Clitoral and Labial Fusing

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Hello everyone!  It has been a LONG time since I posted here but have been reading for two days.  Not sure exactly what I'm looking for...maybe just some reassurance or someone to talk to.

To start, I am 53 years old now and am officially menopausal.  Over the last 10 years, I've had my one or two GYNs tell me they thought I had LS.  I had lots of burning symptoms, always thought I had an infection, etc.  When I was younger, I used to have noticeable discoloration.  As I got older, that sort of thing seemed to stop.  

I've never in my life had any noticeable labia minora so I don't know if they fused/flattened when I was very young or I was born that way.  I always felt I was abnormal in that regard but who knows.

As I entered menopause, the only thing I really noticed was that my clitoral area seemed to be shrinking and less pronounced.  This was really when I was feeling it, not visually--just not as plump as it used to be, but what is?  I never really looked at it.  Upon entering menopause, I actually started to feel better down there because I had much less natural discharge and I think that helped.  My GYN prescribed some Premarin cream and told me to "use it when I felt like it."

At some point through all of this, I did have a vulvar biopsy which came back negative,although I can't say I have a lot of faith in that biopsy or the pathology.  I just mean to say that I don't know if I have LS or not, but I have a problem.

So last week, I noticed a sensation of a slight pinprick occasionally in the clitoral area.  It was extremely minor and with my lifelong irriations, it was barely a blip in my radar.  But after 3 days of it happening, I thought I should investigate. Upon palpation, I felt a hard nodule in my clitoral hood area (prepuce) that goes all the way up to where the labia majora join together at the top.  As you get close to the clitoris, it flattens and feels normal.  The lump does not hurt at all and is rubbery, but the clitoris is what the sensation comes from.

On visual examination, the area with the lump is is normal looking.  However, I noticed that I can no longer actually see my clitoris (the hood won't pull back) and below the area, the skin is fused together.  Vaginal opening is normal.  

Got into my doctor on Friday and he diagnosed with clitoral agglutination.  Gave me premarin cream to use everyday for two weeks, told me to manually "work" the area 2-3 times a day. 

I am just sick over this.  I didn't even know it was happening.  As for the lump, he doesn't think it's anything and may be due to the clitoral hood not functiong/moving properly so it's swelling.  I can find NOTHING on the net about this sort of thing.

I've been reading this site since yesterday.  Read all about the borax stuff, which I may try.  I also have clobetesol from awhile ago that I will use.One side of my clitoral hood is hardened and whitish.

I guess I'm looking on de-fusion success stories or something.  I can't stop thinking about this and what it means for me lifelong.



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    Hi Christine,

    its good old you are on here as ladies don't mind referring and talking about this part of our bodies, something that is hard to talk about with people.  Have you ever been on clob or any ointment?  I must admit I got the pin prick last year and tickling where you say and thought I had fungal, fast forward biopsies etc and ten months I noticed mine felt hard as well, I haven't told anyone but I have read this before though someone else will know what the hardness is.  My clitoris and near it and extended up like you describe was like it I put clob on and it reversed it to pink and brown maybe it needs that again putting on it.  I'm post meno as well, do you go to a meno clinic in your area at all?  It's just they seem to see a lot of these problems.  

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      Thanks for you response.  I was prescribed the clob many years ago and it was helpful.  Then after my biopsy, another GYN told me NOT to use it.  As I said, things have felt okay since menopause but I did not realize I was fusing.  I have used it for 2 days though (as well as the estrogen cream at night).  The pin prick feeling has subsided.

      I hope someone comes in to talk about that hard feeling of the clitoral body.  It's like it's just permanently aroused (but doesn't feel aroused) and more on the right side of the "body" and all the way up to the top.  

      I swear, 2 weeks ago, it was not hard like that.  Doctor suspects it's a response to regular trauma but is swelling because the clitoris is not operating normally due to the fusion.  Oh and he says I'm "young" for this but sees a lot of this in nursing homes.  Great.

      No, I don't go to a meno clinic as we don't seem to have such a thing here (I'm in the Washington DC area).  Everything seems to be all rolled into one type of practice.  

      I did see that Dr. Goldstein, the specialist in vulvar disorders, is in DC so that might be my next step.  Right now I am most concerned with the lump, although my doctor doesn't think it's any sort of cancer or worrisome but says due to the fusion, he can't even really assess what it is.

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      This is what is so confusing for us I think drs all saying different things isn't it.  One says one thing one says another.  I got told on Thursday not to use clob anymore then some say to.  Just wondering, I had the cotton tip test at meno clinic Thursday and got told I have vestibulardynia just wondering if you are sore in the vestibule area at all.  It was excruciating the pain and it was just a cotton bud I've never even heard of this thing a speculum or any sex would be impossible.  It's just sometimes there can be a couple of things going on down there for us at the same time.   

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      Hi. I'm really new to this, but want to say that I have serious vestibular issues that predate any discoloration, itching or fusion in the vulva region. I have yet to be told they are connected (in my case, not yours), but it all points to menopause and the horrors we hear about vaginal atrophy. I just want to say I sympathize since the gyn can no longer insert a speculum in me either, and I overheard of surgery... I hope what you have has a smooth treatment 😃 Let us know how you're doing!

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    Yes I had a hardened area right along the hair line of the vulva. And it hurt. It went away after I started using Clobetasol regularly. My doctors advise is three times a week. Do your research. Clobetasol has been shown to prevent Cancer of the vulva due to LS. Talk to your doctor and ask for all info that he has. Some doctors are quacks so be sure to have trust in yours.
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      All abnormalities should be taken seriously and evaluated asap. I googled skin disorders of the vulva and got info on all skin problems (I think there are only seven?) so you should find out and get treated. That's where our power lies in knowing what the problem is and taking appropriate steps to treat ourselves.

      Good luck with your issues and hope you get well.👧🏻

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      Hi Chris,

      just wondering after looking it up if up if it just had some blood under and it says it resolves on its own after a few weeks.  Maybe because it's dry.  If it were something serious surely he'd of noticed.  My hardness feeling has gone but I think my hood has atrophied so maybe it's because it is more exposed,  sheesh can't talk to anyone about this but on here can you.  Please don't worry though,  

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      I'm kind of thinking along those lines too.  Like maybe it's a small hematoma.  He said he thought it was some sort of hardening/swelling due to the fact that the skin is not moving around as it should so any sort of normal friction there is going to tramautize the area.  I think he's only going to be concerned if, after several weeks of treatment, it doesn't go away.  He seems to feel that with the estrogen and massage, that I will unfuse in a few weeks.

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      Yeah Chris that was the word but wasn't sure how to spell it.  I read about friction and also atrophy as well.  It's mad how oestrogen plays such a big part in our body and the lack of it gradually shows up.   I reckon it will get better so I wouldn't stress too much or google either we have god knows what if we do that.  Best to stick to reading threads on here.  I have learnt loads loads more than any information that I got from the hospital. Xx

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      Something no one seems to mention here but I hear a lot from docs (is it because I'm canadian?) is a lot of localized bathing does a lot of good, like 3 x daily (you know, does toilet seat for hemoroids? fill'her up with room temp water and add a tiny bit of baking soda... helps with itching (really) but perhaps also hydrates between the cream days. Just throwing it out there for those who think bleeding is liked to dryness. Cheers.

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    Chris, I know it's easy to say but try not to stress too much as stress can

    exacerbate the LS. You will get some good advice from this site all born from

    experience but you must do what is right for you. I have fusing of the labia

    and my clitoris is hooded. I have occasional swelling and hardness but I am sure

    this is trauma as penatrative sex is difficult at the moment. From your description

    you very obviously have active LS at the moment and I believe steroid treatment

    is pivotal. It is also clear that the lump is worrying you and that is

    understandable. We all worry about making a fuss over nothing and

    sometimes fail to comfort or reassure ourselves with the right actions.

    If you are worried or suspicious and not completely happy so far by the

    professional advice and opinions, then seek further ones.

    Tell your Doctor what you feel and fear. As women with LS we

    under go many changes in the genital area and are all so very different in appearances

    I am sure that what is happening to you is reversible with the correct

    treatment and regeme but have your concerns related to the swelling

    checked out properly. You are then in a better position to tackle all the

    other symptoms. Take care and keep us posted.

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      I think we should take the word "sure" under advisement as to not create false alerts, but also no false hopes. I heard and read that treatment could alleviate and in some cases better symptoms but.. to tell a woman that reversal is attainable for sure is dangerous, psychologically. I'm a mental health worker and the word certainty, as evoked by "sure", and its expectations... Let us all be positive without making promises we can't keep. We are all strangers after all, all well meaning as we all are! 😃

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    Hello Chris1230,

    I just came across this discussion involving a fused skin over the clitoris and wondering what the outcome was? I am a 56 year old female and just noticed this has happened to me and I will update my doctor at my next appt. I noticed that I was having a more difficult time achieving orgasms and now I can see why. I just don't understand how something like this happened and I cannot find out why on any site that I've been searching.

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