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I'm posting this as I've never told anyone about my addiction (and I've known it was an addiction for nearly a year now) and although I don't want to tell anyone I know, I'm going to try to get off them and thought this might help keep me on track.

Total honesty - I was given 30/500 cocodamol by my mum when I got my period, my cramps were debilitating. Fast forward 2 years, she died, and I started taking (2 tabs) when I wasn't in pain as I liked the warm fuzzy feeling. If I had have known that now at 25 I am a full addict to OTC 8/500 obviously I would not have. Hindsight eh?

Every day I take at least 8 tabs at a time, before breakfast and before lunch. Sometimes more. Today, like many many days before, I swear it is my last day. I had 12 tabs before breakfast, and 12 before lunch. I truely truely hate myself for needing to have them, I am fully aware of the damage I am doing to myself. The side effects are horrendous: increased IBS, back pain, headaches, lethargy etc.

I am so determined that today will be the last time I ever touch these again. After tomorrow I am busy with work for 5 days in which I will have no access to a pharmacy. I know I'll get withdrawals that will be awful.

If anyone else is out there who is going through/has gone through what I'm going through and wants to share or give advice, I'd like to hear it.

Wish me luck! 


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    Opiates are hard to withdraw from but you sound determined and I think that you can do it.

    Day 6 is usually the worst day and then afterthat it gets easier. Magnesium helps as well as warm soaks in a nice bath  and exercise.

    ​Good luck.


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    If I can't do it then tell yr go.I told mine a few yrs ago and he gave me codeine to wean me off slowly.I went back on soluble solpadeine a few months later and have been on them since then.But am taking half the dose-my dose is 8 to 10 tabs a's a pain having to buy them from diff chemists. To end,if your go is unsympathetic then see another.

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    Well done for making an effort to quit, your dosage isn't that high so hopefuly your withdrawal won't be too harsh, everybody is different though so don't pay too much attention to "how long things will take" on other posts. The Codeine stays in your system for approx 24 hrs so things usually start anytime after that. You say that you will be working, not being too graphic, but you must make sure you are not too far from a toilet as the diarrhoea 'can' be quite dramatic for the first few days.some say lots of Imodium helps but it didn't with me, that was the most restricting thing for me, the other symptoms don't really stop you doing things. I won't go on about the other symptoms unless you wish. if you can be honest with your GP then after you've got back to normality, a liver,kidney function test is advisable just to make sure everything is ok. 

    Good luck, and if you want to ask anything feel free

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      What are the other symptoms? Have so far failed in staying off for more than a day or two.

      Thanks, A

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      They can include stomach cramps and vomiting, night sweats, feeling reeallly hot / cold, insomnia / restless leg syndrome, sneezing a lot, headaches, general aches and pains, a prolonged period of feeling really,really awful which will make you want to take more pills, depression, anxiety, nervousness. Obviously people will experience different things and to varying degrees depending on how much they are taking and over how long, but if you are going to the GP then you should avoid pretty much all of    It
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    I'm sorry that yr having a tough time of it atm but you honestly need to go to the Dr's they will help you get off the drug properly. Yr overdosing on paracetamol everyday and it's the most dangerous drug to overdose on. I don't mean to scare you but look at paracetemol overdose and get some help off Yr Dr you will be OK x

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    So far have failed at staying off them for any more than a day or two. Really disappointed, but after all your feedback (thank you all) I have made an appointment with my doctor and I'm going to tell them. Really scared tbh, no idea what she's going to say.

    In the mean time (no appointments till next Thursday) I'm going to try to taper as much as I can.

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      Lex You will end up with liver failure if you keep taking all that paracetamol. The dr should change the drug to codeine on its own plus a tapering off regime. U need to phone NA and go to meetings. Sorry to be pushy I am worried about your liver.


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    Hi Lex

    ​The reason you can only stop taking them for a day or two is due to withdrawal symptoms. I would suggest contacting narcotics anonymous for support. Their no is 0300 999 1212. Good luck.

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    Hello Lex

    I have been on co-codamal for about 10 years and like you take 8 at a time and usually 32 a day.

    I went to my GP told them my problems and was put on a reducing limit of codiene, equivalent to 32 a day .

    Its been 1 year now and i am completly clean it took a while and i was lucky enough to have a supportive wife.

    please go to your GP but if you need any help just message me, it is easier with support.

    Stay strong


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      Any advice for somebody trying to get clean on there own? I really cant ask for help from my gp as i have a child, i suffer from depression and have self harmed in the past to once this is on my record its not going to go well for me, any advice for someone like me getting clean at home? Im 23 and mum to a 7 month old, my stress and depression levels are high, thus making this habit easy for me im really struggling and dont know what to do
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    How r u getting on? I came accross your post as i am in a similar situation, taking 10 at a time at least twice a day, iv been on and off 30/500's for about 7 years now, tried to come off a few times longest i went was 12 months, nowadays the withdrawals have me running right back, i cant speak to my doc as i have a small child and iv been told i could have my child taken away from me if i inform my doc! I really want to help myself i dont know how to go about it without getting anybody else involved i have nobody in my life who wont judge me and just help, have u managed to come off yet?

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      If you need to talk without being judged just message me.

      It might be worth a try to buy kwells travel sickness for some reason i use to take 2 cocodamol and 2 kwells and got the same feeling. Its an option and nevdr queried buying them.

      Please hang in there and mail me if you just need a chat.


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      Hi, what do u mean about the kwells?  How can they help? Also im new to this site i dont know how to private message or if its possible, i would definitely like to chat, i need help asap sad could you message me? 
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      Sorry for the delay yhe kwells stop the withdrawal, or did with me. Its worth a try. Im new to this and cant find how to message.

      Am happy to chat but unsure how to get private message.

      I will take a look tomorrow and if not will send my email.

      Hang in there.


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      if you click on the little envelope symbol next to the persons name it will take you to the private message page. Never put your email on a public post.

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