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Hi all,

Basically I have been addicted to Codeine now for 10 years or more and just can't seem to beat it I have tried and failed many many times. I usually take between 90mg - 120mg Codeine up to 4 times a day but, as an addict you always need to up the dose eventually. Today I have taken 150mg of Codeine at 9am, 2pm and 7pm I feel restless now and would really like to take another 150mg but is 600mg in total really bad? I've had the equivalent of around 500mg before throughout the day but this would be the first time taking 600mg. The tablets I have are 30mg Codeine Phosphate so there is no Paracetemol involved plus, I have read online some people take 600mg in one hit just to get high so surely with the tolerance I've built up over the years I should be fine I would have thought?

My weekly Codeine intake ranges from -

300mg - 500mg a day

2,100mg - 3,500mg a week

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    Also if I took 150mg now surel I wouldn't have 600mg inside me anyway as I've eaten and been toilet for a wee a few times today so should some have passed and left my system by now?  

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    I've just taken it so I guess we will see. The thing that made me take it was I remembered a discussion with my Doctor where she wanted to get me off Codeine by prescribing a dose to help wean me off them. At the time I was having a tough time and didn't want to come off them so I knew if I told her the truth on what I was taking at that time (Around 300mg a day) She would have probably given me enough for half of that so I told her I was taking between 700-900mg a day. Looking back she said obviously that wasn't good but seemed more concerned if I was taking them with Paracetemol which I wasn't they were pure Codeine tablets. So when I mentioned that high dosage I remember not getting a scary reaction from her and she's told me before she's seen a lot worse tham me regarding Codeine.

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    Hi Calsop1985,

    I'm not going to tell you that taking any more will be ok for you but in my worst times I was taking about 1.25 grams per day, 384mg each dose.

    Codeine addiction sucks so much, it does things to your brain and opioid receptors that harder drugs like oxycodone and heroin don't even do.

    You said you've been addicted for ten years, gas your dose always been around 500mg? You probably have a fairly high tolerance to it. 500mg would put a normal person to sleep, in my case I know I could take a lot more but it's never worth the risk of ending up with serious respiratory depression and dying in your sleep. I don't think anyone here would tell you it's safe to take more and my comment is certainly not meant to tell you you could. I'm just mentioning my personal experience with the amounts I've taken daily however drugs affect everyone differently and I have no way of knowing whether it's safe for you to take any more.

    Most of us here (in this particular thread) are codeine addicts who are trying to beat the addiction (myself included) so if you were looking for support or just someone to talk to you've come to the right place. I don't think anyone would be comfortable with telling you you'll be safe taking any dose.

    Please consider your safety, we only have one chance at life and too many people have pushed the limits and ended up sleeping for ever.

    Stay safe, I hope you will make the right choice.


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    Hi after reading several posts now related to codiene addiction I think mine is minor in comparison. I generally take 25mg 3 times a day as solpedeine max over rhe counter and I might top up with 30/500 cocodamol if i have them. My mood swings are ridiculous and Im now back on antidepressents. I really need to stop and planning now on going cold turkey tomorrow as Ive already taken some now this morning. Having some support and encouragement would be great.
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      Hi Abbox

      If you have to relie on codeine then no amount is minor as long as you rbody is use to the daily does and you have to take it then you are reliant on codeine.

      I was taking between 128mg and 160mg a day and that was me having reduced my dose dwon a year ago. I got stuck at that dose and did not know how to reduce or come off. I came on here read a few posts and decided tapering to be my best option as you are able to carry on with normal every day life, no one notices anything and you suffer less. I have praise and respect for those that can go cold turkey, it sounds so alwful but it is the quickest option. I am now down to 16mg a day and am feeling a hell of alot better for it. I see light at the end of the tunnel. It has sometimes been a struggle as its not been withdrawal free but i have not suffered much and when i did such as restless legs and headaches it has been bearable.

      How is today going?

      You can do this, you just have to keep reminding yourself why you are doing this and what effects and the imapct giving up will have on your life. 

      It really is worth it and you will feel so much better for it.

      Good luck and best wishes.

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      Hi teresa, thanks for your message.

      Last night i literally disolved all of my 30/500 and what solpediene max i had and wanted to start today fresh with nothing.

      I feel a bit woozy and have a bit of a headache but thats all part of it i suppose with the come down.

      Im going cold turkey as i feel for me its better to be done with it quicker. I used to smoke and could never just cut down, i had to give up straightaway. This i feel is right for me and Im keeping myself very busy to distract me.

      This is my day one and the first couple of days are the hardest but I know I can do it. I also think Im going to let my doctor know and add codeine to my allergic list so I never have it again.


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      Hi abbox25,

      I have been reading your posts and take my hat of to you. I have tried to go cold turkey numerous times over the past 14 years and couldn't do it. 2 and a half days is the longest I ever got.

      I know how hard it is to be strong when your whole body is screaming at you. When I'm down my dad always says "Remember, there is always someone else in the world who is worse off than you"

      I know this is gross, but if you can go out, some baby wipes will be your friend in the coming days. 

      Best wishes,



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      Thank you for your comment.

      I can say that today is day 5 and I still feel a bit blurry and the headaches are still here.

      I think im coming down with a cold now so ive got some lemsips etc and had a night nurse last night and slept for 12 hours.

      I know that this is the best way even though my body has been aching for the past 3 days and the diahreoa has been bad but I know the damage the codeine does to your body now.

      I personally dont think it should be sold over the counter and no matter what dose it should be a controlled drug.

      Keep going, aparently at day 7 it all becomes clearer, better and easier.

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      DAY 5!!!!!  THAT IS AMAZING!!!

      I totally agree with script only! I've read so much info about codeine and OTC Meds containing codeine. It really is astounding how readily they have been available.  The sudden closure of access to them was always going to have a massive impact on society though. I think a bit more consideration into providing a service to assist dependants with a realistic method to get off codeine Meds before just cutting everyone off would have been better.

      I'm just glad it happened because it put a much needed firecracker under my butt to quit.  It is a really good feeling to know how far I've climbed out of the slippery slope I went down using so much codeine.

      Im gonna save some petrol money (not looking for chemists who don't record sales) I'm saving cos I'm spending less on Meds and I'm even smoking less too.  It's funny, there were definitely times when I would think "hey I'm not enjoying this ciggie so much... I'll just have a few more tabs and then I will have a cig I'll enjoy". How rediculous is that!

      Keep up the hard yards, you don't know how inspiring you are but you are indeed AMAZING!

      If day 7 brings clarity, then hang onto that.  Use it as a goal, stay strong and remember you aren't the first and you sure as poop won't be the last.

      Im in awe, I wish I could just quit! Tapering will have to do for now....

      All the best.

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    Calsop, are you still out there?  You haven't responded to your initial post in 4 months? Your last post said you took more that day with the understanding that you would have passed most of what you had already taken.

    Please be okay, I'd luv to chat.


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    Hi I'm new to the forum sad to hear about the codiene addiction. I have been an addict for about 4 years it controls my life I am on 600mg a day at the minute at will be going cold Turkey in the next few days. I have been to my gp about the problem and he's basically ignored it due to the fact I have my own source and they have nothing to do with it I feel they find it easier not to get involved in so I am gonna give quitting a go. Best wishes toffee

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    Hi,First i will tell you,You arent alone,You have amazing strength and a desire to be alive.

    I was taking 72 nurofen plus daily for five years.

    I can recall crying on my knees just begging god to help me feel normal.

    I tried to go cold turkey at home but almost died so i found a Dr who sees me as a valuable person and never makes me feel ashamed of my addiction.

    I used subutex and i havent looked back,I got pregnant while on treatment and due to close care aswell as monthly drug tests being negative,i had a healthy 10 pnd boy who never had any withdrawals.

    You probably know how a stigma surrounds opioid treatments but if you are determined to stay off anything else and work hard you can get off the pills.

    Dont keep trying to do this alone,you domt have to.I know how amazing you are and i hope you get a small push to get u up the mountain ahead of you.

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    Hiya Calsop1985

    10 years of taking any opioids will take a large toll on your body. I also take similar amounts as you daily and have done for the past 4 years. My advise to you is NOT to go with the higher dosage. Last year I was taking 210mg 3/4 times a day, everyday. It really messed me up. Please DONT do it. If anything you need to reduce the amount. Try switching out one codeine tablet for a co-colldmoll. I started taking painkillers after an accident where I broke my spine in a few places. I can walk with relative ease now, but the pain is constant. Last year I got fed of taking all the tablets and made the decision to just stop! After 2 weeks of hell I got over it but I really wouldn't recommend it. Tapering down the dosage is the only way to avoid the extreme cold turkey symptoms. The problem is, I've now slowly built my intake back up to around 120mg 3/4 times a day and it's making me feel rubbish again. Headache, lethargic, sweating and sickness every few days. I know it's the codine as I've been here before. Tonight I made the decision to start tapering down my dosage. I need to get of them all together.

    Good luck and I hope it works out for you

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