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Clothing solutions

Hi I've been suffering with PHN for over 6 months now and one of the most difficult aspects for me is being able to get clothing that allows me to go out.

I have pain in my back and side and have been unable to keep cream in place without the patch moving and causing me pain.  I can't wear anything loose as cold air also causes me pain.

Does anyone have any ideas for clothing that have helped them.



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  • sheila48912 sheila48912 bobby49

    Bobby, as a fellow sufferer I can sympathize. For me its light cottons with loose waistbands. However, living in a cold climate poses additional considerations. You'll have to experiment to find what works best for you, it does take some time. Examine all posts on this forum recommendations on how to manage your pain.

    Good luck!

  • babs99203 babs99203 bobby49

    You mention cream and the patch, are you using lidocain patches or cream that you apply? I use the cream, but have had much better luck with the Asprecreme brand that has a roller applicator. It seems more expensive, but it lasts much longer, so it's actually cheaper.

    I wish I had suggestions for the other problem. Merry would know the medical name for that ultra-senstive reaction to air or wind, I never had that, That's got to be so difficult. Are you using other meds such as Gabapentin (Neurontin) or Lyrica? I use Gab plus Extra-Strength Tylenol and my previous prescription NSAID and those have helped. I hope you do see some improvment-it can happen, as I'm still very slowly improving. I'll be frank, it's not that common, but I know two others who had PHN and saw an improvement, like me, at about 5-6 months. I'm now at 8 months, and hope this continues.

  • Caseysue Caseysue bobby49

    I have had PHN since. August 2008. My outbreak was from my navel to my spine on my left side. I havd have taken Lyrica then Gabapen. Used lidocaine patches, etc....I was unable to wear tight clothing as anything that touched it hurt. After the blisters dried up, I started using a cream that made the area feel cool. I must be honest to say it took about a year before I was applying the cream often. I find the warmth makes it hurt and itch. Even bathing was painful. Going forward, I never wear anything tight around my waist. The area right below my lung and an area on the side are still sensitive. Following a bath or shower I apply the cream, Aspercreme with 4% Lidocaine, it cools the area almost immediately and dries quickly. I do have to limit the amount of time I spend in the outdoors in summer. Unfortunately I live South and have lobg, hot summers. I wear sift cotton shirts...I wish I had the magic cure....

  • paulbklyn paulbklyn bobby49

    Hi Bob

    I'm suffering going on 3 years

    Can't wear anything with a collar, coats destroy me

    as the collar rubs against my neck which is where

    my pain is most  R/S neck and shoulder.

    My of my pain is on the neck, I have a spinal cord 

    stimulator implanted 7 months which is useless.

    Hoping get get a reduction in my night pain 

    Going for my 4th set of shots in a  4 weeks

    Hope you feel better soon


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