level

    Hi, I had my blood tests done and my kidney GFR came back as 60 which is low. The doctor has asked me to repeat my test in 3 weeks but of course this was just a passed on message so I don't know why she wants me to repeat the tests but I'm very anxious as I read that at that level I have key stage

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  • Amein77 1

    What medication can help with my sarcoidosis and insomnia

    Medical issues: Sarcoidosis, Stage 3 kidney disease, Anemia and chronic Hypertension and insomnia. I'm trying to found others who may have any of my issues and see what medications works best for you. Or if anyone in the medical field that can answer some questions I have. Currently I have a bad

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  • Cheetah 4

    Drop in GFR - kidney stones?

    I'm 70 years old and female.  I recently had my annual kidney function test - because of high blood pressure, which is controlled by medication - and was told that my GFR had dropped from 73 to 64 in the past year.  The nurse wasn't concerned about it as it was over 60, but I have three kidney stones,...

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  • TCake 4

    Can taking Aqua Ban (diuretics) affect GFR?

    I suffered from water retention whilst taking nurofen.  I have completely stopped the nurofen now and have been off them for over a week but the water retention is still there.  So I bought some Aqua ban tablets and I am  sticking to the recommended dose of 2 tablets 3 times a day but was wondering

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  • sam2302 2

    Foamy urine for a very long time

    Hi , i am 17 this year and since i was 12/13 , ive had foamy urine on and off sometimes What i notice is that when i drink a lot of water , i dont see any foam / bubbles in urine Every morning when i wake up i have foamy urine (possibly dehydration from air con/ hot climate? I sleep most of the

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  • Brea398 2

    Not sure if I should worry.

    I went to the doctor with what I thought was a bladder/kidney infection due to pain in both. Waking up 6-7 times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Urine is foamy/bubbly and has been for the last 6 months. Doctors found no infection. He sent me to have a cat scan and said bladder was

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  • Les171091 2

    Kidney fail?

    Kidney failure? I suffer from kidney stones and recently I've been getting a pulsating feeling from my side right lower back. I also suffer from anxiety so may be overreacting but dunno if I should be worried or not? I don't have any pain but I'm concerned it's an organ when it could be just my

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  • inder16 1

    Check my reports and help

    My urine output is ok, pain in right side below ribs, do not feel breathless, but feel tired, right shoulder pain when i deep breath, chest xray was clear. Please check my below mentioned reports and tell me at what stage i am. Neutrophilis 9.68 lymphocytes 13.10 total leukocyte count 12.80 mch

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  • karen55008 1

    Moms GFR dropping quickly

    Hi, I'm new and need some help here. My mom is 89 and in acute heart failure and kidney failure. In Oct of 2016 her GFR was 36 and had been that way for over 3 years. In November., it dropped to 28 and her gp took her off diuretics. Mom ended in hospital with severe heart failure in January.

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  • james2444 1

    Just diagnosed with Kidney disease, advice needed

    Hi all, I am a 30 year old male who has always been relatively healthy but a recent routine blood/urine test showed I have stage 2 kidney disease. My eGFR is ~ 80, blood creatinine levels at 107 and proteinuria of 0.7g per day. Whilst I understand this is still at a relatively early stage, I am

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  • davey72 3


    does anyone get out of breath easily it happens to me i am stage 3 sometimes stage 4

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  • TCake 4

    leukocytes in urine???

    For the past week or so my abdomen has felt bloated and hard (I have ckd stage 3b)  and I have been peeing but I don't think the output has been equal to the input (eg less than).  So I handed in a sample to my surgery today and apparently it has leukocytes in it but nothing else and the sample has

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  • clarew04 2


    Hi my dad has ENKD he first got this in about 1993 and was lucky enough to get a transplant within 6 month this kidney went on to last for 11 years when it failed once more he then had a long wait but was fortunate to get another kidney transplant in 2013 after 9 years of been on dialysis. Since

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