Cocktail of pills, Used to be alchol dependent, but been dry

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Hi, I have always been on alot of meds but lately, People are comenting on the way I carry on, a bit away with the faries. Meds are Bisoprol, Ramipril, Eplerone, Venafaxin,Mirtazipine,Quetiapine and injectables for Diabetes. No I feel the best I have in ages. It`s just the distrust that I am not taking other drugs or drink (have beeen dry for over a year)  Even though I`m going out of my way to make improvement and life easier.

peoples first comment is "You look like your on something,"

Tried highlighting the relevant text in the med info sheet, no change...As I have no jod, I cant move, and I love my parents but cant take all these acusations all the time Any Ideas?.

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    Hi sorry to hear you having these problems. Can you ask your

    Doctor to confirm that you are not taking anything other than

    your prescribed medication,also you can check all side effects

    to see if meds are causing this. Hope this helps good luck.

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    I agree with Christine. Confirm with your doctor that you are taking the correct medications and at the correct doses. If your doctor agrees that what you are doing is correct, then I would first inform your friends that what you are doing is medically necessary and you're following the doctor's orders. If your friends still treat you poorly, then they are not your friends comma in my opinion, and you should probably think about letting them go. I hope this helps. Take care of yourself.
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    Hello, Ravenshead and Christine. The comunication between my mental health ieam and local gp is a awful, It took two months before the upperning.Gp wount toch any meatal programs concerning me due to my  `elevated` problems. I know it sounds silly, I`m not a small chap but when my mum was away, my dad said he wished she hadnot gone. And when i told her I have been dry for a year she replyied, "Sham it wasnt 13 months, we could have stayed in Spain longer" My Sisters were told to get them home, because Death was on the card, I can take this on the chin but still hurts. I wouldnt care if it wasn`t my Family so much. I break down `on my own` with tears. Then feel ok, have Heart Dr today, and waiting for the Mentals to fix my brain.My emotions are clalmer on the surface. Jut starting life again at 35, new area, not many firiends, But chatting to yous has been good, thankyou.
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    answer. I know I cant be everyones friend (I woudnt want to be0. Just wish people were not so closed to mental issues. I hate glimpses of people chekind and going through muy stuff (family mostly0) In a case where I went down to get a glass of water, tripped ovr a coal bucket, as shouted at, "I wish your bloody mother was home" Part of me wishes I went when I had heart failure. I do`t mean I want to die, Think Im to numb to anything. A 35 year old man, living currently at parents who`s main enjoyment is tending to my pets. I love all my family but feel like a Black Sheep who is out of touch. I have two older twin sister. Since being sobber, I seem to be looosing conecions
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      Hi Vickylou,

      Thankyou, I can't lie, Times have been tough. I think that looking at this post from over a year ago has helped me realise that things have come a long way. Although my Medication has increased, I feel like I am on more of a level playing Field. Times have been tough and sometimes draining, but I believe that this makes you stronger. With a clearer head I have learnt from my own experiance that I have to be who I am. Not only for the sake of others, but mainly for myself. This means that I call it as I see it. I try to be as transparent as I can be, nothing hidden. This can mean that if I'm attacked, then I bite back, sometimes harder than I need to. But this does two things usually, thats stop the attack but mainly vent my feelings and allow me to move on and not dwell on the issue. I suppose my Mental health could explain why I make certain remarks, It would be hard for me to say, as I have only ever been me. Once again Vickylou, thank-you for your kind words, I don't know if my Mental health has improved since then, but it has certainly changed. x x

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      Many of us suffer from mental health issues, myself included, over the years. Depression caused by binge drinking years ago.

      we will have to agree to disagree. You accused me of being angry, when all I said was "no he doesn't". I don't see how that shows any anger.

      You attacked me publicly, so I defended myself, which you obviously didn't like. Don't criticise people, if you can't deal with it thrown back. Because believe you me, accusing anyone on an open forum is not wise.

      For the record, I have a busy, happy life and family and have far better things to do with my time than stalking someone I don't know. I am not some lonely old saddo who goes round stalking people.

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      We will have to agree to disagree, you are right. You may not have been angry, but you wrote like it. So I'm sorry if it came across that way. The only time I criticised you was when you asked me what my problem was, I told you. I blocked you to avoid further confrontation, to which you trawl through all my old posts untill you find something you could pick on. I have very broad shoulders Vickylou and can deal whith any throw back you might have, but at no point did I criticise you on a public forum. 

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    Hi again pistol 666

    Have you contacted Mind the mental health charity? They offer

    advice and support to people with mental health problems it may help you to talk to them. I think talking to someone who has

    experience of dealing with all mental health problems would

    really help you move on with your life,you are only young and

    they could help you with your problems whatever they may be,

    also if you are unhappy with your GP you have the right to

    change your surgery,do think about contacting Mind you can

    find them online.

    Take care

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