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Annonymouss Annonymouss

Clonazepam making me depressed??

Hi so i'm 22, suffer with severe disabling GAD, to the point that i've lost 4 jobs and I can't leave the house alone anymore.

i've been through loads of meds, currently on pregabalin twice a day, quetipine at night, diazepam for emergancies and now i've been given clonazepam 0.5-1mg at night.

the last few days i feel so low and keep randomly crying, i don't want to be alive. but is this just because my situation is difficult right now? or is it the clonazepam?


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  • John020 John020 Annonymouss

    Hey. I hope that one day stops. I'm taking clonazepam 0.5mg + sulpiride 50mg 2 times/day plus xanax 2 mg as needed (SOS). And I feel it's doing me nothing. But every person is different. Well, you have GAD, I have SAD because of my essential tremor. Still didn't find the right cure for my problems but clonazepam, I guess it's not that strong. For me taking 2mg of clonazepam and 2mg xanax, Xanax it's much better. It relieves my anxiety and tremors like a charm. On the other hand, clonazepam, helps just a little bit, not the same effect as the xanax has. Try to talk to your doctor to try other meds. I know Xanax is not the best for daily basis, but at least if you take it like me for important events, it can really help. But If you think it's the clonazepam try to talk to your doctor, and taper off slowly to avoid withdrawals. 

    • Annonymouss Annonymouss John020

      hi thank you for your reply

      i keep seeing stuff about xanax so i think i'm gonna speak to my gp and psychiatrist about it and obvs do my own thorough research. my psychiatrist is pretty sh*t, i don't understand or trust him, he doesn't read through my notes when i see him and then just prescribes me stuff, so i'm scared he's making risky decisions without all the info he needs. do you have any bad experiences with xanax?

      i stopped taking the clonazepam because i really thought if it got any worse i would actually kill myself. i've always had gad but not with depression. but i havent told my gp or psychiatrist ive stopped taking it

      i'm scared nothings ever gonna work

    • John020 John020 Annonymouss

      Once, I stopped taking Escitalopram, Inderal and Victan all of a sudden. The major side effects after stop taking  was like electric shocks on the body, randomly during the day, but not a big of a deal. It stopped 2 weeks later. I don't know but through some research I found that benzos are highly addictive, thus, it's better to taper off slowly than stop taking it all of a sudden. I don't have any side effect while i'm on xanax. Just much less anxiety and my tremors stop a bit. But of course, use it in moderation, since xanax is highly addictive due to his fast acting relief. It gets me about half an hour to start to kick in. And it really helps. I found now that 2mg of clonazepam SOS is working again. Still don't know why, but I still think xanax gives you a more relief. My psychiatrist is like yours yeah. Now he's trying to stop giving me meds because I'm too young, but I tell him that I need it for my daily life. Without the meds I feel like sh***. When I stopped taking those meds 1 month later, the anxiety started to strike again and it was so bad. Now with the meds It's more controlled

    • John020 John020

      Still, I don't feel like I wanna feel... This SAD is killing me... I'm afraid to get a job, some social events. Of course I have my magic Xanax pill, but I need something for my daily life that really helps me on that, even if it's meds or not. I feel like I'm stuck and can't do anything with my life right now. It's a little bit sad seeing all my friends with cars, and me with no car cuz I'm afraid as well... yeah, I'm not the typical person, but I guess you will not find that on this Forum haha

    • Annonymouss Annonymouss John020

      thanks for sharing your experience it's been helpful and it's nice to know i'm not alone

      i'm exactly the same, i'm 22, can't drive, don't go out, can't drink, don't see my friends, can barely see my family, can't leave the house alone, can't get a job. literally can't live my life. and explaining this to people they just don't understand so i just get frustrated and give up. but the best explanation is simply, "i am constantly stuck"


  • david63098 david63098 Annonymouss

    to annonymous and John. I can recognise your symptoms. I was on tranquilisers, Benzo's and anti-psychotics for thirteen years. I stopped them slowly and the last thing I took was tranquillisers in 1985. Agoraphobia is still a slight issue, as it's a 'learnt' reaction. Apart from that, it IS possible to leave those things behind. However, there is an old adage 'there's no gain without pain'. To one day walk freely through this beautiful world you have to stop taking them one day. I have just completed a degree course as a full time student at a university. I'm 67 years of age and I haven't had any form of drugs mentioned above for 32 years. Keep going. Be strong and recognise that there will be pain when you stop. But your strength and persistence will reap rewards. I've been through it all and am out the other side.

    • Annonymouss Annonymouss david63098

      thank you david63098 for sharing this. it's really nice to hear a positive ending for a change. i've been through so many meds and treatments i always get hope then knocked back down again and feel like i'll never be cured and when i come online for help i just see everyone else struggling too. so it is really lovely to hear about such a positive ending. thankyou for the encouraging words and support, it's really appreciated

    • david63098 david63098 Annonymouss

      You really have to believe you can live without those drugs. What you have related about going around in circles is known to me. The real issue is to understand that you are going to go through real troubled withdrawal. Seeing things and having your emotions laid bare is normal as on the drugs your emotions are covered over. I couldn't leave home either (for three years), But, determination drove me to get out of the door. The fear of leaving home was tremendous, but I overcame that fear. (as you can)

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