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Postherpetic Neuralgia

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  • john86790 2

    Cryotherapy or Cryoanalgesia

    Has anyone tried or heard about Cryotherapy or Cryoanalgesia. I read one report about very effective use of freezing on the affected nerve pathways, but can't find anyone in the UK who offers it for PHN.

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  • ron96331 3

    Nerve ablation

    In a few days I'm going back to see the anesthesiologist to discuss whether I'm going to have nerve ablation, a procedure where they burn out the nerve with an electrical spark. I have PHN on the right side of the head, it means permanent headaches. I've had it nearly two years and it could be said I'

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  • sandie60059 1

    PHN in hand

    I am 38 year old women and Had shingles on my left arm Last year. I have excruciating pain in my hand, thumb & 1st finger. I have tried gabapetin (max dose)with tramadol and paracetamol for 3 months but still no relief. I am now taking tramadol & paracetamol & ibruprofen with pregabalin & sertaline (antidepressant)...

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  • Badger5722 2

    New to group hoping for support. As well as to give support.

    I've suffered post therpetic neuralgia for over 5 years. I've gotten Shingles's on my face 5 different times which has obviously contributed to the severity of my pain. Does anyone else here have severe pain flare ups? By that I mean my pain through out the day with medication is about a 3, which

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  • Geezee 2

    PHN Pain Triggers

    I have been trying to keep track of possible triggers for my pain attacks. This might be a good forum to share and for others to share anything they might have noticed caused their pain to flare up.  The pain for me is on the upper left side of my face, forehead and scalp - so a pretty exposed

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  • terry05556 2

    New to group

    Good morning everyone. I am a new member and have pain fron my shingles in my head since 2009. Some days are better than others. I have had a rough two weeks. 

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  • paula20695 2

    Postherpetic Neuralgia

    many people after having Shingles; and having the shot; seem to have Postherpetic neuralgia in quadrants.  I have read , where many have tried different options.  I am asking if anyone has had the procedure done called: "DRG" Root Ganglion Stimulation?  Any input or Sharing would be

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  • Guitarguy 1

    Pain with activity?

    Hello all- I'm 25 and was told today that I have PHN, but I'm skeptical. I'm reading through signs and symptoms, and while many fit me the main factor that brings along my pain is activity. My pain affects my on my left chest- does anyone else here notice that activity (standing for 15 minutes, running,...

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  • barb03466 2
  • ingrid26220 1
  • josey7 1

    Help please, now - it's the middle of the night.

    I live in Western Australia, it's about 4.30am in the morning and I am having the worst attack of PHN from Shingles.  I also have Fibromyalgia.  The pain behind my eyes is excrutiating, I can barely open my eyelids, it is all over my head rather than one area, normally left sided T5 aggravated. Can

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  • Lainyar 2

    Low grade fever that doesn't go away!

    I've had 5 outbreaks of shingles in same area in last 21 months and think I'm on the verge of another outbreak. I'm almost constantly dealing with low grade fever, fatigue and just not feeling good. Typically it occurs a week or 10 days before an outbreak and will last one month after the outbreak

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  • paulbklyn 3

    Inflammation Diet

    One of my doctors told me lose weight ( I gained weight due to depression from PHN). Eat a diet that lowers the inflammation in your body, won't get rid of PHN will help with the pain as PHN is inflammation of the nerves. Anybodies thoughts?

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  • Lainyar 2

    Here I go again with another shingles outbreak & PHN

    My first shingles outbreak was at age 14 on my left mid back. Treated with acyclovir and went away. Flash forward to 2014, at age 40 I went to doctor because I had been sick for a week and oh by the way I think there is a spider bite on my left butt cheek. It was shingles and treated with Valtrex

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  • michael5678 2

    PHN and MS

    PHN for 4 years and I have MS and I bet there are not to many of you who suffer like this without serious drugs or booze.  Nothing in my life Jesus? and a warm gun.

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  • charlie58834 3

    Depression with PHN?

    Anyone have depression with PHN?  I'm a retired psychologist with 26 years of PHN in right eye, forehead and scalp.  I have nothing to gain .  I have learned very helpful ways to manage depression and PHN, and have worked with many patients with chronic pain and depression.  If interested, let me know. ...

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  • r.oka 2

    PHN-life and death

    Recently read that PHN is the leading cause for suicide among seniors. Having suffered with PHN since 2012 and being over 60 myself I can understand how that can be. Since the shingles virus has been around for decades my question is how was this horrendous affliction dealt with 75/100yrs ago? No

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  • jana02303 2

    Periods of remission, feel hopeful, then hopes dashed

    I am approaching the six-month mark since this all started, and am adjusting to the probability that I am going to be stuck with this for quite some time.  Mercifully, the pain has not been constant.  Hours can go by when I don't notice any pain at all. I haven't had a pain-free day since October,

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  • babs99203 3

    What level is your PHN pain? How much better than before?

    I was first diagnosed back in early November 2016 and just realized (duh) that it's now PHN. At first I was very upset, but after a few days, realized I AM improving, my worst pain is NOTHING like the early days of shingles, my life is more "normal" and I can start to decrease my Gab. At my highest,...

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  • imsak 1

    new to site, new to phn

    hello and thank you for having me here.  as a point of reference i am 52 years old.  i had shingles of my right eye about a month ago.  thankfully my family dr. referred me to an opthalmologist when i visited him for eye pain as he suspected shingles.  i am fortunate that i have not had any vision

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  • micah86189 1

    Is it possible for PHN to spread to other side?

    Is it possible for PHN to spread? I've had PHN in my left leg for around 6 years.  It's been constant the past year and 1/2.  But a few days ago my right leg developed an area that feels exactly the same!  I didn't think that was possible.  Is it?  Or should I go to the doctor because there is

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  • nick37442 2

    PHN for 13 years+ - Genetic issues fighting VSV

    New to the group. Had shingles initially when I was 22 years old. Since then I have had chronic pain and tried literally every treatment out there from homeopathic to injections to creams to pills I have several doctors that specialize both in pain management but also virology,

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  • r.oka 2

    Acute herpes zoster torture

    Anyone who has PHN would likely have endured to some degree, the acute pain to some degree during this phase of the virus. I hope to shed some light on understanding this key phase in which I believe most of the nerve damage to the dorsal root ganglion takes place. After feeling the annoyance of

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  • babs99203 3

    Reducing Gab, no good info available

    I don't regret (I think) using Gabapentin. I was at 2400 mg/day and am now tapering off as my shingles/PHN  which started back in October are improving. However, trying to find info good medical about how to taper is almost impossible! I'm working with my doctor and he sort of left it up to me,

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  • ron96331 3

    Nerve Ablation

    I have had PHN on the right side of the head for more than a year now. It means living with a headache all the time. I take Gabapentin 600 mg thre or four times a day, and Tegrital 25mg at night. I've had 3 injections in the right occipital nerve at intervals of 1 or 2 months. They are not

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  • jim66082 3

    PHN Survival Skills

    Having deal with PHN now for 7 years it still is important to me to share information with others that are afflicted by this terrible condition or with others that suffer from chronic pain.  Important because it is reassuring is to hear how others are impacted and trying to cope in their lives.  It

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  • mervyn3507 2
  • deblalnza 2

    PHN things that help

    If anyone has found things that help, please share them. I know everyone wants to talk about their pain, which is all I'm finding on here, which I totally understand. But Please if anyone has found any little things that help please share.

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  • jocelyne44618 3


    Why are we hearing more and more people  having this medical problem!  Its great that we are all exchanging ideas, on ways to cope with this  unbearable pain. My main question is  why are so many people suffering from shingles and the PHN pain?  I understand that its from the chicken pox virus, BUT

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  • michael5678 2

    PHN and MS

    Yes the shingles at 49 going onto 54 with pain on the left side of my lower torso. from about the ceter of my spine all the way to my naval on the left side. Now mind you, I have MS. This complicates things to say the least. I got the shingles, after that went away I was hopeful, the pain would go

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  • Guest M

    I have suffered with post herpetic neuralgia since Febru...

    I have suffered with post herpetic neuralgia since February 2001 when I contracted a bad case of shingles. The shingles affected my left hand side; I had a rash from groin to hip which also became infected. The pain at the beginning was so severe that I could not function beyond it. It took up

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  • gail09802 2

    steroid injections for shingles pain

    The first day my rash appeared I saw my dermatologist who diagnosed shingles and gave me an anti-viral medicine. The rash went through the typical stages of blisters, scabs, and eventally fading in color. But , as many here have described, the pain was unbearable on my left shoulder blade, left underarm,...

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  • Guest M

    Post herpetic neuralgia

    I had shingles in march 06 . I have a stressful job and busy life. I got acyclovir within 24hours and took time off owrk. AT times my pain was controlled with paracetamol and codeine however aftr 3months thiings were not significantly better so i tried amitryptaline, unfortunately this made me very

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  • Soquilii 2

    PHN facial swelling

    I had shingles in October 2016 followed by unbelievable facial pain in my left jaw.  Doctor put me on Gabapentin which does precious little for the pain and goofs on my brain.  After about 3 weeks of it, it finally faded.  I lost serious weight not being able to eat! 2 weeks later, it's come back

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  • Guest M

    about eight years back, i got shingles below the trunk. ...

    about eight years back, i got shingles below the trunk. i consulted one doctor who mistook it for an allergy and prescribed the wrong medicine. another doctor friend diagonised it as herpes and prescribed Acyclovir cream and tablets. in fact, i used the cream mainly and i took the tablets only

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