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Taken clarythramicin 500 mg fir 7 days wasn't nice to take nasty side effects but now I've finished the course I've got terrible anxiety  my tongue is raw I have pains in my feet very low mood that won't lift poor appetite can't sleep headaches I won't go on but when will all this pass it's very hard with all the invasive thoughts any one else suffering like this 

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    Hi Marareta,

    Im posting you my experience of taking Clarithromycin. I know you only posted 5 days ago but it would be good to know how you are now? Are you feeling any better? I am just posting this experience everywhere I can trying to get a response from anyone. I think sharing experiences will help..

    I took 2 of these tablets 5 days ago. After the first one I felt a bit better after weeks of tonsillitis and penicillin not having worked. I took one again in the evening. After an hour or so I started to feel very odd. I felt scared, extremely anxious and starting shaking/shivering uncontrollably. Later that evening I rang for an ambulance. The paramedics checked my obs which were all fine. I think the outcome was a panic attack which I felt very embarrassed about. I had since read the leaflet of side effects from clarithromycin. I couldn't believe what I was reading and how extreme it could be. I was a bit concerned but it did say these were rare and I didn't think it likely that I would be affected in this way. After having the paramedics out I did some research online about other experiences and found very similar reactions. The next morning I decided to stop taking this drug (also under medical advice). I vowed to never go near it again just after this one experience. This was only the beginning. Over the next few days things got worse and worse. I have had extreme/acute anxiety, trembling, shaking and shivering. I have never over abused the health services but I have been phoning 111 multiple times daily, going to A&E on two separate occasions, the first time talking to a psychiatric team. My record doesn't look good but its clear I have been very very distressed. My anxiety has been so extreme I haven't been able to look after my two year old and luckily my family have helped with this. I have lost a lot of weight as I have hardly eaten a thing, Im still having delusional feelings and thoughts at night, hearing voices when I try to sleep. My doctor has now put me on diazepam and sleeping tablets but it is hasn't totally taken the edge off. The experiences I have read on here and other sources are similar but possibly not as extreme as Im taking it, however I have read about a few instances of psychosis seemingly caused by the drug. 

    Today I have actually had breakfast which is a massive breakthrough and I haven't paced up and down looking out windows as I been doing but I don't know if thats the sleeping tablets and diazepam masking it a bit. I am desperately hopeful that this will start to ease but I think it will be a slow process.

    I have a history of mental health (anxiety and depression) although I have read others with this experience having no previous issues. I would say my previous was fairly mild and I have never experienced something like this in my life. I have phoned people saying I think I need to be taken away and hospitalised.

    So, I do hope this is a breakthrough, having had breakfast and being able to write all this. My mission here is try and get any answers or response to the time it has taken for similar symptoms to ease. If anyone can respond I would be so grateful. This has turned my life upside down, I can't work and my daughter has gone away to other family members as I can barely care for myself.

    When I get better I will decide what I will do about all this, how I raise awareness and possibly make somebody accountable for the loss and severe distress I have experienced.

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      Hello Annie I was on 1000 mg daily for 7 days I also have IBS and  a few problems I also take 50 mg trazadone antidepressant at night have done for a lot of years  when I finished my course of antibiotics  I felt shocking like with drawels symptoms anxiety crying anger all the usual stuff you cant understand  been to drs this morning and whats  happened is the antibiotic has increased  the level of the trazadone  there for now ive finished the course  I'm having withdrawel stymptoms  which are very bad in fact horrendous  over thinking no appetite fear  the dr said it will take a good 4 weeks to get right its caused an imbalance so just hang in there love I know how hard it is today has been terrible for me I know your not in a good place like me but we can do it because we know its the tablets keep in touch if you would like chin up xanxiety

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      Not really Annie got tendonitus in my legs feet muscle aches pains in my head feels like all my muscles are in knots and of course the usual anxuety which always seems  the last to go hope your winning the battle my dr said it could take a while so here's hoping take care x

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      Hi Annie, my symptoms are exactly the same but from a probiotic. I'm struggling with insomnia and anxiety mostly and losing hope. I'm on day 12 away from my single dose.

      111 are sick of me.

      Did you recover? If so, after how

      Long can I ask?

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    I was on this, the first one I took within half an hour I was sick and brought up yellow bile and been feeling sick and lost my appetite ever since, constant stomach grumbles, started taking this on 19/04/18 and doctor advised me to stop because of those side effects, and I'm still feeling sick! HORRIBLE ANTIBIOTICS

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    Hey marareta,

    I can definitely relate. I've been on clarithromycin and linezolid since Octover 2017 and have to be on them until September 2018. I've had terrible anxiety and even worse depression, with suicidal thoughts and everything. I even had to take a leave from school because the side effects are so bad.

    Has your anxiety and mood improved? It's hard to keep in perspective that it's the mess when I've been feeling so horrible for so long

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