Cloudy Urine - End of my tether!

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For about three weeks now I have been suffering from cloudy urine. It is intermittent and doesn't happen every day. But usually when i'm urinating I can visually see my urine changing colour and going to a 'milk like' colour. Nearly always the end of my urine stream!

A bit of background: (Could be related, I don't know)

For two years I have been suffering from Kidney complaints and after numerous visits to the doctor's and scans, I did have small kidney stones, that I later passed (last year). However three months ago my kidney symptoms reappeared and I have been for another ultrasound, which showed mini kidney stones again, not big enough for intervention. After a visit to another GP he thought my 'pain' was more IBS related than kidney stones. I was started on Mebevrine, which didn't agree with me so later taken off them. I am now on Lansoprazole, which have eased my stomach pain, but bowel habits are now all over the place. Bloods taken, all fine just showed high levels of enzymes in the liver.

Can anyone relate to the urine problem particularly?

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    Hi Steve   Useful info 

    did the doctor actually check the urine for infection lately ?

    Some of the causes of cloudy or abnormally colored urine include:

    Urinary tract infections usually cause cloudy and foul smelling urine to be passed. The malodorous, cloudy appearance may be due to the presence of bacteria, mucus, red blood and white blood cells, epithelial cells, fats or phosphates.

    White cloudy urine in men may be caused by the presence of semen in the urine. This milky colored urine in males commonly occurs after an ejaculation.

    Cloudy urine may also occur after drinking alcohol.

    A darkish appearance to the urine may signify a problem with the liver such as cirrhosis or acute viral hepatitis.

    Certain foods such as beets, blackberries and mulberries may cause pink or smoky brown urine. This reddish or smoky brown color may also signify bleeding in the urinary tract caused by cystitis, enlarged prostate, kidney infection, bladder stones, tumors in the kidney or bladder, tuberculosis, hemolytic anemia, porphyria or hypernephroma.

    It may also be caused by Wilm’s tumor in the case of children.

    Trauma to the kidneys can also result in urine having a reddish or smoky brown color.

    Certain medications such as rifampin, warfarin, phenazopyridine and certain laxatives can cause urine to take on a dark yellow or orange appearance.

    Medications such as amitriptyline, indomethacin and doxorubicin may cause a green or bluish hue in urine.

    Other diseases that can cause abnormalities in the appearance of urine include acute tubular necrosis, acute unilateral obstructive uropathy, Alport syndrome, bladder cancer, chronic prostatis, endocarditis, acute cystitis, acute glomerulonephritis, renal cell carcinoma, and rhabdomyolysis.

    If you experience cloudy urine or abnormally colored urine that persists and cannot be accounted for by anything in your diet then you should consult your doctor. Also consult your doctor if you have dark brownish colored urine accompanied by pale stools and yellow skin and eyes.

    Your doctor will perform a physical examination which may include an examination of the pelvis, rectum and anus. You will be asked questions regarding your medical history as well as questions pertaining to your symptoms.

    These will include questions regarding the commencement of symptoms, time pattern, the color and quality of urine, the frequency of urination, the odor, your diet and the type of medication if any, that you have been consuming.

    You will also be asked if you have been experiencing any other symptoms and the amount of fluids you have been consuming.

    Your doctor may also call for certain tests to aid in the diagnosis. These tests would include urine analysis, blood tests including liver function tests and renal function tests and ultrasound imaging of the kidneys and bladder. 

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      I haven't been checked for an infection lately. Every time I took a urine sample to the Drs with me there was no infection microscopic haematuria was present. I thought it was from ejaculation but sometimes this happens hours after ive ejaculated. 
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      Hi Steve 

      for peace of mind .. You can buy urine test sticks ..

      they have a colour chart ..

      incase you want to monitor yourself for maybe possible infection ..


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      White urine is sometimes due to pyuria (abundant white blood cells) in association with an infection of the urinary tract

       White cloudy urine can rarely be due to chyluria (lymph fluid), resulting from a communication with between the lymphatic system and the urinary tract 


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    I cant help or offer any advice i just wanted to say I have this exact same problem. Urine always goes "milky" near the end of the stream. I also had a kidney stone a few months back but i had shock wave lithotripsy to shatter the stone which i later passed. I have had xrays, mri and ultrasound scans for anymore stones and they say theres nothing there. I still get what i can only discribe as a burning achey pain that feels like its under my rib cage on my left side.. I was also given Lansoprazole but now im on Omeprazol which i have stopped taking because it does'nt make any difference. Seeing as your post was a few months back i was wondering if you'd found out what was causing it??
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      Was wondering if you guys found out any more about this? I have had this problem on and off for a few years now, gave 2 sets of urine samples twice and both sets of results came back with no issues

      The thick milk-like substance occurs about once a month on average, often afterwards this can sting the urethra for a minute or so

      Im almost certain its related to not ejaculating when your body needs to, so its flushed out in urine, but perhaps some sort of issue could be causing this to be more evident?

      Ive never considered it to be related to the kidneys so would be great to here how you guys got on


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      i m feeling same problem from last few months .... milk-like substance occurs abt once or twice in a month and afterwards this can sting the rethra for a minute ..i don't know what to do .
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      Hi Nathan.

      I was wondering if you were fortunate enough to pin point the cause of your symptoms?

      I too experience the same sensation/pain in left rib cage area.

      Please let me know if you've discovered the cause. Thanks a bunch.

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    pyelonephritis, prostate cancer, cystitis are some of the differentail diagnosis. Are there any investigations that have being made regarding the three?
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    I defo think its semen because it dont happen if i dont have sex or have a wank for a few days. May i add that it is in no way "thick" it just turns urine stream white for a second then it goes back to normal. steve1991 and i were speaking via pm and he did a test by not masturbating for a while and it went away then he did it and the milkyness came back
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