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Hi there I've been taking co codamol now for about 6 years on some days I can take as meny as 32 I wake up in a morning and the first thing I do is take 5 30 500 if I have any prescription ones if not it's paramol and I'll take 10 of those then I'll go to work all day and not take any untill I get home and then repeat the same as the morning dose sometimes maybe more I'm not depressed I have a good life fantastic job working with supercars I just can't seem to crack the habit it all started with back pain since taking them I'm a much happier person I feel great ever day I've stopped drinking stopped smoking I've been doing better at work I say this as I once try ed coming off them and I was miserable and my career started to go down hill I wasn't the same person I know this sounds unusual but I'm just trying to be honest when taking them I have more get up and go more energy everything really but I do need to stop hope I'm not the only one that feels this way please help thanks for your time

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    Well Stuart I am concerned about your poor liver. Paramol contains paracetamol which is detrimental to your liver.


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    Hi again Stuart

    ​I sent you a PM about paramol. Are you driving? There is mention in the link about driving whilst under the influence of codeine. 

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    Hey stuart, as you can see from this forum, you are far from alone. Can you go to you're GP? That is the best way to quit, they will give you a Codeine tablet without the harmful paracetamol, they will give you a tapering down plan, you won't suffer chronic withdrawal symptoms and you're job won't be affected. Gradually your normal self will emerge from the "Fake" you, that the Codeine has created. As good as the pills make you feel, you will feel so much better when you're off them. 

    if you are taking them because you get depressed, then the reasons for that depression must be addressed first, or you will just go back on them,  I know this from personal experience.Jane is correct regarding the Paracetamol, and you should try and stop taking so much. If you cannot see your Gp for a while, There are ways to separate the Codeine from the Paracetamol, but this is only a temporary measure, just so you don't consume any more Paracetamol. Good luck if you are intent on quitting, there are always people on here who will answer any questions you have

    regarding you're job, Jane is also right about driving while high, Police Patrol units now carry drug testing devices, I'm not sure if Codeine would show up, but do be careful!

    All the best

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      Hi bolo

      I was given co codamol for a dislocated shoulder. I only took two a day.

      ​Several months later I suffered night sweats, throbbing pain in my eye, severe daily headaches, severe depression, anxietyu, agoraphobia, anorexia, weight loss, eventually I was told by a neurologist that the codeine was to blame. I stopped taking it immediatelyten days later the headaches subsided and my eye started toimprove as codeine had caused the brain to swell and also dry eye syndrome with concretions.

      I would never take that rubbish again as long as I live because I refuse to go through all that again. The withdrawal was terrible but it was the only way to get the toxic substance out of my body and to get my life back.

      I am now codeine free. It was not easy but being on it albeit very little was even harder and maay have become harder as time went on.

      ​The neurologist advised me not to take paracetamol because they too can cause analgesic induced chronic headaches etc. Ifyou google neurologists who specialise in chronic migraines I am sure you will find lots of info on opiates and paracetamol as well as nsaids. More and more doctors are becoming enlightened to the dangers of these drugs.

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    HI Stuart, I totally understand where you are coming from, as I am sure we all do. I have been taking 30/500 for a good few years now and find it hard to stop.  I have a repeat prescription for 60 so-codamol every 2 weeks.  I take roughly around 5 per day even if I am not in pain.  They especially make me feel better during work as my job is stressful and at night time after getting the kids all sorted as I usually end up with tension headaches at home so I will take 2 at night.  I find it hard to stop and feel like I couldnt cope without them.  I get stressed out if I am out of tablets and have to wait a day to get more.  I know that I need to stop, no one knows about my problem as I hide my tablets, which is bloody awful, but I do...
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      Eve You have recognised that you have a problem and that is good.

      Now it is up to you to decide what the next step is.

      Regarding headaches. Codeine can cause headaches amongst ther tthings. The drug makes you feel unable to cope due to its action on the brain.

      Have you thought about seeking addiction counselling at all. You can ring up for free by lookingat data on the web re coping mechanisms to   help the withdrawal from opiates.

      Good luck.

      You will get there.

      BTW codeine lowers the pain threshold as well as causing depression, depersonalisation, amxiety, night sweats, panic attacks, demotivation, bowel problems that can be quite severe.

      Drinking plenty of fluids to flush this drug out of your system helps as do epsom salt baths to deal with the muscular spasms due to withdrawal.

      Exercise is recommended to stimulate endorphins that codeine hs suppressed.


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