Climbed my mountain - living with life after cataract surgery

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Been wanting to write all day but been in and out of sleep. Will not be taking Ativan next time. By time it kicked in I was out of surgery.. I bascalled waited in a patient rooms with others till my turn came. Nursecame in Every 15 mins to dialate our eyes with drops. There were 3 people ahead of me. My turn came and things moved quickly. They monitored my oxygen and heartbeat. Had me lay on a bed - dropped cloth over me. There was an oxygen pipe under with me. One part of cloth had a plastic window that was pressed to my and then torn back to reveal my eye. More drops to freeze eye - doc very comforting. Talk wih me whole time what he was doing. He put a ring around my eye to prevent blinking. Machine came over my face all I could see were red and whit lights- 3 climbs of lingual in middle. He said to keep looking at than. Machine noi e came on he said that was old lens being auctioned assay. Couple of times felt pressure on eye. I could see the iol unfold. Say the ri ya do knew I was getting Symfony

Before I knew it all was done eye shield taped on and good to go home. No wait which I thought I would have . Have to get back tomorrow at 8 for check up with doc.

I have takenshielld off athome. Vision still blurry - hoping for improvement tomorrow.

Thanks for your thought and prayers today. They got me through my day

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    Just thought I would provide a few more details. I was so out of it yesterday. Vision very blurry

    Most of yesterday. I also had taken the Ativan which kicked in after the surgery and made me nauseous. I was able to keep down supper which was 6 hours after surgery. Concerned I may have shifted the iol. Got my follow up visit with hospital in an hour.

    I did wake up to a brighter world. Eye less dialate. I could read time on PVR for first time in years. Sat outside and couldn't believe the clarity with which I could make out for homes, people walking. Little things that I would miss before surgery.

    Colours between my 2 eyes are different so not sure what true grey looks like - operated eye sees

    More blue-grey and unoperated eye see Brown.

    Unfortunately last night vision very blurry so didn't venture outside or even watch TV. Lack of sleep

    For days and worry did me in so I spent most of the afternoon and right thru night asleep.

    Very little pain- little scratchness but nothing too uncomfortable at this point.

    Today will be the day to discover more.

    Thank you all for your thoughts prayers bits of advice - all extremely helpful to me as I climbed this mountain.

    Oh on a humours note in my waiting atra of those getting cataract surgery were 60+ year olds all crushing on our eye surgeon. Stuff they were saying totally made me laugh! Tried to start a conversation about what lens selection and most said what lens selection. They obviously had no clue what was being done. Perhaps that is way to go who am I to say. They were just laughing and joking while I sat there terrified. Like to think I see better today, but honestly if it's better than you had what is to complain about.

    Will know more after hospital visit how well I do see. For now just relieved all going well.

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    Happy to hear all went well!
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      Thanks Nina. I am happy too and relieved. Eyes little dry but drops help. Where I live it stays light till 9:45 so haven't seen the night light show yet.

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    Hi Sue.An, just came across this interesting read.  Thanks for sharing.

    I never thought of reading others' experiences in advance of my own operations.  Too much anxiety on my part.

    Both of us did not have eye-shields taped on as we left the hospital to go home. We walked straight to the hospital cafeteria for a drink and a muffin each.  Then put on sunglasses and headed for the surgeon's clinic for an checkup to be sure that the lens was sitting pretty.

    His lenses are Symphony and mine monofocals.  The minute we opened our eye(s), we had clear vision no blurriness. I am so thankful for that now after reading some of the others' experiences.

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      Wow so surprised at how different the experience is from one side of the country to next.  So you weren’t provided eye shields at all?  Or provided them to take home and wear at night?

      I am amazed both of you could see well right away.  My eyes were dilated for surgery and it took awhile for pupils to return to normal size.  I could see well later that evening for first surgery and it took a bit longer for 2nd eye.

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    Yes, eye-shield was provided to be taken home and worn at night. Hubby wore it for nearly 4 weeks (more than required) and threaded carefully for months, I believe that was why he healed well.  I chose to sleep with a goggle on after the second Op, but there were chores to do and I could have moved the lens before it stabilized.

    When I went in for the Op, my vision was so bad due to advanced cataract I could hardly made out who-is-who. At the door, I heard someone said "I'm Dr so-and-so" (could be the eye surgeon or the anesthetist). I  can't remember what happened in between. I woke up and looked directly at the exit sign above the door - everything was so clear, colorful and there was no pain at all.  Then I closed my eyes thinking that I was all alone in the room, when someone pulled the blanket away.  A Voice from behind me announced that: "the operation is over.  you can get up now.  go straight out of the door, turn left and walk right up to the end of the corridor."  I remember thanking the Voice but too scared to look back as I exited St Pete's gate and headed back to earth.


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      LOL - I had trouble making out faces and seeing double prior to surgeries.  When it was over the nurse taped the shield over the operated eye and I was told to leave on about 2 hours.  Things weren’t as clear when it came off  - lights even the house were flaring at weird angles.  Went to bed and was amazed I could read PVR click across the bedroom.   Couldn’t read that without glasses ever and when cataracts hot couldn’t read it with glasses!   I was surprised how quickly my eyes deteriorated with cataracts.  6 months after my optometrist appointment when all was fine I noticed trouble reading road signs the Rogers TV guide and faces were blurred.  My daughter’s soccer games were a misery - couldn’t make out one player from another - could read jersey numbers - now I can.  Headed to a tournament in Halifax tomorrow and looking forward to it.

      I keep feeling fortunate that things are better than they were a year ago waiting on surgeries.  I hope it stays this way.  Sometimes I get to worrying if something goes wrong with the lenses and if I will kick myself for getting premiums lenses.  But none of us had a crystal ball and we roll with what life throws at us.

      Right now dealing with tinnitus from a flu and sinus infection I had in January - a wait time of 18 months to see an ENT.

      I tried going on these forums for tinnitus to see what others are doing to cope but that forum is very depressing.  Someone last weekend said she couldn’t cope anymore and ending her life.  I have tied a few times to reach out - but no response - worried she did harm herself. First time I have ever seen the moderator chime in to offer numbers for person to call.   

      Wishing you a great day!


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