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Kidney Failure and CKD

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  • diane 14907 2

    Since my assessment I have gone on dyalisis

    I am waiting for pip decision but I am concerned that the assessor would not have taken into account the fact that I am now on home dyalisis being deaf I am unable to use the phone and can't find email address I found the interview very stressful the questions were repeated over...

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  • VictoriaRoy 2

    GFR falling, creatanine rising, I'm panicking!

    Hi all, Sorry this is a long post...  I hope someone will have some idea of what is happening to me!  I am a 60 year old woman with no history of kidney trouble.  I am not a diabetic, blood pressure normally fine, not overweight, no alcohol/smoking, healthy vegetarian diet all my adult life, daily exercise....

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  • mark64742 1

    Patients wanted for ultrasound training for doctors

    Hello I work for a company in London that teaches doctors how to use ultrasound (scan) equipment. Therefore it is really helpful if we can have real patients there so doctors can see the difference.  We are particularly interested in patients with kideny disease and other problems. You need to be...

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  • Markole79 1

    Twitching calf muscles

    I was diagnosed with IGA 2 years old, had really high BP & cholesterol. My BP is relatively good the past 6 months but for the last few months my calf muscles have been going crazy with twitching and my wife tells me I'm jumping and twitching while I'm asleep, my last blood tests were good(3 months ago)...

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  • daniel70429 1


    I recently had kidney failure and I can't take iron tablets and pretty much I can't take iron at all what can I take in replace of iron?

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  • anne91595 2

    Thyroid/Hashimotos and CKD

    I'm new to this forum and had a question regarding kidney problems. I have had an underactive thyroid (hashimotos) for 15 years (was diagnosed at 6 years old). I have had many different kidney issues over the years but nothing serious. I've had a kidney stone and a lot of blood in the urine on many occasions....

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  • Healthy7 1

    GFR and no Protein with slight swelling

    Hello to all. Thank you for your time. I have a gfr of 65 and no protein in my urine. The albumin : creatinine ratio could not be completed because the albumin was so low. I have had slight swelling in my ankles 3 times in the last few months. Late in the day. Goes away when feet are elevated....

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  • aslam31122 1
  • sam30749 1

    Dialysis- in home or hospital? Why?

    Hi there,  I'm interested in learning about people's thoughts/experiences when choosing whether to have dialysis treatments done in-home, in a center/hospital.  What sort of things did you consider before making that choice? Was it because of ineligibility? Doctor recommendation? ​

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  • christy36 1

    Social Work experiences

    Hello, I am a social work student looking to work in healthcare. I am very interested to learn about people's experiences with social workers in the healthcare environment - clinic, dialysis center, hospital. Have you found your interactions with social workers to be beneficial? How so? What have they...

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  • yehyeh 3

    creatinine shoot up from 270 to 370 in just 3 month times

    hi this is fast and furious. at first i am so worried, but i am in stage 5 kidney failure . next month going to see dialysis counselling. i prepare for my next stage of life- living with dialysis. wish me luck. hi helen, you there, wish to hear from you as you always give me a very positive words and...

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  • Lillian0214 1

    Newly Diagonosed high stage 3 renal disease

    Now what?  Should I be looking for a nephrologist?  My doctor that delivered this happy news is on vacation for 2 weeks!  I am sure I will be absolutely fine, but doing nothing is not good.  I've got to talk to my daughter about this; however I don't know how to tell her it's very serious.  How did you...

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  • vin2482 1

    CKD diagnosis

    What the most common tests for CKD diagnosis? What is the ideal frequency to take the various tests after you are diagnosed with CKD?

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  • shauna03743 2

    Is pain after the av fistula surgery normal?

    My mother got the av fistula surgery to create a port for dialysis a few days ago. She says she is the the most pain she has ever been in. Is this normal? Or should she go back to her Dr or to the ER? I have seen it said pain for a few days is normal and I have also seen it said it is not. Has anyone...

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  • kathyt68777 2

    Kidney/bladder ultrasound

    I went in today for an ultrasound to see if there is a reason my kidney function has dropped. As instructed, I drank 32 ounces of water an hour beforehand. The tech said my bladder was nowhere close to full so go to the waiting room, drink 32 ounces more, and wait 20 minutes. I did that and still my...

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  • Willowby 2

    Newly diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease

    As from the title I am recently diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease, my gfr is 56. I have been feeling off colour for a few years now with symptoms getting worse. I have weight loss, swollen ankles, shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, a need to pee all through the night, difficulty sleeping, Itchy...

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  • steveintx 2

    Need non-NSAID for traumatic Brusitis

    The major treatment for traumatic Brusitis is an anti-inflamatory. Due to my (stage 4) CKD, I can't have any NSAID's. What do you recommend , either OTC or perscription, to work a as anti-inflamatory. Thanks

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  • nocky 2

    Stage 5, link to my story

    Hi All, I was Diagnoised in February with Stage 5 Kidney Failure and in July I will go onthe transplant list, I have started a blog on "My Road To A Kidney Transplant" I have been doing Peritoneal Dialysis since the beginning of April so if I can help anyone with any questions please ask, cheers Paul...

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  • tricia83055 2

    My mother age 85 has stage 5 Kidney failure..

    My mother is suffering from. Kidney failure, needless to say dialysis is not an option given her other healissues.  Over the past week she seems to have gone downhill, her appetite has gone and she has become very weak. It's awful to see her like this My mother has always been very active and now...

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  • kathyt68777 2

    GFR drop

    I'm a 63 year old woman. My GFR went from 80 to 38 over an 8 month period. I'm hoping it's an anomaly, but how long am I supposed to wait before doing another test? Or should the doctor be doing some sort of further testing now since it was just a drastic drop?

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  • Deb-davis793 2

    New to ckd stage 3

    I've been fiagnosed since December 2016 but have had ckd for 6 yrs apparently. I saw a nephrologist who was kind and informative , bit I still feel a bit lost . He started me in 2 x bp tablets that have worked . I have no related illness other than high bp. I get terrible back ache , dehydrate quite...

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  • sarahhpl 1

    Discomfort in my kidney area

    I was diagnosed with ckd stage 3 a few months ago. I had an MRI which indicated I have one small kidney but since then I seem to have a lot of discomfort in the side of my small kidney. Has anyone has anything similar or does anyone experience aching in their kidney area ?

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  • bert74483 2

    Hello. GFR 6 and medication change

    I went to see my nephrologist yesterday and it seems my GFR is now down to 6 and I am finding any kind of activity draining. The neph. has taken me off amlodipine and perindorpril and has not prescribed any new medication. I have again declined the offer of dialysis and I am wondering not what happens...

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  • newhopes123 2

    Blood test results.

    Got my blood test results. Creatinine - 0.7. Last time it was 0.6. Potassium - 4.80. Reference range is 3.80 - 5.10. This is very high. Urea - 17 Urine results are like ever changing. Protien - traces present Rbc - 1-2 Leucocyte Esterase - 1+ Pus cells - 16 - 18 Epithelial Cells - 15 - 20 Bacilli...

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  • stephen 25073 2

    exercising while on dialysis

    I have been on dialysis since January 2017 and had an AV fistula in November '16. Along with having Kidney failure I have chrons disease and need to take steroids for this. I have gained some weight since and would like to lose some weight. I'm playing safe just now and am walking for exercise. I think...

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  • weeled 3

    Recommend meds please

    Hi all, Late stage 5 here and my bp is still rising. I'm on a few meds and have changed over the years. Recently I was put on 1.25/2.5 then 5mg of bisoprol beta blocker. It is totally knocking me for 6. I have no drive, nothing. Not uncommon for me to watch Tv for over an hour and remember nothing...

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  • Charlie88 2

    My dad is at 25 GFR

    Hello, My father tested having 25 GFR. He has one kidney (his other kidney was removed due to cancer). From what I have read, this is an indication of going down the slope to dialysis (at 15 GFR). I am here to get information and support. If anyone has any advice, I am all ears. Tomorrow, I will...

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  • mary62527 1

    What do these results mean?

    My doctor did blood work on me because I have had bloating and nausea....these are the results sent to me: CBC W/ AUTO DIFF. elevated Creatinine and decreased GFR consistent with stage 3 (moderate) CKD...low IgA...remainder normal rec: radiology order for HIDA to confirm or rule-out biliary dyskinesia...

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  • newhopes123 2
  • christine30769 2

    stage 3 = ckd

    hi i got diagnosed a month ago with ckd stage 3... it been up and down for function started at 59% 3 more blood tests it went down to 49% then 44% then up to 55%.....i new to this group... so it good to talk with others who have this

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  • shauna03743 2

    Mother has stage 4 ckd. She feels depressed and wants to give up

    She was diagnosed Wednesday. She has a lot of pain, she's very tired, and she jerks a lot and violently. She got in with a kidney Dr after 1 month and has to go back in 2 weeks. They have done nothing. Gave her water pills. No information and say they have no plans to start dialysis or anything for at...

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  • davey72 3


    has anyone experienced there legs twitching/kicking when there asleep i have been woke up a few times lately doing this

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  • joecus 2

    muscle cramps, Bun 26, bun/cre ratio 24, creatinine normal 1.1

    Hello all - I really need your help.  I have been having severe muscle cramps in all muscles after moderate or light use.  I have been getting very severe cramps after walking a few blocks when I normally can walk miles and miles.  I get cramps in jaw after chewing a steak.  I get cramps in my arms after...

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  • sian84260 1

    Advice needed

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked on here already. My 7year old daughter has CKD however she's been itching a lot, is this normal?

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  • TCake 4

    Passing urine less often?

    Can any one help.... (sorry in advance if TMI!) For a long time I have always had to get up to pee at least 3 times a night, in addition to peeing regularly throughout the day.   But last night for the very first time I slept through without having to get up to pee and my first pee was only a tiny...

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